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Many of the customer appreciation techniques we are familiar with, such as inviting shoppers to your location for a holiday party or hosting an event publically, will no longer be viable options in 2020. COVID-19 simply makes it impossible to hold these types of in-person events, while still keeping everyone safe.

It’s important to show your customers how much you value them, especially during the holidays. Everyone likes to feel valued, and this holiday season, it may be even more important.

How can you show appreciation to your loyal clients during the holiday season while keeping them (and your staff!) safe and healthy?

1. Thank you notes can be included with all purchases

This is the easiest and most cost-effective option that any business can incorporate into their sales process. It can be a pre-printed thank you card that you slip into your bag, or a personal note at the bottom of your receipt. We appreciate you shopping with us and hope you love the sweater! Thanking customers is an important step to building a relationship.

Don’t rely solely on an email thanking you for placing your order. Although it’s an admirable thing to do, it can be hard to express your personal feelings via email.

Customers will notice if you add a personal touch to your communications. It’s easy to say thanks and it pays so much.

2. Gift wrapping is free

It wouldn’t be Christmas without these beautifully wrapped and bow-adorned packages.

It is easy to add a gift-wrapping station to your existing products if you ship them yourself. Your customers will be delighted if you can save them some time and effort in the rush of the season.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, some festive boxes peeking out from the top of your branded shopping bag are free advertising. This shows that you care about your customers.

Gift wrapping is not just for departmental stores or malls. More and greater numbers of stores offer this service. Some even charge a small fee.

Although it may seem small, gift wrapping can have a significant impact on brand perception and customer loyalty. This means you can make more sales!

3. Recommendations for repeat customers and purchases above a certain amount

Holiday customers will love tier-based discounts. Everyone loves a great deal, right?

Studies show that customers who receive a coupon or a discount have a positive impact on brand loyalty. Customers will be happier shopping with you and your store, which in turn makes it a more enjoyable experience. A study by the same company found that 80% of shoppers feel more confident when they receive a special deal.

Before you begin to cut prices, make sure you are familiar with the basics of discount promotions. It’s not worth cutting your bottom line too much.

Before you launch holiday discounts campaigns, make sure to have a clear goal and a plan. These could include:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Encourage repeat customers
  • Promotion of a particular brand
  • Transferring old inventory
  • It is possible to create an email list, newsletter or blog.

Are you intimidated by the idea of starting a discount program, especially during busy holiday seasons?

The Smart Coupons extension can be a very flexible and intuitive online tool. Administrators, store staff, and store owners can create and manage discount promotions without the need for developer assistance.

This extension comes with proven methods for running fully-automated promotions and discounts that can increase sales, repeat customers, and customer loyalty.

4. Small gifts can be included in your packaging

Packaging inserts

Packaging inserts can be pleasant surprises that help to cement your brand’s relationship.

These “freebies”, often branded, are included with every order and usually add value to the purchased item.

A BBQ shop might offer a pair or two of tongs, while a candle shop might have a small box of wood matches.

These small items will not only make your customer feel valued, but they will also remind them of that feeling each time they use them.

Enjoy Discounts

Coupons and discounts are an effective way to show appreciation for customers. A coupon that gives 20% off your next order can make it a great way to guarantee a repeat customer or lifelong customer.

A physical coupon or card is a tangible reminder that can be used as a gift.

Samples of products

Because of their great value, samples are an excellent addition to bags and packages

  1. You may be able to offer your customers free samples depending on what products you sell. It’s a win-win situation for all!
  2. Cross-selling is easy with free samples. Customers can be introduced to similar products by you.

Combining a coupon with a product sample will make it almost irresistible!

5. Hosting a giveaway via social media

There are many giveaways and sweepstakes on social media that offer every kind of product or service. Why? They work!

You can offer people the chance to win valuable prizes, whether you want to increase sales or boost online engagement.

Toggl, a global productivity leader, states that three out of four people are more inclined to recommend brands who host contests and giveaways even after the giveaway ends.

A well-designed social media campaign can help online retailers grow and create buzz about their brand. Partnering with similar brands can help you offer a bigger prize and increase your social media reach. If you are a retailer of beauty products, you could host a giveaway and create a basket with goodies.

Targeted online giveaways, regardless of your budget or size, are an effective and powerful way to get noticed.

6. Social media allows you to share customer stories

It is a great way of encouraging loyalty by sharing positive feedback and reviews. This shows that people love your brand!

This also gives you a peer to peer voice, which can increase trust from potential customers. This virtual word-of mouth is crucial in today’s “social distancing”, which makes it even more important.

It’s easy to forget important things in today’s busy and distracted world. Reach out to your loyal customers to ask for an endorsement or review online.

People love to feel heard. You can show your customers that you are listening by using customer stories during the holiday season. You show your appreciation by publicly thanking them and their insights.

This is how brand advocates are formed.

7. Holiday deals for loyal customers available early 

A popular way to show appreciation for your customers is to do it before the holidays.

You might consider creating pre-sale deals for members only on popular holiday items.

Your most loyal customers will feel special and appreciated by these exclusive deals.

This can increase customer satisfaction and can be a great way to make early sales. You can also get positive feedback that can be used during other holiday promotions.

8. Make a loyalty program 

Today, customer loyalty programs are very common in the shopping experience.

These programs are a great way to retain customers by making them feel part of your company. This program can also help reduce the risk of discounting campaigns by focusing offers on your most loyal clients.

WooCommerce Rewards is an extension that makes it easy to create your program. It can be used to reward customers who make purchases or other actions. Points can then be redeemed for discounts.

It is easy to set the points that customers earn for every dollar they spend and how many they can redeem for a discount. The discounts increase as customers accumulate points, which encourages return business.

Show appreciation

Even after the buyers have received their gifts, they will still be able to share them with their friends and collect the wrapping paper. But what will stick in their minds about you and your company is how you made their day. They’ll also share that feeling with others.

Show appreciation to your customers and let them know.

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