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Kobe Digital is a leading Facebook ads marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in helping businesses deploy Facebook and Instagram social media campaigns that generate sales, leads and interest through our bespoke media solutions that are as effective as they are innovative. Our team of Miami digital marketing experts helps small- and medium-size businesses like yours to achieve their business goals and grow through a variety of effective solutions.
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    Facebook Ads Marketing Services

    Faster Business Growth | Boost Your Profits

    Focus on High-Impact Levers

    Audience adjustments and bid strategies are not the best ways to unlock your ad account. The best way to unlock your ad account is not through audience adjustments or bid strategies.It comes from presenting your product in the most compelling way possible — new angles to sell to new customers.If you’re stuck making manual changes or tired of small wins, then we can save you time and accelerate new growth.

    Product-Specific Targets

    Single account ROAS targets conceal the most important thing for your business: money in your pockets. We use success metrics by SKU to determine net profit and calculate LTV with campaign cohorts (60 to 120 day payback windows). We will make more money if you are running for a single account ROAS goal.

    Facebook Ads Audit

    Basics: The Correct Pixel Function and Set-up of the Catalog Manager for ecommerce. Structure: Cost caps by AOV, budget to-ad-set ratios, DPAs and overall spend mix according to audience. Targeting: Remarketing vs. Prospecting, proper exclusions and automatic placements plus international and demographic testing. Optimization: Conversion Campaigns optimized for purchase, bidding, landing pages and profitability. Attribution: Click vs view deltas alongside determining your account’s delayed attribution multiplier (DAM). Creative: Copy and content, ad format and sizing. Plus, baseline AIDA metrics that establish stage-by-stage effectiveness.

    Greater Efficiency

    Higher efficiency Because we ask all our customers to spend less than 30 percent of their money on the Learning Phase. Clearer demand prediction with custom transformations on evergreen campaign for product-level visibility. Increased number of customers with a budget that is geared towards growth and not to buying back existing customers. With attribution mapped to the customer’s purchase journey, tighter pay-back windows. Higher profitability through SKU-level reporting and cohort-specific LTV and product-specific campaigns

    Social Media Buying & Planning

    Profitably grow with Instagram and Facebook advertising.Combine the intents of your target audience with your products’ COGS or LTV to get better returns. SKU-specific Facebook Ad Campaigns, which pair the right bidding strategy and the right offers, can help you win your first purchase. Use interest stacks and customized audiences to find your target customer: interactions, sales, and engagement. With scroll-stopping headlines and copywriting, you can convert Facebook users into prospects. Retargeting campaigns that are based on time to purchase can be used to separate customers, visitors and cart abandoners.

    How We Do It

    Your brand’s digital media strategy. One-on-one support with a dedicated buyer to plan, manage, and optimize your Facebook Ad account: Weekly reviews and communication with buyers in real-time. Keep up-to-date with account performance and launch new campaigns quickly. Your buyer grows spend, meets ROAS targets and achieves financial goals week after week. Custom reporting around metrics that really matter. We’ll meet at the end of each month to discuss macro-trends, and to fine-tune account performance based upon profitability rather than misleading figures such as single-account ROAS.

    Our Clients

    Kobe Digital is a Top-Tier Facebook Ads Marketing Company

    Get noticed where it matters, with marketing solutions that target your ideal customer. The online business world is intensely competitive, which means no business can afford to choose a run-of-the-mill digital marketing firm in Phoenix . The best marketing campaigns start and end with a total focus on your business goals with your messaging delivering the results you seek. For exceptional ROI when hiring an Facebook ads marketing company in Las Vegas, you need a firm that listens – then acts. Kobe Digital listens, which is why we are a top Facebook ads marketing company in Los Angeles. Once we understand your business goals, we find a winning strategy using our full suite of marketing services. This strategy, combined with our experience, expertise, and adherence to best current practices in the industry, has made us the first choice for businesses that seek streamlined growth with an exceptional ROI.

    You’re A Partner

    Work with Kobe Digital, and you’re working with a partner who puts your needs first. Our Facebook ads marketing professionals take the time to learn everything about your business, your audience, and your competitors to develop unique, data-driven Miami digital marketing strategies that deliver the results you want – with an exceptional ROI.

    We Deliver On Time

    At Kobe Digital, we’re focused on delivering results and delivering them on time with an in-depth analysis of key marketing data that reveals more growth opportunities. Where other Facebook ads marketing agencies might deliver jargon-filled reports with pretty graphics and endless numbers, we’re already plotting out your next great marketing campaign.

    Top Notch Results

    There’s nothing worse than spending money on marketing only to get poor results. Kobe Digital is a data-driven Los Angeles Facebook ads marketing company that monitors your campaign at every step through audits, tracking, and more to tweak and quantify our results – and adapt where necessary, alongside detailed reports delivered every month.

    100% Transparency

    Hollywood might be famed for its acting, but Kobe Digital isn’t. We prize transparency in business, which means our clients always know where they stand and where they are going with access to a dedicated project manager and an online client portal, giving you answers, updates, and the latest data in streamlined, jargon-free reports.

    Tried, Tested, Proven

    Kobe Digital has been serving powerful Facebook ads marketing results to businesses since 2016. Unlike our competitors, we don’t rest on our laurels: we constantly reinvest in tomorrow’s tools, talent, and techniques so our clients enjoy the best marketing results – a strategy proven by our extensive portfolio of successful projects.

    We Work With Integrity

    Kobe Digital operates with honesty, integrity, and respect for your business. We won’t upsell services that you don’t need. Instead, we build custom strategies that deliver the results you do need using the right tools with the right channels for the greatest impact, leveraging marketing data to build a powerful digital marketing strategy that just works.


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