How To Do WordPress Website Speed Optimization?


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The global pandemic has put most of the world in lockdown mode, regardless of whether you like it. Even ignoring the side effects, most people spend their days near TVs, tablets and laptops. Online shopping has become more popular in countries that have restrictions on movement. People expect to be able to shop online for everything since many shops are closed and have long lines of people waiting.

The demand for essential goods continues to rise, so new business opportunities are opening up even for shop owners who didn’t pay enough attention to their online presence. It is difficult to get a website up and running quickly on WordPress. This is something that most resellers lack. They require a functional, fast website or online shop that is easy to use and available immediately.

WordPress site speed can make or break your business

With more than 61% market share WordPress has become the most popular CMS platform in the world. It is crucial that you choose the right CMS platform for your business. WordPress offers simplicity, ease-of-use, flexibility, security and upgradeability. WordPress is a great platform for small businesses, online publishing, and webshops. WordPress is constantly evolving thanks to the contributions of thousands of developers. Every day, new tools and functionalities are added.

Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of having a successful online presence, given your time constraints.


Your first impression is as important as your first date. The same applies to websites. You want instant feedback once you click on a link, or enter a URL. A functional website that has all the information you need is what you are looking for. The internet’s rapid development and speed has raised the standards for speed and loading time.

According to the statistics, nearly 50% of website users expect the site to load in less than 2 seconds. However, 41% of users will leave the site if the loading time is longer than 2 seconds. Speed is the most important thing, so the first date comparison.

What can we do to make our websites faster and more attractive? These are some tips and tricks to help you improve your website.

Always fresh and up-to-date

Even if you have chosen WordPress for your CMS, you should remember that WordPress is constantly improving its speed. This applies to plugins and themes that you use. If you do not update your site regularly, your website’s performance will be high. Your visitors will also benefit.

Fast provider – A fast website

Hosting is an integral part of any website. You will be thankful that you chose wisely. Choose a hosting plan that meets your needs. A provider should offer flexibility, advanced security, backup options, performance guarantees, and the ability to grow with your needs. Hosting providers such as Hostinger offer many options and flexible plans to meet different website needs. Hostinger offers a variety of options and flexible plans that can be used to handle a large number of visitors. This is something you can expect from this global chaos. Get more information about hosting here.

Optimization is key

Optimizing multimedia content can make a website load faster and more responsive. Videos can be difficult to upload. Instead of uploading directly to your website, use the WordPress built-in option to embed videos. YouTube and Vimeo websites are designed for video and you should make use of all their features, including offloading your website.

Various plugins are available to optimize images. These plugins reduce image sizes with minimal or no impact on image quality. This will speed up the delivery of your website , which will result in faster loading times, better SEO, and overall user experience.

You can cache your website to increase its speed. Caching is a way to store information on a website. This cache is used to serve the requested information instead of asking it to be downloaded from the server. This is great for websites that don’t make a lot of changes per day and can offload servers to speed up loading.

Accelerate your database 

Your website’s heart is your database. Servers access it all the time, so the speed of your databases is directly related to your website’s speed. There are many plugins available that will help you clean out clutter, remove unnecessary items, and optimize your database. A responsive and fast database will make your website faster and more efficient.

Success is all about the little things

A mix of strategies is key to a successful online business. They work together and deliver the right information/services. A fast website and loading time are essential first steps to make it easy for users. Optimizing your website will increase the speed of your site and improve its performance. This will help you to attract more visitors and boost your website’s visibility, especially during these difficult times.

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