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You don’t know what you should be selling, so whether you’re starting your dropshipping company or already have one, one thing is certain: you must know what to sell.

There is intense competition, so staying ahead and relevant will be the goal. We all know this, but it will take too much time. It can take hours to find such items.

Don’t worry! Dropshipping product research tools can be very helpful.

What is dropshipping product research? What are the best tools available? We’ll answer these questions in this blog post! 

Are you ready to explore? Let’s go!

What is product research? 

Software that automatically finds the best products for you is called a product research tool. It scans sellers to find the best-selling items within a given time period and then extracts these results for you. This tool can help you save a lot of time. All you have to do now is upload the products.

Dropshippers often feel overwhelmed when they first start their business. They want to ensure that the products they sell are actually bought by people. A product research tool is a great resource.

Why use a product search tool?

Online retailers are under increasing pressure due to the fact that E-commerce continues to grow every year. They must use different product research tools to find and list high-profit products.

You may not be able to notice, but dropshipping companies that are the most successful know how to use product research tools to make informed decisions about product sourcing and scaling.

You should actually consider using a product search tool right away, as it can be very helpful:

When product sourcing is required, you can search multiple products

Dropshipping business owners often spend much of their time on product sourcing. If you want to build a successful business, it is crucial that you find the right products. This process can be time-consuming.

Multi-purpose dropshipping product search tools can make product sourcing easier by scanning multiple products at once. This will allow you to create detailed lists of products worth your attention.

Scan multiple marketplaces

Even if your goal is to sell the item in other countries, it’s a good idea to find out how the product performs in Europe and other major markets. It is impossible to predict when your market will grow, so it is important to be ready for the unexpected. This is where product research tools come in handy.

You can scan foreign markets to find new product ideas for your market. The more information you have about an item, and how it performs across different marketplaces, the better. Dropshipping success is based on the ability to collect product data. This information can be used to make informed decisions about whether to sell a product in a specific region.

With ease, analyze your competition

You can’t be successful no matter how large your dropshipping company is. If you want to win, you will need to learn how research tools are used to analyze the products of your competitors.

You can scan thousands of products using product research tools to find the most popular, readily available, and selling. These insights will help you to avoid wasting money on unnecessary products. You can also view the products and ratings of your competitors, as well as their reviews, ratings, and other useful information.

Define profit and expense clearly

A product research tool also provides a snapshot of your projected expenses and profit. High sales prices can look appealing on first glance, particularly if you are able to make a decent gross profit, but it is important to consider how much you will have to pay for expenses.

Dropshipping isn’t as expensive to set up than physical stores. However, it does require some marketing and website management. The domain and hosting are required. You also need to pay for themes, apps, ad campaigns, and other costs.

When it comes to dropping shipping products, the better your financial information is,

One tool that does everything: Save money

Dropshippers often complain about the sheer number of tools available. Each tool seems to excel at only one thing.

You should be able to solve multiple problems with a robust product research tool. We’ve reviewed the 15 best product research tools in order to help you make informed decisions. Let’s move on to the next section.

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15 best dropshipping product research tools

1. Sell the Trend

We are excited to announce that Sell the Trend is the newest kid on the block. This tool includes a variety of tools that will blow you away!

One example is “The Nexus,” a product research tool that Sell The Trend discovered is called. It uses an AI algorithm to determine what is trending in popular E-commerce stores.

It provides the necessary data points, as you can see from the above product image:

  • This product is being sold by a number of AliExpress and Shopify stores
  • Product cost, selling prices, and profit margin
  • The total order volume for the current month
  • It was the first/last time it was added in a Shopify store
  • This link will take you to a timeline listing all Shopify stores that have added the product.

Additionally, Sell The Trend has other great features that will help you promote your dropshipping business:

  • Explorers: This feature is very similar to the one you get with The Nexus. A list of the top-selling products from Amazon, AliExpress and Facebook will be displayed.
  • Video ad maker. You can create Facebook video ads using AliExpress product images by selling The Trend.
    Facebook audience builder. This tool offers you many exciting ideas for building targeted audiences. You can select one of the categories to drill down.
  • Calculator for engagement rating. This tool will assess influencers and determine if they are a good fit for your products. It will analyze metrics for Instagram and Twitter.
  • Training. Training videos are available on how to use each tool best, and tips and tricks to help you choose the best products to sell.

Pricing plan: You can subscribe to Sell The Trend on either a monthly or annual basis for $39.97/month. You’ll receive two months of free service if you sign up for the annual plan. Both plans also come with a free 7-day trial.

Go to SellTheTrend

2. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt, as it describes itself, is “a curation service of the best new products every day.”

This is how Ecomhunt operates. It analyses which products work well and gives them to their members first. Then, it gives them to their free members after a few more days. It does this to give its paying members an edge over their free members.

Members receive:

  • Product images/ description
  • Profits, RRP, costs and margins
  • Inspector for saturation
  • Analytics
  • Facebook ads ideas and current ads
  • Social media engagement ideas
  • Buyer reviews
  • Ideas for targeting and attracting the right audience

Ecomhunt also offers webinars, training guides, blogs and other useful materials such as Ecomhunt University, a Facebook group, and Ecomhunt University. Ecomhunt offers a variety of support options, including online chat and assistance from other businesses. Ecomhunt, in a nutshell, is an extremely well-researched tool that can be used to build dropshipping stores.

Pricing plan: Ecom Hut offers 2 pricing plans:

  • Free plan: This allows you to access all of their top-selling products but has limited features and delays in gaining new products.
  • Pro plan: $29/ month

Visit Ecomhunt

3. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a SaaS tool that allows dropshippers to find the best products to sell on E-commerce stores. It doesn’t matter if they’re on Shopify, WooCommerce or any other platform.

Niche Scraper offers its services in four main ways:

Product Scraper

Imagine being able to search for the most popular and popular products on AliExpress and Shopify. Imagine how amazing it would be to view all of the data about those products, including the sales trend over the past 7 days, sales difficulty level and the rate at which product sales are increasing/ decreasing.

This feature could help you choose which item to sell or not. Niche Scraper’s filtering and sorting features will help you do just that. It also allows you to filter and sort products based on date, order, price, niche, or other criteria.


This section shows you a complete listing of products hand-picked and selected by the team. Each day, they post at least one new product. You can choose the products you like and then start testing them in your Shopify store. It’s as easy as that.

Analyze Store

This tool allows you to monitor various Shopify stores in a unique manner. These stores can be general ones with unique products, or they can be verified dropshipping shops via Shopify.

This search can be done by using keywords or you can search by popularity of a particular product or relevance. This will give you information such as traffic data, best-selling products and sales estimates.

Video Ad Maker

Niche Scraper allows you to quickly create unique ads videos with simple images, music and text in just a few clicks. Simply copy the URL of the product page, then paste it on the tool to fetch an image and create your video.

Pricing plan: Niche Scraper has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: The free plan gives you limited access to the tool and only 3 days of delay to access winning products
  • Pro membership (39 USD): Members of this plan have unlimited access to all the tools.
  • Annual Pro Membership: If you’re willing to pay annually, you will get a huge discount of 60% on this plan.

Visit NicheScraper

4. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress allows suppliers to sell their products online to customers. The site is based in China and offers lower prices, making it a safe and reliable place to shop. Dropshipping is also possible through this site.

AliExpress created AliExpress Dropshipping Center to simplify the dropshipping process. It is a 2-in-1 tool that comes at no cost.

Tool 1: Locate AliExpress products for sale

This is a great tool for product research. It helps you to find products that you can sell on your dropshipping site. To make your life easier, it includes three other tools.

Hot products

This tool will tell you which products are the most popular at any given moment.

Keep in mind, however, that this tool only works for AliExpress’s top products and not your local region. While you’re looking for winning products on AliExpress, make sure to also use Google Trends as well as the Google Keyword Planner. These Google tools will help you determine if there’s a demand for products in your area.

Search by image

You can search AliExpress for the product image you have taken. Upload the image and the tool will search AliExpress to find products that match your image.

Sponsored products

This tool displays products from suppliers who likely paid AliExpress for their inclusion on the AliExpress list. This section allows you to find suppliers for any product you wish to sell. It’s a sign that a supplier is serious about doing business. 

Tool 2: AliExpress product analysis

This tool is amazing! This tool is great if you are looking for something new but not sure how it performed.

After you click on “Search”, you will see a graph that includes a lot more data analysis. You can view the sales volume at any given moment by moving your mouse over the line.

The data can only be taken from one product linked to in the insert. You might have different suppliers selling the same product and making money.

Pricing plan: AliExpress Dropshipping Center’s best feature is its free use. To get started, you can register by following this link

5. AliShark

AliShark was developed by Yousef Khalidi, an expert in dropshipping. It is described as a “spy tool”, which analyzes different data on AliExpress and advises dropshippers about what items to avoid. This website is a sophisticated product research tool that allows you to identify the best products for dropshipping.

AliShark does not have AliExpress Dropshipping Center or other tools; it focuses on one tool with many filters.

Let’s take a look at AliShark’s amazing features to see how it stands out from other tools and how it can help you grow your business.

#1. Live stats

AliShark’s most impressive feature is the ability to view daily orders from your dashboard. This allows you to see how AliExpress orders are changing hourly.

These pieces of information will help you to determine which products are performing well and what you can do with the rest.

#2. AliExpress product analysis

The following information will be available about a product:

  • Pricing
  • Review
  • The total order number
  • Quick overview of sales
  • ePacket
  • It is sold in the top countries
  • Dropshippers who make a lot of money with this product
  • Sales History for the Last 2-6 Months
  • Shopify and other online shops selling the product can be found at www.shopify.com

This section contains all the information you need about an item in order to promote it.

#3. Product trends

This feature allows you to see sales history and “adds-to-wishlist” for the past 2-6 months. This allows you to predict trends and determine when your product might be in season.

#4. Advanced filters

You may be asking: How many filter options does AliShark offer? It is a lot! Here are some common filters that they offer for your convenience:

  • Filter by source
  • Filter by categories
  • Filter by niches
  • Filter by top nations
  • Filter by shipping method
  • Filter by country to filter the products
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by total orders
  • Filter by votes
  • Filter by Wishlist
  • Filter by videos

This feature will help you a lot in keeping warm products on your hands. There are many filter options available, so we recommend that you spend some time testing them all and seeing their effectiveness.

AliShark has a single pricing plan that costs $20 per month. It offers a 1-day trial, which costs $1. After the trial, you will be signed up for $20 per month. You get all features on AliShark with no restrictions or hidden fees.


6. Allfactor

Next on the list is Allfactor, which focuses more on E-commerce overall than dropshipping.

Allfactor is an Ecommerce competitive analytics platform that aggregates billions worth of data from all channels including Shopify, Walmart, Amazon and Etsy.

This website offers millions of data insights that can help you spot competitors, find top trends, optimize product offerings, and win market share. Dropshippers can also benefit from the website’s ability to identify emerging trends and consumer preferences that will help them improve their marketing campaigns. It powers more than 1,300,000. Top Shopify stores.

Pricing plan: Allfactor offers a $19 per user per Month pricing plan with a 3-day trial period. This plan allows you to:

  • Unlimited data access
  • Unlimited product data
  • Unlimited store data
  • Unlimited marketplace data
  • Unlimited funnel data


7. D-Nicheur

After testing 200 to 500 products per week in large “FB tests”, the owners realized that only a handful of these products were viable.

These extra products were given away in their Facebook group. However, so many people were interested that D-Nicheur was created. The website was originally created for the French market. However, it is now open to all markets.

D-Nicheur offers two tools that anyone can use free of charge: 

  • Google search tool. Google Search Operators allows you to do a Google search. This allows you to search for everything related to Shopify and what your E-commerce store needs.
  • Get a free Chrome extension. It can be used to search for all AliExpress suppliers based on an image link. If you have an image of a product you can search for suppliers (provided it is available on AliExpress). This is only for dropshippers who are currently using AliExpress.   

Pricing plan: D-Nicheur currently charges $20 per product or $30 per three products per day. The website does not offer a refund or trial period.


8. Dropship Spy

Dropship spy is a useful tool that allows you to track different products and see how they are selling across various social media platforms as well as online stores. This software makes it easier for store owners to research products and analyze their data.

Dropshipping beginners with little experience in this area will find this product research tool very useful. Dropship spy will show you how to:

Products that win

Dropship Spy’s main section. Here you can see the most popular items across various metrics. You can find a wide range of products in the product finder, which covers almost every niche. It is therefore a great tool for finding almost any product you might want to sell online.

Promising products

Dropship Spy’s second product finder is promising products. These products are not yet hot sellers, unlike the winning products. They are currently in high demand and have the potential to be a great seller. This tool can yield greater profits for some.

Analytics and product information

You can find a lot of useful information once you have chosen a product. This will help you decide if it is worth selling or buying. This information will take out the guesswork.

There are many data points to be revealed, some of which are: 

  • Supplier information. This section provides information about all current suppliers for each product. This section provides information such as feedback score, sales volume, ratings, product prices, reviews, shipping fees and other pertinent details.
  • Engagement rating. Dropship Spy provides every item with an engagement rating. This is data about how the product performs across social media channels such as comments, likes, shares, and likes. This is useful to gauge whether a product’s performance on social media channels is good or if it has gone viral.
  • No cost advertising information. You can use this feature to create copy and videos for your websites and social media.
  • Facebook audience builder. Dropship Spy is the only company that offers this feature. It’s especially useful for those who are starting their first Facebook advertising campaign. It helps you create a Facebook ad that is appropriate by suggesting related products.
  • Amazon and eBay sales reports. Dropship Spy allows you to access sales reports from Amazon and eBay. This will allow you to better understand the performance of your products. This feature will further assist in market research.
  • Instagram influencer database. In many cases, Instagram influencers can be a good investment in advertising. Dropship Spy offers all the relevant information on the Influencer Search. This includes information about followers, engagement scores and number of comments.
  • Review products. You can download product reviews from AliExpress, Walmart, and Amazon and embed them on your site.

Dropship Spy currently offers one pricing plan, at $20 per month.

VISIT Dropship SPY

9. FindNiche

FindNiche, a free niche analysis tool for AliExpress and Shopify, collects information from more than 1,000,000 products, 11,000 categories, and 700,000. Shopify stores. This tool is great for many things such as:

  • Big data. Big data. Extract meaningful data.
  • Fast updating daily. Track orders, prices, profits and more hourly
  • Powerful filtering. You can use a variety of searching, sorting and filtering methods.
  • Smart buying. Smart picking.

FindNiche can help you find inspiration for your niche, and which products to sell. Although you can’t filter via “dropshipping”, it’s still amazing!

Pricing plan: You can choose to sign up for a free account that gives you access to 5 search queries per day. You can also use the share rewards if you aren’t sure whether you should invest in Pro plans. Invite one friend to join you and get 7 days of free access. You can also share the link on any one of your social media accounts for 30 days.


10. Intellygence

Intelligynce is not a single tool, but a collection of software and tools that help dropshippers analyze and find the most profitable products.

This tool allows spying access to over 2.5 million products in more than 500,000 Shopify shops. You can also search for commodities on Amazon and eBay.

What are Intelligynce’s key features? Here’s a list of them:

Shopify Products

Simply enter a keyword related to any product and Shopify will show you all stores that sell it. This will likely lead to countless pages of results so it is a good idea that you use different filters.

Shopify Stores

This feature is very similar to the product search tool. Shopify stores allows you to find stores rather than specific products.

Additional features

  • Google Chrome Extension. This extension allows you to search Shopify stores while browsing Chrome.
  • Ali Inspector. This cloud-based tool allows AliExpress to analyze bestsellers for various keywords.
  • Store Inspector. This allows you to access all information about each store you locate.

Pricing plan: Intelligynce offers a variety of pricing options.

  • Monthly option $39 per month
  • Optional annual option: $79/year
  • Option for a Lifetime: $99


11. Pexda

Pexda, a dropshipping platform that allows you to find 6 new products every day for your store, is called a common dropshipping product curator platform. Pexda offers a variety of tools to make finding the right products easier and more efficient.

  • Unlimited access to products every day
  • Amazon/ AliExpress/ Facebook Ad/ ebay/ Story Selling Reports
  • Targeting suggestion
  • Video ads and copy for ads
  • Auto-hunt tool
  • Along with the device, geography
  • Support available 24/7

Pricing plan: Pexda currently has three pricing tiers.

  • Standard Plan (14.95/month): This plan provides access to all of the above features. The introductory price is $1.95 for the first 2 weeks, then it rises to $14.95 per month.
  • Premium Plan (24.95/month): This plan offers a few additional benefits in addition to the Standard Plan. This plan gives you instant access to all products, no matter when they are available. It is a great advantage.
  • Ultimate Plan (999.95/month): Exclusive offers only for Ultimate members


12. Phirst

Phirst is not a tool but a newsletter which gives subscribers the latest products before anyone else.

Phirst is different because it doesn’t rely on what is already being sold through AliExpress and Shopify. Instead, it tracks online behavior signals to see what people are talking and sharing on Google, Youtube, Reddit and other social media platforms.

Phirst frequently sends their users information about three to five products that have exponential trends in their monthly newsletter. It also gives an explanation of why the products were added to the newsletter, as well as a recommendation for dropshipping suppliers. The best part is that you will receive the last two monthly reports right after signing up.

Pricing plan: Phirst’s current price is $10 per month for dropshippers. However, you can also choose to pay the Amazon seller option ($15 per month). Phirst does not offer a trial period. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the service after paying, you can send an email to cancel your subscription.


13. ShopInspect

ShopInspect is the next dropshipping product search tool. It can help you with many different tasks. It uses an algorithm to search the Internet for the most viral products that will benefit your business.

These are the key features that ShopInspect offers that you can use:

  • The most trending Shopify stores. This feature allows you to see the most popular Shopify shops. You can get some ideas for your website by looking at successful shops.
  • Word cloud. This tool includes a list with words that will help you refine your search until you find the product you are looking for.
  • Analytics and demographics. Analytics can be used to help you reduce the stress involved in finding customers for your business by using the suggested interests. This feature is able to show you how! The customer demographics tool allows you to determine which age and gender groups are most likely to buy your product. This allows you to target the right audience, and reduce your advertising budget.

ShopInspect currently offers two pricing options:

  • Standard plan: 10 searches per calendar ($16/month, paid annually)
  • Legendary plan: $250 searches per day ($19/month paid annually)


14. Thieve.co

Thieve.co can show you what’s hot on AliExpress, and provide you with lots of ideas for product research. Sign up now for a free account to see some amazing AliExpress products. You can filter products by category to see products that fit your niche.

Thieve.co initially offered a free version, but now Thieve Supply offers a dropshipping option. This is Thieve Supply from the “inside”.

It shows all types of products, as you can see. These products can be sorted by many filters, including sales, trends, and categories.

Pricing plan: Thieve.co offers a free version and a dropshipping version (Thieve Supply), which is $29 per month. You can save 20% by paying annually


15. Wish Inspector

This final product search tool is available to anyone who needs something completely different for their dropshipping store. Dave Guidon created Wish Inspector, a desktop-based program for Mac and PC that helps dropshippers find the best products for their online businesses.

Two key features of Wish Inspector include:

Features for research

This feature is easy to use. Simply enter your search term and the number of pages or threads that you would like to display on each page. You can also search through data fields:

  • Keyword, product title and ID. Price and shipping cost.
  • Delivery date, product rating and currency.
  • Description, keywords, store name and supplier verification.

Import in one click

Wish Inspector’s best feature is its ability to export as many products you want directly into your Shopify and WooCommerce stores. These details are available by default:

  • Product images & description
  • Review of product
  •  SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Wish Inspector’s current pricing plan is $67 for one license and $77 10 licenses. There’s no trial and no price guarantee. The company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


The bottom line

That was it! We hope you found our 15 best dropshipping products research tools helpful.

We are confident that all the tools we have listed will be able to do a good job in product research and you can get a good return on your investment. These tools can help you save time and effort when product research is done properly.

Dropshipping products research tools that you’ve found to be excellent or questions? Please let us know. We are always available to answer your questions!

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