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YouTube Analytics does not automatically display a banner on your videos to indicate whether or not they were successful. YouTube Analytics makes it easy to see if a video was successful.

YouTube Analytics can show you how your channel is performing over time.

YouTube Analytics: What do they mean?

YouTube Analytics gives you invaluable insights into your channel’s performance. You can see everything, from the number of people who have seen your videos to the demographics of those who are watching them. It is so easy to use once you get started.

YouTube Analytics will answer many of your questions.

  • How is my channel performing? This will give you great insight into the performance of your channel and video.
  • How much am I making? It’s easy to see how much you made by monetizing YouTube videos.
  • Who’s watching my videos? Analytics gives you insight into key demographics so that you can target them more effectively and tailor your content accordingly.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics can be accessed in many different ways, depending on your version. Similar to other Google products, this is possible.

Creator Studio (beta) vs. Creator Studio Classic

Google has released its new version of YouTube Creator Studio (beta) to nearly everyone at the moment. Follow these instructions to find out what you’ll likely see.

These are the steps to install YouTube Analytics on your computer.

  1. Log in to YouTube and click the account icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Creator Studios (beta).
  3. Select Analytics in the menu to your left

Alternatively, go to youtube.com/analytics.

YouTube Studio can be downloaded to your smartphone to access YouTube Analytics. This app is available both for Android and iOS users.

YouTube Analytics Overview

You can see your YouTube Analytics after you create an account and upload a YouTube video.

Log in to YouTube Creator Studio and select Analytics from the menu. You will see the YouTube Analytics Overview page. This page provides a quick overview of your channel’s performance and key metrics. It is your starting point to explore deeper.

This section gives you quick access to metrics such as total views, watch time in minutes, and subscribers. You can set a time range to display the chart within the selected period.      

Below the chart, you’ll find two sections that show a snapshot of the top videos and the number of views per hour for your channel in the last 48 hours. Click the “See More to learn more about these sections.

YouTube Analytics: Attention

YouTube Analytics gives valuable insights, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a veteran YouTuber. You can make adjustments to your channel and content if needed.

1. Pay attention

The watch time metric is easy to understand. The watch time metric displays how long you have spent watching a particular video or channel compared to other periods.

This metric is easily accessed without any analytics knowledge. It is also important to consider how YouTube users use YouTube. You might have seen a DIY project that only needs one part. This is one example of how watching too much can impact your video.

It’s easy to find it. Then, select “Comments. “


This metric is simple and easy to understand. To be considered one view, a view must be viewed for at least 30 seconds.

This stat can be easily modified – or bought if you need it to track your channel traffic and video views. It is dependent on what content you publish and how you plan to publish it.

It’s a simple stat that can be understood and used to measure success. It gives you confidence.

Disclaimer – View counts are dependent on industry and content. You don’t need to have absolute stats. But you can identify your closest competitors and work towards higher numbers.

It’s simple to find. YouTube Analytics Overview pages can show you views and watch time for individual videos or channels.

Click the Expanded Arrow beside “Analytics” to locate Creator Studio Classic. Next, choose “Watch Time” from this menu. Next, click on the “Views” tab. “

3. Playback locations

Playback locations are the places where you viewed a YouTube video. Although this sounds obvious, it may not be.

Where to find it? 

Your channel:

  • Click “See More” to view the YouTube Analytics Overview chart.
  • Click on the “More” tab at the bottom.
  • Choose Playback locations

The same path is used for every video:

  • Click the title of the video you want stats for.
  • Click “See More” to view the YouTube Analytics Overview chart.
  • Click on the “More” tab at the bottom.
  • Choose Playback locations

Click the Overview Page to locate Creator Studio Classic. Next, click the expansion arrow next to “Analytics”. Next, click “Playback locations”. “

4. Traffic sources

This is a critical metric to track. It will provide insight into which methods are most effective for your channel. Click any traffic source to drill further.

This section is essential for SEO. Click on “YouTube Search”, to view the traffic sources section. This section will give you a clear picture of what YouTube users searched for before clicking on your video. It will also help you to optimize your SEO strategy.

It’s important to know where it’s located. The “Overview” page can be used to quickly access the “Traffic Sources Tab”.

Click on “Overview” and click on the expansion arrow next to “Analytics”. Next, click on “Traffic sources “.

5. Audience demographics

It can be very valuable to gain insight into your audience. This can give you valuable insight into your audience and help you decide if you’re on the right path or need to adjust to appeal to different audiences.

It’s where to look. You can find these stats by clicking on “See More” under the “Overview Chart” for your video or channel and then selecting the appropriate tab. 

Click on “Overview” to locate Creator Studio Classic. Then, select “Demographics”.

6. Subscribers

This section shows the total YouTube subscribers gained during the specified period. 

This overview chart will show you the top 50 videos and how many subscribers have lost or gained over that time. If you see this, you might continue producing the content to replicate your success.

It’s easy to find. Click on the “Building an Audience” tab on the overview page. To see more, click on “Subscribers”, above the chart, and then the “See more” button below.

Click on “Overview Page”, then click on “Analytics” and finally select “Subscribers.” “

7. Dislikes and likes

While likes or dislikes can technically be “flubbed” by purchasing likes from third parties, they are still an important metric that many people will want to know more about. It allows users to see their likes and dislikings as well as how they compare with other metrics in different chart formats. It can provide some useful insights but it is important not to obsess over this metric.

The Classic view is the most detailed and best for viewing videos and channel preferences. 

It can be found in the following locations. To access YouTube Studio Beta click on the video title. Scroll down to the “Likes (vs. Likes)” section. To go further, click “See More”.

Click the Expanded Arrow beside “Analytics” to locate Creator Studio Classic. Next, click “Likes & Dislikes”.

08. Comment

Let’s start by saying that YouTube comments can be very vicious.

It’s easy to find. You can find it by going to the Classic Creator Studio and clicking the expansion arrow next to “Analytics”, then choosing “Comments”.

YouTube Studio Beta is very limited in space for comments. The Classic Creator Studio also has a section for comment replies. It only provides a comment metric that is easily measured within its analytics. 

9. Sharing

Shares are an excellent way to gauge engagement. High shares can also indicate that your content has been well-received.

You will see the number of people who have shared your video/channel within the time frame you choose. You’ll also be able to view the sharing methods, such as Copy-to-clipboard and Facebook Messenger.

It’s located? “

Click the Overview Page to locate Creator Studio Classic. Then, select “Sharing. “

10. Revenue

If you’re running YouTube ads, you can see the performance of YouTube Analytics.

The overview section lists your estimated total revenue (net income), playbacks, and playback-based (cost for every 1000 views). You also have the option to drill down to view monthly estimates, top-earning videos, and revenue sources.

Analytics allows you to keep track of your progress and make YouTube videos that are profitable.

It can be found in the following: You can access this section by clicking the “Earn Income” tab on the Creator Studio Overview Page.

Click the Expanded Arrow beside “Analytics” to locate Creator Studio Classic. Then, select “Revenue”.

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