How To Increase Your Social Media Presence: Master Guide


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There are many advantages to optimizing your social media presence. Having a greater social presence can help you increase brand awareness and reach new clients.

Don’t just post random stuff on social media. We’ll show 13 ways that any business can improve its social media presence.      

What’s social media presence?

How visible your brand is on social media platforms Building trust with your audience is key to building a strong relationship. 

How to Increase Social Media Presence

  1. Identify your social media goals
  2.  Get To Know Your Audience
  3.  Engaging Your Audience
  4.  Keep checking the brand
  5. Be authentic
  6.  Make a calendar to schedule social media posts
  7. Explore new platforms
  8.  Stay up-to-date with the most recent events
  9.  Make sure you don’t make your posts all promotional
  10. Instead of following, try to build relationships
  11.  Highlight user-generated content
  12. Get new features
  13.  Consistently

1. Identify your social media goals

You must set goals before you can move forward with your social media plans. 

Let’s take a look at how you can use SMART to increase your social media presence. 

  • Specific: Instagram-targeted ads will increase traffic to our site.
  • Realistic: Our goal of 20% can be achieved based on our budget and timeline.
  • Relevant: This goal will bring in more traffic and make our brand visible on social media.
  • Time-bound: We have set a deadline to achieve this goal by the quarter’s end.

Setting goals early can help you streamline your social media strategy. This will help you to plan and give meaning to each post.

2. Get in touch with your audience

Your brand’s goal is to get to know its audience. This will allow you to target your content and gain their trust.

Understanding your end user’s social media habits and interests is crucial. You should also find out their problems and how your brand can help them. This is a profile of your ideal client that incorporates all these elements.

Pay attention to metrics that come from social media channels as well as analytics dashboards such as Google Analytics. This will allow you to gain insights into your audience.

3. How to engage your audience

Pay attention to your audience’s reactions to your posts on social media. This will help you to focus your efforts.

Engaging your audience on social media is an easy way to increase engagement. Then, they will be asked which design they prefer.

This engagement method is easy to duplicate and allows your audience to comment on your posts. It also allows you to analyze their responses to questions such as “Which one do YOU like the most?” This will allow you to create products and content that your audience will love.

4. Stay connected with the brand

Although we have spoken extensively about how to reach your audience through social media, the key is to find a way that you can do this while still being true to your brand. It is important to ensure that all content published on social media matches your brand’s branding. This includes your writing voice, aesthetic, messaging, and messaging.

5. Be authentic

It is important for your followers to feel comfortable with authentic brands. Social media can be used to present your employees to help them build a stronger relationship with you.

6. Create a calendar to schedule social media posts

You should create a social media calendar that includes all social platforms. Avoid posting duplicate or unoriginal content.      

A posting plan can help you organize your strategy and create content that aligns with your goals. 

7. Explore new platforms

Although you may initially begin with Twitter marketing and Facebook, these are some of the most popular social media networks. Once you feel comfortable, you can start to expand your reach on other social media platforms.

After getting to know your audience better, you might find that they prefer long-form video content over images. In such cases, you might want to start creating YouTube content. Reaching them via LinkedIn is a good option.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

You have the option to test engagement on many platforms, depending on what industry you are in and the content that you create.

8. Stay up-to-date on current events

Customers want brands that care about the environment around them 

Brands don’t like to talk about controversial political and social issues as they don’t want to alienate their customers.

Staying current with current events does not have to be about marketing your brand. It can also mean showing solidarity with a group.

9. Make sure you don’t make the promotion of your post

Mixing promotional content with other content can help you look more genuine. Combining salesy posts with other Social Networking Ideas such as user-generated content, humorous videos and photos that don’t have a promotional angle are good idea.

It is important to engage customers on social media in a way that is helpful and not sales-oriented. 

10. Be a leader, not a follower.

Having a large following on Instagram may allow you to access additional features such as clickable links in Instagram Stories, but increasing your Instagram users shouldn’t be your only goal. Build relationships with your current followers and create new ones

Customers can communicate with each other via social media. Turn your followers into brand ambassadors to build trust and rapport with customers.

A small number of engaged followers is better than a large following that doesn’t interact well with your brand. Building a relationship with your audience on social media can help increase brand engagement.

11. Highlight user-generated content

These posts should be highlighted to your audience.

You can shift the pace of your self-promotional content by using user-generated content. It’s more authentic and trustworthy than self-promotional content. They will also be more loyal.

12. Enjoy new features

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to stay relevant and exciting. You can still make your brand stand out online by creatively using new features. 

Instagram is a great example of a channel that releases new features frequently. Most people think of Instagram simply as a photo-sharing site. However, Instagram recently added new tools such as Instagram Stories, Shopping, and Shopping. The algorithms of social channels tend to favor new features for older accounts.

13. Post regularly

These Social Marketing Tips work best if you post regularly to every platform where your brand is active. 

This could be posting on the same day or having specialized posts on different days. For example, user-generated content might be posted on Fridays while new product launches are made on Mondays.

It won’t take you forever to achieve your social media goals. You will get closer to your goals if you’re consistent with your posts, and keep active on all social media channels.

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