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It is sometimes difficult to see the most important features on YouTube if one doesn’t work full-time. You will be able to engage your audience like never before, regardless of whether you have a YouTube channel to share business videos or stream games.

Here are highlights from the most important YouTube feature updates you should use.

YouTube Stories

Poor Snapchat can’t get a break. YouTube introduced “Stories” in late 2018, to qualified creator accounts. It is similar to Snapchat’s main feature or Instagram’s popular lookalike.

A “story” is an animated video that tells a story. It will expire after a set period.

YouTube Stories is unique in that it lasts for a whole week. This allows you to give a preview of the next release or update your viewers about its progress.

You also have the option to add text, stickers, and effects to your story. This is a great addition to the “in the moment” movement on social media. 

YouTube Story is still in beta. YouTube Story is available for channels with over 10,000 subscribers.

Super Chat

Super Chat isn’t new but it allows you to make money online by allowing viewers to pay to have their comments pinned to your YouTube channel.

Super Chat can be a great way to increase your income as a creator. These numbers were released by YouTube

  • Superchats were received by more than 90,000.000 channels
  • It is the #1 source of revenue for nearly 20,000 channels        
  • Some creators have earned more than $400 per hour.

These numbers aren’t funny, even if you don’t have a lot of money at the beginning.

YouTube Creator Academy explains Super Chat and how to engage your audience with it.

YouTube will also pilot Super Stickers on a limited number of channels. This number will grow gradually so keep an eye on it. Super Chat requires at least 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube Premieres

YouTube launched Premieres in June 2018 Premieres were introduced by YouTube in June 2018.

Premieres give YouTube the ability to schedule videos in a TV-like manner. To build anticipation, you can share the page with your social media followers and networks before the event.

Premieres allows you to make a pre-recorded live-stream video. However, Premieres also allows you to interact with your audience. The chat allows you to focus your attention on your audience and answer questions.

Blackpink, a Korean pop group, holds the current YouTube Premiere Record with their single “kill This Love”. It has been viewed 56.7 million times in 24 hours.

Channel Memberships

Channel memberships are a great way to connect with your most loyal followers and make money. Each member will get their perks. You can offer different membership levels.

You have the option to offer five different membership options to your channel. Members will receive perks and badges. The badges will appear next to the member’s name in chats and comments.

Be aware that Channel Membership eligibility is not easy. YouTube Gaming (more on this later) requires that a channel have at least 30,000 subscribers to be eligible for memberships. YouTube also wants to “maintain consistency for gamers.” Here is a complete list.

YouTube Gaming and Stadia

YouTube and Google both want to be in gaming. It was later reintroduced to the main site, with distinct differences from regular videos. YouTube gaming streams make up a large percentage of YouTube content. YouTube is still pursuing its ambitions.

Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming streaming platform that gamers can use to stream their games. It’s poised for major disruption in the market. VentureBeat states that it is integrated deeply into YouTube, making it Stadia’s “killer App”.      

Stadia’s CrowdPlay allows streamers to play multiplayer and invite viewers to join them on YouTube. It takes only one button. The guests are placed in a queue to play multiplayer games and invited viewers to join the stream via YouTube. YouTube and Stadia have made it possible.


YouTube viewers will not be able to see your merchandise on any other channel. Teespring, YouTube’s partner, allows you to show off your inventory in your videos.

YouTube has partnered up with YouTube to create a “shelf”, which will include photos and prices for the merchandise you offer.

Not all channels are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program will have the opportunity to access the shelf immediately. You can expect a bigger release in the future.

The latest YouTube Updates

While we’ve mainly focused on creator-focused features, all YouTube users and creators are YouTube users. They can modify how they use YouTube, but they also have the option to see what their followers do with YouTube and where they find videos.

Find your favorite topics quicker

First is a new feature on YouTube that makes it easier to find videos related to your interests. These suggestions will be available while you are watching a video. It is currently only available for Android users who have signed up in English. However, it will soon be extended to iOS.

More control over channel suggestions

YouTube rabbit holes. Are you familiar? Only to find out that YouTube has chosen it as its favorite topic.

YouTube gives you more control over the content that you see on your homepage. To remove suggested channels from your homepage, tap the three dots. You can also choose to stop viewing videos from these suggested channels. YouTube has this feature available globally on both iOS and Android.

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