10 Ways For Marketers To Create Rule Based Follow Up Emails


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Why should you choose email marketing for your business? Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing tools, with a 4400% ROI (and $44 per $1 spent).

This blog will help you find the best way to send follow-up emails based on specific conditions, such as customer accounts, orders, shopping carts, wishlists, etc. This blog will provide Magento 2 stores with statistics on email marketing, and then we’ll show you the ultimate Magento2 Follow-Up Email extension. Are you ready to go on the journey with me?

Follow up Email Marketing – Facts & Figures

This section contains data-backed statistics about email marketing, including email automation, mobile email, email personalization, and social media comparison.

  • Adobe research shows that 61% of customers would love to connect via email with brands
  • Transaction emails that are related to customer accounts and orders get 8x more open and clicked than other types of email marketing and generate 6x more revenue. Experian
  • Triggered campaigns account for more than 75% of all email revenue. They are not the same as one-size-fits all campaigns. 21% of all email marketing revenue is generated via automation email. DMA
  • Personalized email messages increase click-through rates by 14% on average and converts by 10% – Aberdeen
  • 77% of ROI is generated by segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns. DMA
  • Email is 40x more effective than Twitter or Facebook at acquiring customers. McKinsey
  • A call to action button can be used instead of a link text. This can improve conversion rates by up to 28% Campaign Monitor

Why follow up email is such a smart choice among many marketing tools

Better understanding of customers requires more interaction

It is a great way to impress new customers and keep them coming back. Customers can sense the effort put forth by the store to improve the services and listen. Everyone loves to be heard and understood. Your clients will be more satisfied if you give them individual attention.

This blog has more tips to help you make your customers love you.

Conversions significantly improved

You can make it easy for customers to shop on your website, but they may take days, months or even years to find their favorite items. What can you do to convert them quicker?

Answer: Follow them from the beginning to the end of their shopping journey. From the start to the purchase, follow them. This task can be accomplished by using the Follow Up Email Tool. Customers can receive welcome emails after they register for an account. If it takes too long to process purchases from shopping carts, you can also send them sales notifications. Customers will repurchase from your businesses if they receive after-sales emails.

As a promotional channel, work

Follow up emails can be used for multiple purposes, but the main ones are to notify customers about their actions/account updates and offer customers attractive promotion programs.

You can also receive emails with cross-sell and up-sell products attached. You can also receive follow-up emails with super deals in store on special occasions. You can also send shoppers auto-generated coupon codes that will encourage them to spend more in your stores.

Fantastic functions with Follow Up Email Extension

Follow-up emails based upon events

You can trigger up to five events to send follow-up emails to both customers and admins.

  • Events related to orders
  • Cart abandoned
  • Customers
  • Update of Wishlist
  • Date

Order-related events could include the generation of an order, shipment, invoice or credit memo. The module sends emails to admins and customers when order statuses change.

Notifications by email when customers take action

Follow Up Email Extension supports multiple activities to notify customers immediately of any information changes.

  • Register for an account
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Unsubscribe from the newsletter
  • Review submitting
  • Customer reviews are approved
  • Birthday wishes for customer
  • Modifications to customer’s groups
  • Inactive for a certain period

Follow-up emails regarding updating Wishlist

This module allows customers to receive email notifications about any changes in their wishlists. This allows shoppers to always have the most up-to-date information in order to make the right decision.

You can update your website by:

  • A wish list has been created
  • Products on the wishlist: Sales
  • Wishlist products are now back in stock
  • Share your wishlist with others

Emails from abandoned carts

Customers cannot avoid abandoning carts because they have many things to consider before making a purchase decision. Magento stores can reduce cart abandonment rates by notifying customers and taking care of forgotten items.

Customers can be reminded by follow-up emails that their cart is missing and remind them of what they ordered previously. They will likely click on the email to check their cart again. This event has the potential to increase conversions.

Customize emails via popup

Magento admins have unlimited options to configure conditions and events that will trigger emails for customers or themselves. This popup can be used to configure these events at the backend. For a better understanding, see the photo below.

A popup will open immediately after you click to create events or emails. Administrator configures and saves settings separately. This makes it easier to manage administrative tasks.

Support A/B testing

A/B Testing is a great way for merchants to evaluate campaign effectiveness. Administrators can create two campaigns simultaneously using the Follow Up Email module and then compare their analytics results after a time. You can then decide which one to keep or skip.

Reports on Follow-up emails

Email log report helps store owners to determine the effectiveness of their email campaigns. The statistics can be viewed by the admin below.

  • Email sends
  • Emails that have been opened
  • Clicked emails
  • Open emails rate
  • Clicked emails rate

This report allows the admin to control the number of emails sent and make changes for content and design in order to improve the situation.

Follow these rules to start/end events

Administrators can trigger follow-up emails based upon their conditions. This is one of the most powerful functions. Marketing emails are sent only to customers when they are in a suitable situation so it doesn’t bother them. These conditions can be:

  • For order events, set the conditions for order attributes
  • Customer, order, and product conditions for customer events
  • Wishlist events: Product attributes conditions

Let’s take an example: Customers who have placed at least one order will receive the review reminder email.

Full Features List for Follow-Up Email

For store administration

  • The module can be turned on/off
  • Time is the best way to define an abandoned cart
  • Enter the sender’s name for emails
  • Enter sender address
  • Send an email using the copy option
  • Copy emails to recipient
  • Clear email logs based on order status and time
  • Create a new campaign: Name, Status, Description, Start & End Date
  • Create new event: Name, status, description, Event type, Cancel event
  • Only newsletter subscribers can receive emails
  • Send an email to create a new account: send it after you have filled out the following information: status, name, and status.
  • Add coupon code to cart price conditions
  • Support for showing similar products, up-sells and cross-sells


  • Notify them about their activities
  • Get great shopping experience


Magento2 Follow-Up Email allows you to generate and send many triggered emails based upon customer activity. This helps build productive relationships and increase repeat purchases. You can customize email templates and manage your email dispatch.

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