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To keep up with the competition in the business market, marketing automation solutions are essential. While your existing strategies and methods may be effective for a small audience, automating large portions of your tasks allows you to grow.

You don’t have to believe us, the statistics are always correct.

  • 51% use marketing automation to grow their businesses.
  • 63% The businesses that chose marketing automation outperformed their competitors.
  • Marketing automation software was used by 80% of respondents to increase the number of leads.

You can free your team from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus their time in a more productive direction. Automation can improve efficiency and structure your business’ workflow. Marketing automation platforms are often credited with the success of most marketers.

Marketing automation software is only part of the equation. Here are some other factors that make this process a success.

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1. Create Quality Content

For customer retention and lead generation, quality content is crucial. Your content should be adaptable to every user. You should keep in mind that not all users are ready to convert right away.

Users need to be guided through the buyer journey. You must provide relevant content at each step. It is better for first-time visitors to be able to access engaging content they will enjoy reading. If you want readers to stay, the content must answer all their questions.

Although marketing automation may look different, at its core it is still based on traditional methods. A team that is committed to content creation will appeal to a wider audience, and increase the impact of your overall efforts.

Dynamic content can be added to the mix. This will allow users to receive personalized content. You can achieve positive results with higher-quality content.

2. Automate Analytics

Your sales team should be present at the frontline to provide insights on suitable automation platforms. It is important to have a clear understanding of traffic generation, performance, and areas that need attention.

Multi-source data can easily be synchronized to improve your marketing automation software’s overall analysis. All the data you need to make informed decisions about your marketing automation research is helpful.

Data is always changing and must be monitored in order to stay on top of it. You can gain a deeper understanding of past and current data to help you adjust your marketing automation accordingly. Analytics allows for personalization.

Keep an eye on your investments and evaluate your results regularly. Marketing automation success is dependent on identifying the factors that are limiting your results and working to resolve them.

3. Training the Team

Your team is the most important factor in marketing automation success. It is your responsibility to help them make the transition to automation and maximize its potential. If training your current staff is impossible, you can hire qualified staff.

It is not an easy process, but it is worth the investment. This investment can be beneficial in setting up automation and optimizing it to achieve the best results. You and your team will be less likely to make mistakes if you have the right training.

It is possible to cut down on the time spent on fixing mistakes in tech and comms. Automating doesn’t automatically mean that automation is the end of manual work. It still requires some monitoring to ensure it runs smoothly. People give the core commands to the automation services.

4. Regular Testing

Regular checks are necessary, just like with other software. To ensure that it meets the benchmark, you must conduct regular tests.

There are many types of testing that you can do on your marketing automation.

  • Performance
  • Functionality tests
  • Usability
  • Integration tests
  • API testing
  • Compatibility

A/B testing can be used to analyze different aspects of your marketing. You can observe landing pages, blogs, and social media posts to see how you can make changes for the best results. They can make a big difference in your campaign, so it is important to thoroughly check them.

It is not okay to let your current efforts get you good results. You might be overlooking aspects that could be wasting your marketing budget. Regular workflow testing can help you find ways to improve your current automation systems.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing can have a high return on investment and it can be very profitable. Marketing automation is not dependent on mass-produced generic email campaigns. Based on past interactions, the emails should be tailored accordingly.

To generate as many leads as possible, your emails must be able to attract the attention of multiple audiences. Automation nurturing, promotion, and lead generation are all possible with minimal effort.

Email marketing is a great opportunity. However, you’ll miss out on significant profits if your investments are not made in it. For the best returns, give your customers a personal experience. This will increase your profits and organizational efficiency.

It is possible to also analyze user data in order to provide the most appropriate content across all platforms.

6. Teamwork of Sales and Marketing Teams

While marketing automation may be able to generate leads, the next step is to follow them up for conversion. Marketing automation success is possible when there is harmony between the sales and marketing teams.

Due to a lack of manpower, small businesses can lose leads. However, misalignment can cause major businesses to lose leads. The number of leads that are not identified by sales and marketing can be reduced by aligning them.

For your business to grow, invest in lead generation. Focus on improving your lead generation if you are not getting enough leads.

Buyers have made their decisions based on their research before they even approach the business. You can enhance your marketing and sales strategy by understanding the buyer journey.

Use the incentives and key performance indicators to help the team deliver the desired user behavior patterns.


Marketing automation success is possible when you make the right investments at just the right time. Your business will grow if you make the right investments today. Because it reduces the amount of manual work, marketing automation is now the standard for managing businesses.

You can’t afford to just spend money on the best marketing software and then sit back and relax. To ensure that the automation meets the requirements, the teams must maintain and analyze the data. 

Kobe Digital will help you understand the key factors to marketing automation success. We will make sure that you get the highest return on your investment. Get in touch today!

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