7 Different Ways Of Marketing Automation That Will Benefit Your Business


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Marketing automation isn’t a secret concept. It has become the darling of every marketer, regardless of size. Marketing Automation was once a niche for larger companies. However, it is now common in smaller and medium-sized businesses across all industries.

69% of consumers rely on online research to find brands. It is imperative to accelerate your marketing efforts.

Marketing automation is used by 51% of businesses on average. Emailmonday

– Nearly half (58%) of B2B companies admitted that they had plans to adopt Marketing automation. Emailmonday

48% of marketers use marketing automation to create customized customer experiences. House of Marketing 2019 Annual Marketing Survey

This is the best way to grow and promote your business in this technologically changing world.

If you do it manually, keeping track of what to pitch can be exhausting, stressful, time-consuming, and tiring. You need to be able to use marketing automation tools to achieve equilibrium with the rapid pace of competition.

7 Indirect Advantages of Implementing Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools offer indirect benefits that go beyond lead generation and automation results. Although the benefits are not obvious, they are very valuable.

1) Additional free time

Marketing technology has allowed marketers more time. Now you can engage in creative and strategic business activities.

2) Streamline Multiple Channels

This automation tool offers better control over various online channels. There are many social media automation tools, such as Hootsuite and Buzzsumo. to streamline your social media channels. This, if done manually, can be very time-consuming. 

3) A better budget allocation to programs

These automation tools can be used to replace large teams. This will result in savings on your people’s budget which can be used to fund programs. Marketing will return a higher ROI if you increase your program budget.

4) Higher Average Deal Size and ROI

These tools make it easy to do cross-sells and up-sells, customer interaction, follow-ups, and other processes.

You will eventually see an increase in customer lifetime value. You will see an increase in customer lifetime value if you have a well-designed campaign and qualified lead management. This will also promise to improve your ROI. This is how automation can be used to maximize ROI.

  • Lead Management Automation (lead scoring and qualification, progression.
  • Automate loyalty programs to encourage return visits.
  • Automation of email marketing; to acquire new customers and stay connected with existing ones.

5) Improved Accountability of Resources

In any organization, passing the buck is a common practice. This is especially true when it comes time to take responsibility for things that are not working well. Any automation tool can help reduce workplace problems and improve the accountability of employees. These reports quickly highlight which parts of the system are not performing well.

6) Improved coordination

All team members are responsible for understanding the automatic processes. They have clear goals, time limits, and responsibilities. Your team can also benefit from marketing automation tools in many ways.

  • Productivity increases
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Collaboration with other creative people
  • Liberate from mundane tasks

7) Giving a second life to your content

Marketing automation can be used to repurpose your published content. What do you do when your blog is up and running? It’s that simple.

Marketing automation can be used to repurpose your published content. What do you do when your blog is up and running? It’s that simple.

Marketing automation allows you to set up automated rules that will allow you to make it even more useful. This will give your content a second chance. If necessary, you can establish the rules for sharing the content to educate your audience.

This will increase lead conversion rates and customer lifecycle.

Marketing Automation is also a key component in sales and marketing, lead generation, voice searching, reputation management, and other areas.

These are only seven benefits of hundreds that you can reap from this practice. It’s time to reconsider if you still rely on traditional email blasters and generic CRM platforms. Marketers who are forward-thinking for the future

  • Hours of Regained
  • Low operating costs
  • Huge reach
  • Qualified leads
  • Sales conversions
  • Greater ROI

A suitable automation portfolio could help you realize your marketing goals.

We can help you choose the right automation solution for your company.

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