How Paid Ads Are Ranked on Search Engines


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PPC (pay per click) advertising is one way to get your company noticed on search engines and social media. If you’re not familiar with the details of high-ranking ads, it can be hard to grasp them.

Although it is true that how much you pay will impact the amount, there are many other factors.

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Qualitative score

An advertiser’s trustworthiness is measured by their quality score . Good placement can be reversed and you may have to pay more.

These scores can be used when you create an ad or schedule it. This ensures that Google users get the best possible results.

Google will punish you if your users don’t get the information they require as quickly as possible. If a friend tells a friend about your company, they believe that you will deliver a great customer experience.

It is unlikely that you will be recommended to others. This will give you a better reputation and encourage customers to recommend you.

Google and the other search engines operate in the same way. If you don’t provide accurate information, your quality score will drop and your ads won’t be ranked as high as those of other companies. 

Bid amount

Apart from your quality score, the amount you bid for a keyword can also affect your ad placement. It can sometimes take hundreds of dollars.

Because keywords are subject to different levels and types of competition, this is why it’s so difficult to find the right keyword. The most expensive and most expensive keywords can have a wide range of prices.

You are the highest bidder for keywords. 

Google Ads and other PPC platforms operate on an auction system. Advertisers place bids on keywords.

Google Ads recommends a bid amount for each keyword.

Most auction systems accept the highest bid, and lower it by one cent more than the next highest bidder 

You may win the bid but you won’t be required to pay $10. The auction system will lower the price of your bid to 11c and you’ll get charged for each click on your ad.

Remember that you only have to pay the bid amount if anyone clicks on your advertisement. 


The PPC system uses a simple formula to determine a company’s rank among ad placements. 

Bid + Quality Score = Ad rank

This formula ensures companies with high quality scores and bids are ranked first in the ads lists.

A high bid can be made quickly (within budget constraints), but it might take some time to create high quality ads. It may be difficult for your company to rank first in PPC.

You can win against your competition by bidding higher than others. It’s easier to place ads on high-competition keywords and be the first in ad placement.

This will improve your chances of getting more visitors to your site, which will result in increased revenue for your company.

PPC is a winning strategy. It can be difficult to get started. However, once you do, your business will grow like never before.

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