Ultimate Guide To Reduce Abandoned Cart For Magento 2


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Did you ever cancel your order because of an extra shipping fee? You didn’t expect that much before you made your final purchase. There is no pre-notification on the website. This is what happened to many online-sellers and shoppers.

This blog will discuss the best Magento 2 store solution to minimize abandoned carts: Magento2 Shipping Cost extension.

How does the Shipping Cost module work

As an online shopper, where can you expect to see your shipping costs for individual items or your entire cart?

Shipping Cost allows you to view a smart Shipping Estimator directly on your Product Page. Customers can view the shipping fees for the item they are currently purchasing or click “Include items to the cart” to see the final shipping costs for the entire order.

The shipping method will be determined based on the conditions admins set at the module backend. They can show shipping costs for new, single or physical products.

You can download the Shipping Rules extension to create more complicated and flexible shipping cases.

How can shipping costs be avoided?

Clear information about additional shipping costs

The Shipping Cost module, as mentioned above, allows customers to get the most accurate and complete information about their shipping costs for any item in their cart. Customers can check any additional fees that might apply if they purchase specific products or checkout for an existing shopping cart.

Trust and transparency in building stores

Magento 2 stores are able to gain customers’ trust and love because they provide clear notifications. If the shipping cost is higher than the product value, customers are more likely to abandon their cart at checkout. They will likely abandon their cart right then.

This module allows you to notify customers about any additional fees before they arrive, creating trust and transparency within your store. Customers will be happy to return to you again and again if you are clear from the beginning.

Shopping is quick and easy

Shopping is easy. Shipping Cost helps to simplify the shopping experience by giving them information about their shipping fees. Customers are able to skip the need to pay shipping fees and can simply go to checkout.

Shipping Cost Extension Highlights

Shipping cost estimates for Product Page

Magento defaults to showing shipping costs only on the checkout page. This extension allows shoppers to view both the shipping method and its associated shipping rate. This allows them to see the shipping cost and order accordingly. This saves time shopping and helps to reduce cart abandonment on the checkout page.

Shipping cost can be displayed in two places on the Product Page. You can place it either under the Product Description, or in the Additional Tab. Administrators have the flexibility to choose a place where shipping costs can be displayed so customers are able to see it clearly.

Shipping costs are based on IP addresses of customers

Shipping cost is normally calculated based upon shipping address. Customers must leave their address at the store. This module integrates the GeoIP function which allows stores to automatically detect customers’ addresses. This feature is a time-saver for sellers and buyers.

You can get the GeoIP function for free.

Display shipping calculator at certain pages

Administrators have the option to use the shipping calculator with catalog rules by selecting Shipping Cost. These are some of the configurable sections:

  • Product SKU
  • Product Attribute
  • Category
  • Other admins can also put shipping costs on new products. This page allows customers to easily see how much more they will need to pay for their order.

Popup or Inline: Change Address Forms

The Shipping Cost module also allows shoppers to modify their address information directly at product pages via Inline or Popup forms.

They can also modify data:

  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • State/Region

Customers can click on Change Address to see a popup form or an inline form that displays their all.

All options for a field on an address form are also displayed in the drop down box. Customers can select them quickly without having to type. This speeds up shopping and can result in more Magento 2 store sales.

All functions of the Shipping Cost module

Store admins

  • At the backend, turn on/off this module
  • For shipping calculator, set the title
  • For shipping calculator, enter the description
  • If there is no shipping method available, please leave a note
  • Select countries to apply Shipping Costs plugin
  • Select the location to display the shipping calculator
  • Select the address fields on the form
  • Allow the popup to edit shipping addresses
  • Apply shipping estimator to certain product pages under specific conditions
  • Enter the default address at frontend


  • Check out the Product Page to see the shipping costs
  • Get the shipping costs for your entire cart
  • You can save time when making decisions

Last words

This blog will help you find a great solution to cart abandonment using Magento2 Shipping Cost. This will allow Magento 2 stores to display shipping options and associated fees directly on the Product Page. So, customers can easily estimate the shipping cost and then checkout quickly.

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