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In 1978, the first marketing email was sent. It generated $13,000,000 in sales and launched what has been one of the most successful marketing channels to this day. Research shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing you will earn $44 revenue back. It’s worth considering.

Email marketing is a good choice if you want to elevate your Shopify store. There are many Shopify email marketing apps, so it may take some time to find the one that suits your needs best, especially if you’re just starting out with email marketing and E-commerce.

Don’t worry! We’re here for you! This list of the 12 Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps will assist merchants as well as marketers in choosing the right tool.

So, let’s get started right now!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to the act of targeting customers and audiences via email. Email marketing can also refer to the practice of sending different types of content via email to your subscribers.

It can help increase your conversion rate as well as revenue by providing valuable information to customers and subscribers in order to reach their goals. Email marketing is more than a pillar in a healthy marketing strategy.

  • Establish relationships. Through personalized engagement, you can establish connections.
  • Increase brand awareness Make sure your brand is top of mind for when prospects are ready to engage.
  • Promote your content. Emails can be used to share blog content and other useful assets with your audience.
  • Promote your products/services. Promote your products/services.
  • Get leads. Incentives subscribers to give their information in return for an asset they will find valuable
  • Nurture leads. Your audience will be delighted by content that can help them achieve their goals.

What should we look for when shopping for the best Shopify email advertising app?

Shopify offers many email marketing apps. The tasks they can perform are just as varied. Email marketing doesn’t have to be about one activity. The process involves many aspects. You need visitors to sign up for your mailing list, send us mails, and then collect the results. While some apps can perform all of these functions, others are more specific and will do only one or two.

Regardless of which app you choose, the best Shopify email advertising apps should include the following:

  • Integration is easy. It should be easy to connect an email marketing tool to your Shopify site. The process should be documented.
  • Simplicity. Shopify’s email marketing tool should not take too much time away from your business.
  • Basic automation. The best apps will allow you to create an autoresponder. This allows you to create an email sequence for customers and visitors, and not have to spend too much time maintaining it.
  • Email templates that look professional. It is important that your Shopify website’s email templates are modern and sleek.
  • E-commerce features. E-commerce features should be available in Shopify’s email marketing apps.

Top 15 Shopify email marketing tools

1. AVADA Marketing Automation

AVADA email, SMS Marketing Shopify is one of the best and most affordable Shopify email marketing apps. It allows merchants to convert customers and maintain long-lasting customer relationships. AVADA Marketing Automation is designed to optimize Abandoned Cart campaigns and remind prospects to keep their purchases.

AVADA Email Marketing has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to learn for novice users. The app also offers pre-designed templates for email design that will save admins a lot of time and effort.

You can also manage your contacts easily with automatic data sync from Shopify. Segmenting them and targeting specific audiences in your emails will give you the best results. You can try the app free of charge and get a 14-day trial.

The key features of AVADA’s Email Marketing App for Shopify Stores:

  • Send welcome emails to anyone who creates an account at your website
  • Make sure to follow up with people who unsubscribe and send them appealing offers
  • Your customers can receive order/shipping/return confirmation emails
  • Encourage cross-sell and upsell emails to motivate first-time buyers into purchasing more similar products or higher-end goods.
  • Segmentation functions enable you to send emails to your target audience
  • Offer ready-to-use email templates
  • To collect emails easily, offer newsletter popup/ spin to win
  • Advanced reports can help you track ROI
  • Auto-sync customer data
  • Duplicate emails
  • You can quickly create emails without any design or technical skills


  • No Cost Plan
  • Pro Plan starting at $9/month

2. ActiveCampaign

AC Email Marketing Automation allows you to reach the right people with the right message at right times with powerful email marketing, advanced segmentation and personalized email automation. This app helps you grow your business by putting your brand’s best foot forward on email, social media, and mobile.

You can integrate the app into Shopify to:

  • To send timely and relevant emails to different groups, create custom segments, tags and lists
  • Contact customers to discuss a product review or an abandoned cart
  • Enhance your email marketing strategy by using machine learning capabilities such as Predictive sending
  • Conditional content and product blocks allow you to show customers the content that is important to you.
  • To personalize customer interactions, view preferences and behavioral data

The key features of AC Email Marketing Automation App for Shopify Store:

  • Automate to cross-sell and upsell to shoppers after they have purchased.
  • To build brand loyalty and relationships, send customers timely and relevant messages about the products they are interested in.
  • Comprehensive reporting helps you track ROI


  • Lite Plan: $15/month
  • Plus Plan: $70/ month
  • Professional Plan: $159 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $279/ month

3. Omnisend Email Marketing

Omnisend is a well-known company that offers one of the best omnichannel marketing tools on the market. This allows you to combine SMS Marketing, Google, Facebook retargeting ads and push notifications with Messenger and other channels in one seamless communication flow with your segmented audiences.

The app not only allows for elegant email automation but also syncs all your marketing channels under one roof. It’s not necessary to log in to multiple dashboards and recreate everything dozens of times. The app allows for flexible segmentation of customers, including segments based upon shopping behavior and email campaign performance.

The key features of Omnisend email marketing app for Shopify are:

  • Multichannel sales can be a powerful tool to drive sales
  • Use robust segmentation
  • Your visitors will be converted into subscribers by using their fully customizable and mobile-friendly signup forms (signup box, popup, Wheel of Fortune, Landing pages, and Wheel of Fortune).
  • Shopify integrates with email templates and automatically imports products.
  • Incorporate SMS into your email marketing strategy


  • No Cost Plan
  • Standard Plan: $16/month
  • Pro Plan: $99/ month
  • Price for Enterprises

4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue’s Shopify official plugin is a powerful and free email marketing tool. The app can be used to send effective SMS and email campaigns, improve deliverability and track every detail, including open, delivery and click rates.

SendinBlue allows you to easily sync customer data from Shopify with your email marketing account. You can also create your automation workflows and design your emails without any programming skills. You can also search, segment, target, and target your contacts based upon their purchase history and other contact details. This allows you to send the right recipients email campaigns.

Sendinblue’s design tools make it easy to create stunning and effective emails. You can either start from scratch or choose from dozens professionally designed templates.

The key features of Sendinblue’s app for Shopify are

  • Sendinblue automatically syncs your Shopify opt in contacts and their purchase information with Shopify for your email marketing
  • You can increase email delivery by making sure your audience receives transactional emails (e.g. welcome emails, order confirmation emails, shipping notifications, etc.). So they don’t miss any important information,
  • To create engaging emails, use the intuitive and powerful email maker
  • You can send transactional or marketing text messages directly from your Shopify backoffice
  • Access to comprehensive and real-time email metrics

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5. Firepush

Firepush, an email marketing app for Shopify that is easy to use for both transactional and marketing emails, is a great option. You can promote your offers via marketing emails, as well as send updates about orders, payments, or deliveries.

Firepush offers everything you need: an email editor, templates and campaign automations. Either create your own emails or use pre-made templates. You can easily send out newsletters, recover abandoned carts and share promotions.

Firepush offers push notifications and SMS features. Firepush is a great option if you want to run omnichannel marketing campaigns that reach customers across multiple channels.

Firepush email marketing features for Shopify stores:

  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • For email marketing success monitoring, you can use robust campaign reporting
  • A collection of professionally designed email templates (welcome and cart recovery emails, marketing emails etc.
  • To create more customized offers, one-click customer segmentation based on browsing history, purchase history, interests, and so forth.

Price: $15/mo to send 6,000 emails and campaign automations. 24/7 support $29/mo to send 15,000 emails, advanced campaigns, segmentation and reporting

6. OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails from FORSBERG+two ApS is focused on email templates that match your website and help increase sales. The app can be added or removed for free. However, additional fees may apply if needed.

This app can replace your site’s default email notifications with more professional and effective designs. It can also automatically generate more sales by including product recommendations and discounts, upsells, social profiles, and other information in your email notifications.

Shopify’s key features:

  • In 3 easy steps, you can create professional email templates for your shop.
  • Get more sales with product recommendations and discount codes
  • Email designs that are customized, tested and translated 
  • Track conversions and engagements
  • 1-click translation
  • Installation is quick and secure

Price: Installation is free (49 USD per theme).

7. CM Commerce Email Marketing

Shopify offers another option for Shopify email marketing: CM Commerce Email Marketing By Campaign Monitor. You can create excellent segmentation and personalization to help you use your customer data in an effective way.

It has a visual journey designer that creates automation workflows. It can launch most marketing automation, even though it’s not ideal for complex triggers. It doesn’t support any other channels than email. You won’t have the ability to send SMSs or incorporate retargeting in your communication workflows. This tool is a great option if you are looking to concentrate on email marketing.

Shopify’s Email Marketing App for CM Commerce:

  • Effective segmentation for sending emails at the right moment
  • Automated receipts and abandoned cart emails can improve customer communication throughout the entire journey.
  • Review Collect and Leverage
  • Use eye-catching templates, cross selling messages and shipping coupons to make your products stand out

Price: No cost installation (based on the number of subscribers, paid plans start at $9/month).

8. Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo: Email marketing by Klaviyo is similar to Ominisend. It offers a complete suite of tools for email marketing, including signup forms, segmentation and email campaigns as well as marketing automation across multiple channels.

Administrators can use the app to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and evaluate customers’ purchasing habits. The app also allows you to design email templates that will be compatible with your website’s images or messages. The app connects directly to Facebook accounts so you can instantly update your photos when posting to your website.

Klaviyo’s key features: Email marketing app for Shopify stores:   

  • Pre-built email flows that include abandoned carts and winback emails can help you recoup lost sales
  • Shopify data can be combined with other apps to create segments and send super-targeted emails.
  • More than 100 pre-built integrations are available, ranging from shipping solutions and rewards programs to offer.
  • Analytics and reporting that is in-depth
  • Customers who prefer text messages over email can receive timely texts

Price: No cost to install (up to 250 free email contacts).

9. Privy Email & SMS marketing 

E-commerce companies of all sizes trust Privy – Pop Ups Email & SMS to increase website conversion and improve their email lists, which in turn drives more sales. The app integrates with Shopify and Shopify+. You can create an account in a matter of seconds and have your first campaign live right away.

You can also use exit-intent popups or banners to enhance your website and increase your marketing reach. There are many options for how your campaigns can be triggered. These include the device used, the value they have added to their cart and the page they are currently viewing. You can create individual campaigns based upon user behavior and other elements.

Privy has nearly 25,000 user reviews and a rating of 4.6 overall, making it a must-have app for everyone.

Privy’s key features – Email, Pop Ups, and SMS App for Shopify Store:

  • Create eye-catching pop-ups using easy-to use targeting and triggers to get people to sign up for your list
  • To recover sales lost, send automated emails to abandoned carts
  • Automated welcome messages, order follow-ups, cart abandonment
  • Real-time dashboards are available to show how campaigns are performing in a variety of key metrics.
  • To understand the impact of small changes on conversion rates, run automated A/B split testing


  • Free Plan: No cost for installation (up to 5,000 page views per month)
  • Privy Text Plan: $10/ month
  • Privy Email Plan: $13/ month
  • Privy Convert Plan: $20/ month

10. SmartrMail Email Marketing 

SmartrMail Email Marketing was developed by SmartrMail to help you increase sales and offer great deals via email.

You can create personalized emails and send them to a specific audience group using the app. The app will classify your customers into different segments. After that, the email will go to its targeted segmentation. It also features a Quick Email Newsletter feature that can create an email newsletter five times faster than other tools. All flows, including welcome emails, winback campaigns and cross-selling recommendations, are fully automated.

The key features of SmartrMail Email marketing for Shopify stores are:

  • You can increase sales by sending hyper-personalized emails that are based on past purchases. This includes order follow-up emails and thank you emails.
  • With our free email templates, you can add products and services to your email newsletters with a single click
  • Easily segment your customers
  • The email capture popup will help you grow your email list more effectively.
  • Integrate with Justuno Sumo and Wisepops


  • No Cost Plan
  • Standard Plan: $19/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $99 per month

11. Jilt Email marketing

Jilt email marketing can be a powerful Shopify app that offers many great features that will allow customers to spend more on your site. All campaigns come with starter content that will help you manage your operations.

You can personalize each email by using the app based on a few factors such as customer LTV, shipping country, order total, or total. This app uses advanced segmentation rules to help you define your target audience. It also sends them pre-checkout emails notification so you can recover more carts. It is convenient to have a large number of languages supported.

Jilt email marketing features for Shopify stores:

  • Automated emails can help you increase sales by welcoming new customers, recovering abandoned carts, asking for product reviews, and creating custom automations.
  • Easy-to-use email design and setup
  • You can send emails in different languages
  • You can manage multiple stores from one account, even if you own more than one.
  • Automated sync of your customers, orders, and products


  • No Cost Plan
  • Growth Plan: $29 per month

12. Seguno Email Marketing

Time is your most valuable resource when you run a small business, or solopreneur. Seguno is designed to help you save time, unlike many other email marketing apps.

You can build excitement among your audience with many outstanding features. The app allows you to send out a coming-soon email that creates anticipation for product launches. To help customers save money and increase sales during sales periods, you can send reminders with discounts. Seguno also provides detailed reports that store owners can use to develop more effective strategies for future sales.

Seguno’s key features: Email marketing for Shopify stores:


  • No Cost Plan
  • Paid Plan: $10/ month (+$10/ month/ extra 1,000 subscribers)

13. Spently Email Templates

Why should you use Spently Email Templates to create Shopify Stores? Here are some reasons.

The app allows you to create email templates and send out emails to customers who have already purchased from you. This app can increase your sales because these people are most likely to buy from you again.

You can also reward customers with unique discount codes that encourage repeat purchases. You can also upsell products to customers based on past purchases and behavior. You can also use the app’s analytics to get customer insights. You can start today by downloading the premium plan’s 14-day trial and bringing many amazing shopping experiences to your customers.

The key features of Spently Email templates for Shopify stores:

  • Increase sales by using the most-read emails, such as order confirmations, shipping updates and abandoned carts
  • Smart product recommendations, dynamic discounts and referrals can drive repeat sales.
  • Deepen customer engagement using social media channels
  • Use professional and beautiful email templates to match Shopify’s store
  • Provide analytics dashboards for your tracking


  • Starter Plan: No cost to install
  • Essential Plan: $99.99/ month
  • Growth Plan: $199.99/month
  • Premium Plan: $399/ month

14. Remarkety

Imagine that you are looking for a way to automate and personalize your email marketing without having to spend a lot of time or money. Remarkety – Email, SMS and Social is the perfect solution.

The app has many features that allow you to create and send highly personalized and automated messages, including product recommendations and vouchers. It increases customer engagement by segmenting your customers based on their purchase history and activities. It is easy to use once installed.

Remarkety’s key features – SMS, Email, and Social for Shopify shops:

  • With built-in templates and segments, you can get started in minutes
  • Marketing recommendations that are tailored to your needs and help you manage your priorities effectively
  • Send SMS blasts and newsletters to hyper-segmented audiences
  • You can use the intuitive segment builder, which uses historical and current data to fine-tune your audience based on past purchases.
  • Remarkety segments can be synced with FB Custom Audiences to create more effective Facebook or Instagram campaigns
  • Shopify Coupons with unique, single-use discount codes created automatically
  • Predictive product recommendations based on AI and customizable
  • Detailed reporting for each campaign


  • Basic Plan: $25/month
  • Starter Plan: $100/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $300/month
  • Professional Plan: $800/month

15. Smart Email Marketing

Smart Email Marketing was launched by Coherent Path Inc. and is a support app that allows you to increase sales through personalized and automatic emails.

The app allows you to easily prevent sales from being lost by sending the correct email to the right customer. This means that your emails are carefully classified and tailored to each target segment. Smart Product Recommendation and Timing are two other features of this smart tool. This allows store administrators to increase traffic quickly by sending emails to customers when they make most orders.

The key features of Smart Email Marketing in Shopify Store:

  • Smart emails are a smart way to get customers to buy (welcome email. Cart recovery. Aband cart. Follow-up email.
  • Send emails quickly with smart product suggestions to increase sales
  • Make smart product recommendations and determine the timing
  • Installation and configuration are simple


  • Install Free: No cost
  • Growth Plan: $24/month
  • Pro Plan: $39/ month
  • Exec Plan: $79/ month

The final verdict

This concludes the 12+ Best Shopify email marketing apps! It’s important to define your business goals and needs before you can choose the right tool to help with your Shopify email marketing strategy. Then, decide which features you want.

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