Analyzing The Top 4 CRM Platforms: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua


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Marketing automation goes beyond “guided emails”. Marketing automation is more than just “guided email”. It is a complex system of lifecycle marketing support that combines concepts like keyword handling, lead generation, and email marketing customization to help customers convert.

Marketing automation technology is well-known. But it’s not about choosing the right platform from the many available.

It’s almost like you’re in the candy shop and you see ten new varieties of your favorite candy. But, only a few can make a difference to your taste buds.

Here are some options to help you choose the best marketing automation platform for your business.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

The HubSpot marketing platform is probably the most popular tool in terms of features, customer sentiment, and popularity.

All features and functions are available through one platform. The platform also offers free add-ons for CRM, sales, and customer service. The Marketing Hub, their main product, is available in four pricing tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

HubSpot makes marketing automation as simple as possible. Many pre-built integrations can be used with various business apps. These integrations extend beyond email to include all of HubSpot’s digital marketing services in Miami, including reporting, analytics, and PPC.

Top HubSpot Features

1. Targeted SEO campaigns

You can create specific SEO campaigns using the platform with full SEO optimization keyword selection and analysis support.

Targeted outreach can help you reach the right customers.

2. Master Ads

Master ads are a type of guided result advertising that uses color-coded tools and tools to highlight the most important parts of a marketing campaign. Lead scoring is also available to help you find the best prospects for your sales team.

3. Proprietary Marketing Databank

HubSpot utilizes a proprietary database to help you set up automated workflows, and conduct guided analytics.

The platform also automatically adds useful information to your contact lists, such as industry and location. It has a database that contains over 20 million companies.

Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo is the best product for companies that have more complicated marketing needs than HubSpot.

The Marketo marketing automation solution provides a variety of tools and resources that will help you manage leads, SEO, and analytics intake.

Marketo’s system consists of five major modules: lead management (email marketing, consumer marketing), customer base marketing, mobile marketing, and consumer marketing. You can purchase each module separately or together as an integrated platform.

Top Marketo Features

1. Robust Mobile Tools

Today’s successful marketers need multiple devices to access data, analyze and monitor their marketing campaigns.

Marketo Moments, a mobile app that gives you access to performance updates while on the move, is Marketo Moments

Check the performance of your email campaign and determine which version is most effective for you.

2. Precise A/B Email Testing

Marketo’s strongest feature is A/B testing. This allows you to test different parts of an outbound email. You can test different subject lines, email addresses, date and time for sending emails to find the one that suits you best.

This will increase conversions and lead to better results.

3. Engaging Engine for Effective Engagement

The Engagement Engine can analyze the behavior of a prospect on a specific stream to learn their patterns.

It allows you to transfer buyers across streams to better serve relevant information and increase their engagement.

4. Marketo Certified Expert

The Marketo Certified Specialist program certifies that a person has the required skills to validate competence, expertise, operational knowledge, and competency in a broad market.

Marketo expert certification is a key differentiator in selecting the right candidate for managing an automation campaign. Although many people claim to have Marketo implementation or marketing automation experience, the certification is what separates the best from the rest.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot allows deep integration with many CRMs, but it is most effective when used with Salesforce.

You can view Pardot data in the CRM directly and add it to Pardot lists. Additionally, marketing emails can be sent using Pardot templates.

Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation can help you increase the value and impact of content as well as improve the conversion rates for leads.

Make sure you have a plan in place for your Pardot team to manage operations and scale up as needed. Even if the campaigns will run automatically, you still have to manage the Pardot marketing automation process.

Top Pardot Highlights

1. Easy Navigation

Pardot recognizes the importance and ease of navigation. It allows you to create an email form, campaign, list, and many other items directly from your folder.

Pardot’s email marketing tools have improved workflows that make it easier to complete tasks faster.

2. Marketer-Friendly

Pardot is an excellent platform that allows you to edit template drafts directly within the editor tab, without having to look at the HTML section.

You don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge to use the interface and personalize your campaign.

3. Effective reporting

Pardot has a tremendous amount of resources in marketing assets, connected apps, prospect lifecycle, and campaigns.

Pardot offers a list email report that will give you a visual overview of your data. This is useful for email marketing. This allows you to analyze the performance of your emails.


Eloqua is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud product.

Although it does not have the same basic marketing automation features as Marketo and HubSpot, it can still be used in conjunction with Oracle to help you plan your tech strategy.

Top Eloqua Features

1. Useful Segmentation and Targeting Tools

Eloqua allows marketers the ability to track every customer’s journey through multiple channels from one interface.

You can track all customer touchpoints to get a better picture of your target customer which will allow you to personalize marketing.

2. Dynamic Content Builders

Dynamic content builders allow you to send customized content to multiple segments in one send.

Even though many users love this feature it is only half effective due to the absence of clickthrough tracking for dynamic email messages.

3. Visual Cross-Channel Workflows

Eloqua’s cross-channel visual workflows make it easy to create comprehensive marketing campaigns with no coding knowledge.

It is easy to pause or update ongoing campaigns without affecting the workflow. This allows for better segmentation and full control over your campaign.

HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot – The Takeaway

When choosing the right platform for marketing automation, companies prefer a great user experience to more features.

Marketo and HubSpot are highly rated and reviewed with a proven track record, and Pardot or Eloqua offers powerful integration capabilities when used with Salesforce or Oracle.

Get more information about marketing automation platforms or complete HubSpot Marketo, Eloqua, or Pardot consulting service by Kobe Digital to turbo-charge your Los Angeles marketing efforts.

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