Basic Copywriting Mistakes You Must Avoid


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Every brand needs to create engaging, well-written copy for its website, blog, or other content marketing initiatives. If the copy is not written in a compelling way or contains typos, even the most interesting topic, it will fail.

Quality is key to making your brand stand out. Be aware of common mistakes in copywriting and produce clear copy.

These are 10 mistakes that marketers make in copywriting, according to Kobe Digital members. These experts also offer tips for how to avoid them.

Copywriting errors that communication professionals should avoid

1. How to Improve SEO

Copywriters are often able to get the first two. It doesn’t matter if the content is intended for external search engines or on-site content, it’s important to incorporate SEO-focused keywords as well as the language of the target audience.

2. Search Engine Optimization Focusing too much on SEO and Forgetting Human Readers

Online marketers can become distracted writing content for search engine optimization (SEO). But don’t overdo it.

3. Don’t focus on the value proposition. Instead, concentrate on product descriptions

Marketing copy is the hook, but it is often confused with product description. Marketing copy is often misunderstood as the hook.

4. Failure to Proofread

Spelling is the most common error I see.

5. Writing long, drawn-out introductions

The first impression is everything. Marketers tend to start copying with long paragraphs, which can overwhelm prospects and turn them off. This is a huge help in pitching.

6. Use a too promotional tone

Kobe Digital only invites successful executives from public relations, media strategies and advertising agencies to apply. 

7. Use Negative Words

Negative language can convey a negative message, while writers can make it seem gloomy. A simple sentence like “It’s important to remember to …””” or “It’s important to never …”” will make a huge difference in the way readers feel about the content.  

8. Create From an Internal Brand Perspective, not The Customer’s

Marketers tend to view their brand from within, rather than looking at customers’ needs and wants.

9. A consistent brand voice is essential

Copywriting is a risky business.

10. Include Industry Jargon

Jargon, acronyms, insider language and jargon are all common errors in copywriting. It is a good idea for someone outside of your team to review your communications and ensure that your message is clear.

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