The Complete Guide To Running A Successful Online Business


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A business or company can only be as good as its people. As more companies focus on the internet, individuals and businesses are looking for innovative ways to meet market needs.

Our comprehensive digital toolkit will help you navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing. 

What the toolkit includes:

  • Online business
  • How do you manage your online business
  • Promotion for your online business
  • Empowering your online community
  • Share and create your content
  • Remote working
  • Stay productive
  • Inspiration

Online business

How do you create a website from scratch

A strong web presence is essential for any company’s success. This guide will help you transition to the internet.

Selection of professional templates

It is a good idea to start a website to get your business online.      

What is the best way to create a professional website?

This guide will guide you through every step of creating your website. This guide also offers branding and marketing strategies to make your website well-known online.

Homepage design inspiration

Your homepage is what people see first. This is where you will get the inspiration to design your homepage. 

Make your brand identity

Brand identity is key to a business’s success. Find out more about its importance and how to create your brand identity. This covers the steps you need to identify who you are, and then how to put theory into practice.

Website color schemes

Website design is dominated by color. The psychology of color also shows how colors can be used to evoke emotions.

Logo design tips

Your brand’s logo is an essential part of your brand identity. Your logo is a key part of your brand identity. These tips cover all aspects of the process, from the initial soul-searching phase to the final touches when creating your logo.

Instructions for your Kobe Digital website

Kobe Digital is much more than just publishing a website. These tutorials cover everything, from SEO optimization to setting up online payments and creating multilingual sites.

Create virtual events

Make your events online. Many guests are unable to attend large events. Use this guide to help you choose the right platforms and promote your event.

How do you manage your online business

Make your website more modern

A professional website can make a difference in a brand’s success. Website visitors should be informed about any changes you make to their business, including new shipping schedules or services.

Chat with your business

Building trust and reliability with customers is possible by being proactive in communicating. 

Companies under coronavirus

Many businesses continue to provide great services to their customers. You can use these guidelines and precautionary measures to protect your business and clients online and offline.

Event business best practices

Businesses that host events are most affected. You have several options. Keep your guests informed and postpone or cancel any event.

A guide for online stores

Online stores face unique challenges in these times. You will need to gain customer trust and find solutions for stock changes, canceled orders, and other issues.

How do you manage a bookings agency?

Many services are no longer available. You will need to make online bookings if you have a booking or appointment model. This guide can help you communicate with clients clearly and take the correct steps.

Top Practices for Handling Chargebacks and Refunds

Cancellations of events and services can have a significant impact on businesses. Cancellations of events or services can lead to a rise in refund requests. Learn best practices for handling refunds and chargebacks.

Promotion for your online business

Marketing tools that will help you grow your company

Marketing is always changing. Marketing is constantly changing.

Promote your website – no cost

These are 10 ways to promote your website for free.

What is a marketing funnel?

All interactions with customers should be rooted in the buyer’s decision How can you refine your marketing strategy by using the customer journey through the marketing funnel

How do I create a landing webpage? 

Landing pages are essential for online businesses to increase traffic to their websites. These pages can be used to invite users to subscribe, download your ebook, and purchase from your online store.

Social media marketing 101

Social media is more important than ever. This resource contains detailed information about a range of social media promotion strategies.

Use Google to get easy access      

Your website must rank well in Google search results. There are many tools to help you improve your website rank. This guide covers everything, including how to select the right keywords and optimize your website for mobile.

Creating an email newsletter

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach your clients directly. How can you ensure your newsletter is engaging and relevant to your clients?

Empowering your online community

How do I create a blog article?

You can create a blog to connect with readers all over the globe by sharing useful content. This guide also includes blog post examples that you can use for different topics.

Beautiful blog design examples 

These stunning examples of blog design will inspire and motivate you to share your experiences, knowledge, and stories with the world.

What is the best way to create a forum?

Forums allow like-minded people to connect and share their expertise, as well as support each other’s growth. Kobe Digital Forum

Tips & Tricks to Make Your Forum a Success

People are key to any forum’s success To ensure that your project thrives, you must be attentive to the needs of your audience

How do you live stream?

Live streaming is a great way to engage your online community. 

Tips for growing an online community

Businesses today need online communities. Learn how to create and maintain a community that is engaged around your business.

Share and create your content

Learn about content marketing

Content marketing is the creation of engaging and valuable content that draws customers to your brand. 

Start a podcast

Podcasting is a great way to reach out to your audience from faraway places. You only need a microphone and audio equipment for the podcast. This allows you to inform and entertain listeners while also building a community around your brand.

Make a webinar

Share your knowledge with others, regardless of whether it’s recorded or live-streamed. 

Create an online course 

You can share your knowledge online to engage your audience, position your brand as an authority in your field, and create a course. This guide covers everything, from choosing the right topic to marketing the material.

Get fresh ideas for your blog.

Sharing your industry knowledge and providing valuable advice to your customers is a great way to market your business

Explore other web ideas

This extensive list will guide you in your search to find the perfect website for your needs.

Keep producing high-quality content

Keep your audience engaged and interested in your content strategy

Remote working

Tips to increase productivity at home

Many people struggle to get in the flow and stay productive while working from home. Here are some top tips to help you stay on track.

What do you do to manage remote employees?

Team leaders and managers know how difficult it can be to work remotely. These easy-to-implement strategies can help make remote work easier. Make use of communication channels like team chats, video conferences, and others.

Tips to balance work and personal life

It’s easy to blur the lines between professional and personal life. It is easy to blur the line between personal and professional life.

Stay productive

Time-saving tips

Working remotely presents a challenge. These tips will help you take control of your day and set goals.

Daily Habits for Successful People

Stress can be overwhelming and can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Take a look at the top habits of successful people to incorporate into your daily life.

Time management applications

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. We turn to technology whenever we need to communicate with loved ones or work remotely. These 20 apps can help us maximize our time, focus, and productivity, and reduce stress.


Motivational podcasts

Motivation can be hard to find.

Music for improving productivity

Listening to music can improve your concentration. These productivity playlists will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Motivational quotes

This collection of 100 motivational quotes will help you to empower yourself.

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