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As a Magento store owner, have you ever lost money or seen your sales drop because you had to compensate customers for high shipping costs? Online stores are limited in their ability to offer flexible shipping options and affordable shipping rates for certain orders. The Magento2 Table Rate Shipping is the best solution to your problems. Let’s take a look at its functions below. It is briefly described with some limitations of Default Mage.

4 issues and immediate solutions to Magento Table Rate Shipping

Shipping methods limited choices

Magento default table rates do not allow multiple shipping rates to be created within the same shipping method. Customers are limited to the options offered by stores and have no other choice than what they receive.

The Table Rate Shipping extension allows store admins to create unlimited shipping options for customers.

Shipping methods at table rates are subject to a few conditions

Similarly, Magento 2 Default has a limited number of conditions for setting table rate. Store admins can only choose from one of the following conditions:

  • Based on weight and destination
  • Prices and destinations are based on each order
  • Based on the order, number of items vs. destination

The Table Rate Shipping extension allows admin to expand this option. Administrators can then create shipping rates that are based on the weight range, total range, or quantity range. You can combine multiple parameters to create a shipping rate that is based on all conditions.

We do not support different rates

Magento default only has one rate type: fixed rate per order. The Magento store admins cannot calculate shipping rates based on product type, weight unit or percentage.

The Table Rate Shipping extension for Magento 2 greatly improves this function. These shipping rates can be any of the following:

  • Fixed-rate per item
  • Percentage per item
  • Fixed-rate per unit of weight
  • Fixed-rate per unit of weight
  • Fixed-rate for each order
  • Combination of multiple rates

Shipping rate calculated based on volumetric weight cannot be calculated

Most delivery services, particularly country-cross, calculate shipping costs based on the package weight. There is a higher fee for storing your package in more space. Magento does not allow stores to calculate shipping rates based upon product volumetric weight. Some websites will need to notify customers manually about the additional fee, or compensate customers for the fee.

This limitation is understood and Table Category View Extension has been built with Volumetric weight function. Now, store admins can calculate weight based upon volume to ensure that shipping costs are reasonable for buyers and sellers.

Table Rate Shipping Extension Highlights

You can create different shipping methods based on your conditions

Magento 2 stores can use the Table Rate Shipping module to create unlimited shipping methods using the combination of these elements:

  • Country: Enter the destination country of the shipping method. eg. USA, Canada, Japan
  • State/Region: Indicate the state within a country like Texas, Florida, California
  • Postcode/ZIP Code
  • Weight limit: Determine the maximum weight for your shipping method
  • Subtotal range: As an example, the subtotal for the order can be between 50$ and 250$
  • Quantity range: The quantity range can be as low as 3-10 units.

Administrators can set up shipping methods that allow for the combination or individual application of these conditions. If the customer’s order is in compliance with the rules, the appropriate shipping method will be used.

Select product groups to receive shipping rates at specific prices

This module allows Magento stores to set up individual shipping rates for each product group. Some products, such as fragile or expensive items, require special storage and delivery. Online stores can charge a higher shipping cost for these types of products to offset the extra cost.

Calculate shipping costs by volumetric weight

This extension gives store owners another way to calculate their shipping rates. It is based upon the package volumetric mass (V). To calculate the V of products admin must only enter the three dimensions of the parcel: height, width and length.

Consider this: A box of items measuring 12 cm in height, 15 cm in width, and 20cm long; a 600 dimensional weight divisor will give you a DIM weight of 6 kg. This DIM number can be used to set the shipping cost. You can add $2 to your shipping cost for every additional kilogram of volumetric weight.

Multiple shipping methods at different rates

Shipping rates can vary between different shipping methods. These rates can be set up by the store administrator using some of the most common types, such as:

  • Fixed-rate per item
  • Per item, the percentage rate
  • Fixed-rate per unit of weight
  • Fixed-rate per unit of weight
  • Fixed-rate for each order

Depending on admin configurations the table rate can be calculated according to the item rate, weight unit or percentage of the product’s price, or even a combination of these factors. The shipping cost per item is $1 plus 2.2% of the product price.

Allow for quick import of tables shipping rates

Magento 2 stores can quickly import the shipping rate table created by another shipping method to the current one using the import function. They can also import the shipping rate table via CSV file using their computer data.

Administrators have the option to make changes or keep the existing shipping rates, but the conditions remain unchanged. This feature is very useful for Magento 2 websites as it saves admin time and provides the best accuracy and convenience.

Estimate delivery dates

Another interesting aspect of this module is its estimated shipping time. The store admin can inform customers about the estimated delivery time for each shipping method used in most orders. This is the number of days. This allows shoppers to know how long it takes to receive their goods and allows them to arrange for delivery on time.

This feature not only helps customers to prepare for delivery but also assists stores in managing their shipping schedules efficiently and accurately. You will eventually be able to provide the best customer service and earn more admiration from your customers.

Table Rate Shipping Extension offers full functionality

For store administration

General configuration

  • Activate/Deactivate your module
  • Set title for shipping carrier
  • Choose the country where you want to apply the module
  • In the price calculation, include/exclude virtual items
  • Choose from several methods to calculate the volumetric weight of your package

Edit/Create a new shipping method

  • For certain shipping methods, set name and note
  • Choose the rule to calculate shipping rates
  • Select image to illustrate the shipping method
  • You can apply for particular store views or customer groups
  • Frontend label to indicate shipping method
  • You can create shipping rates for your shipping method using one of three methods: Import from another shipping method, Import via CSV file, or Add manually.
  • Grids allows you to control all shipping methods/ grids


  • You can choose from a variety of shipping options and shipping rates
  • Before you check out, make sure to choose the lowest shipping cost.
  • Enjoy a seamless and convenient shopping experience

Last words

In general, the Table-Rate Shipping module allows Magento 2 websites to create unlimited custom shipping methods. It also lets them set shipping rates by multiple conditions, such as country, state and weight ranges, subtotal ranges, and qty ranges. You can customize the shipping rate calculator with rate-setting types, volumetric weight and other options.

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