What’s The Cost of a Small Business Website?


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Your website serves as your online shop front. How much does a website cost for a small business?

Websites for small businesses usually cost between $2000 to $10,000. The features of your website will affect the price.

Websites with more features or custom-built often cost more due to their complexity.

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The cost calculator can give you an accurate estimate to build a website for your business. We offer 30-day web design services that will create a brand-new website for you in as little as 30 days.

What does it cost to create a website for small-sized businesses?

Small businesses can spend between $2000 to $10,000 on a website. The cost of building a website for your business will depend on its features.

7 factors that could influence web design costs for small business

It is easy to calculate the average cost for a website that will be created for a small company. How do you find that number? 

Cost factors can have a significant impact on the cost of web design for small businesses. Many of these cost factors are crucial and will almost always be included in your website design costs.

Site elementCost
Domain nameDomains starting at $0.95 to $12
Hosting a website$24 – $120 per annum
SSL certificate$0-1500/year
Design$15,000 to $2000
PagesStarting at $1000 to $5000
FunctionalityFrom $2000 to $25,000.
Content management system (CMS).From $2000 to $25,000.
1. Domain name ($0.95-$12 / domain)

Your domain is your online address. Generally, you will purchase a domain that is identical to your company’s name.

Domain names usually cost between $0.95 to $12.

HostGator and GoDaddy allow you to browse domain names and make purchases.

2. Hosting Websites ($24-$120/year)

Your website hosting is what makes your site visible online. 

Website hosting prices range from $24 to $24,000 a year

Small businesses will typically find web hosting costs lower.

This is the most common type of shared hosting. It is available at a cost of between $24 to $120 per year.

Shared hosting is a less resource-intensive option, but it’s still possible to host smaller websites that use fewer resources.

If you think you have more server resources than you initially thought, you can upgrade your plan.

3. SSL Certificate ($0 – $1500/year)

Secure Sockets SSL certificate protects visitors’ data.

Many businesses consider SSL certificates essential. This acts as a trust signal to customers and can be used to encourage them to fill out their contact form or purchase your product.

SSL certificates protect customers’ data from hackers. This protects your business and brand.

An SSL certificate may be free for your company. Protecting your website can cost up to $1500 per year.

4. Design (2000 – $15,000).

Design is a key cost factor in web design for small businesses.  

You will likely need several templates or designs such as the one below.

  • Homepage
  • Page to describe product or service
  • Contact page

Website design prices can range from $2000 to $15,000

Small businesses don’t typically spend more than $15,000 for design.

Discuss the design costs of web agencies when you meet with them. Get examples of basic and high-end designs to help you create a budget.

5. Page count (1000 to 5000).

Websites come in a variety of sizes. Both a web designer and a developer take time to create pages, even though they may use the same layouts. 

An ecommerce store may have 50 product pages. All product pages use the same design template.

The developer and designer must upload images, videos, copy, and code to the pages. These tasks make websites more expensive.

Page costs for websites with 1-50 pages can range from $1000 to $5000. This is an average page count for websites that are small in business.

Pages are usually priced according to their tiers by web design agencies. You could choose to have 1-10 pages or 20 pages. If your business requires 8 pages, you’d be in the 1-to-10-page category.

6. Functionality (2000 – $25,000).

Many features can be included in web design. If you plan on accepting online orders or payments, most ecommerce capabilities will be the most important.

Online payments can be a great way for you to ensure that you are not unable to provide services like landscaping and plumbing. Many shoppers love online payments.

Online payments are a great way to market your business and get more customers.

The prices for web design with functional features can be between $2000 to $25,000. Small businesses will pay less for functionality than those at the higher end.

Smaller websites don’t require as strong payment systems as larger sites like Amazon. Get a better estimate of small business website design costs.

We are happy to help you choose the right ecommerce function for your site and business. Chat

27 ecommerce website examples

7. CMS ($2000 – $25,000)

WordPress is a CMS that is indispensable.

A CMS is a program that allows you to update and manage websites without having to know any programming. 

A CMS lets your company easily update and modify its website. To make changes to your CMS, you don’t have to contact your developer.

A CMS costs anywhere from $2000 up to $25,000.

The cost of a CMS largely depends on the CMS that you choose and how custom it is.

A CMS that is customized by your design and development team will cost more.

What’s the difference between professional and DIY web design?

Small business websites can be more expensive or less depending on if they are built in-house or outsourced.

Website builders can be expensive.

  • This is the most time-consuming work that could slow down your site’s launch.
  • Learn how to manage your website.
  • The best choice is a cookie-cutter website.

Website builders can charge up to $300 to build your website, but you have to also pay your time.

It will take time to get to know the website builder as well as to study important elements such as basic web design rules and best practices in SEO. This will allow people to find your website. “

Consider investing in web design services. Professional web designers can help create a website that is both attractive and functional to bring new customers to your business.

Web design is a long-term investment.

We have created over 1,100 websites. We help our clients increase their website traffic by an average of 23 %.

Six recurring website maintenance fees that go beyond small-business web design

Website maintenance is a must. 

  1. Domain
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Hosting a website
  4. Ecommerce functionality
  5. CMS
  6. Website maintenance

For more information on these costs, see the table below.

Domain nameFrom $2 to $20 Per YearEach year renew your domain purchase. If you don’t renew, you can sell your domain to someone else.
SSL certificateFrom $2 to $20 Per YearKeep your website secure by renewing your SSL certificate each year.
Hosting a website$24 to $120 per yearPay monthly or annually to keep your website online.
Ecommerce functionality     $0 to $300 per annum     It is essential to keep your ecommerce platform up-to-date, including security.
CMS$0 to $45,000 per yearKeep your CMS current with the latest patches.
Website maintenance     $200 to $1250/year     You can maximize the performance of your website by performing regular security and performance upgrades.

Calculate the cost of your website design instantly for small businesses!

Many factors affect the cost of small business websites. These factors include design preferences and must-have features.

They will give you an estimate of the cost based on your requirements.

To estimate the cost of your web design, use our website design tool.

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