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A tech stack that grows with your business seamlessly is essential to create an effective ecommerce platform. Effective technology solutions can help close the reporting loop, which will provide you with reliable information that will allow you to scale your business efficiently.

This ecommerce tech stack can help you to reduce your marketing budget and optimize your marketing channels. It will also help you reach high-converting prospects. The data you collect will help you to visualize your customers’ purchasing journey. You can use historical data and real-time analytics to see where your business has succeeded and where it is struggling.

This article will discuss which technology solutions can help you grow your lifetime customers. It will also help you optimize for ROI. It’s worth noting that Kobe Digital will pay for and deploy many of these tools for you if you use our Phoenix digital marketing services.

Google Analytics

Cost: No Charge

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides many benefits and insights that will greatly benefit your company.

Long-Term Performance Monitoring

You can customize your current campaigns depending on the date you have implemented the tracking code to your website. You can track any changes in metrics over time and track seasonal revenue trends.

Audience Targeting

Google Analytics lets you group users based on how they interact with your site. Individuals who visit a product page but do not purchase can be grouped. Users who abandon items in their cart can also be grouped. You can also group users based on demographic and geographical information.

Acquisition Data

Understanding how your visitors found your site can be a benefit to your business. It will help you distinguish whether visitors found your website organically via search engine optimization, paid ads, or website referrals.

Campaign Performance Monitoring

This will allow you to track the performance of your current and past campaigns through conversion metrics, traffic metrics, and behavioral metrics. You can build future campaigns that will increase your ROI by understanding the demographics, revenue generation, and traffic acquisition.

Learn more about Google Analytics by clicking this.

Google Search Console

Cost: No Charge

Search Console gives you a comprehensive overview of your website’s health and performance. This will allow you to:

Crawl data: The Crawl Report will show you which pages have been crawled by Google Search Bots.

Indexing – The Indexing Report will show you pages that have returned an indexing error and allow you to submit them to be reindexed if they are new or updated.

Organic Traffic Analysis: See how often your site appears in search engine results in pages. Also, see what search terms your site displays. Find out how many times an end-user clicks through your site for those search queries.

URL Inspection: URL reports will show if the code is error-free, if it’s usable, and a list of canonical errors.

Core HTML Vitals: A report on how your pages perform with real end-users.

Backlinks – Report listing all sites linking back to your site.

Click here to learn more about Google Search Console.

Google Optimize

Cost: No Charge

Google Optimize allows you to run small A/B testing that will allow you to determine which type of content or design is most favorable to positive user experiences. These items can be tested:

  • Color changes – You can choose from different buttons or texts.
  • Neue Images
  • Variations in CTA text
  • Navigation adjustments
  • Redesigns of pages
  • Animations
  • Reorder page content

Click to learn more about Google Optimize. To improve your conversion rates, click.

Google Tag Manager

Cost: No Charge

Google Tag Manager (GTM), allows you to instantly add global site tags, and configure tags on your website all from one interface. This management tool provides valuable insight, including:

All Your Tags in One Place

You can quickly and easily deploy tracking codes across your website from one dashboard. GTM allows you to manage all your codes from one dashboard.

Track Formula Fills

It is important to keep track of the forms filled out. They provide valuable information that your business can use to track, whether the form is used to subscribe to an email list, fill out a questionnaire, register for an event, or to contact us for more information. GTM allows you to track the completion of each form using predetermined instructions.

Track Scrolling

GTM lets you add tags to track how a user scrolls through your site. This information will allow you to identify which parts of your website are most engaging and which ones lead to inactivity. This knowledge will allow you to organize your site to improve the user experience.

Track Links

To increase click traffic to your site, you will need to understand where your users click.

Learn more about Google Tag Manager by clicking this.


Prices start at $29 per Month

Shopify is the best tool for anyone just starting. You’ll need a website to start selling your products. Shopify makes it easy to set up a website and start selling products within minutes. Shopify offers a wide range of themes, including premium and free, that can be customized to fit any business’ needs. They also offer a large selection of paid and free apps to help you market your products and grow your business.

Shopify is a platform that allows you to sell online.

Triple Whale Pixel

Cost: Starting at $300 per Month

This tracking tool will help you save time and make it easier to integrate your marketing and ecommerce data from all your tools. The platform lets you track all your data using a server-side plugin. AI can also be used to reduce reporting errors between all your tools. You can show your actual return on advertising spend (ROAS), and get better targeting for paid media campaigns. This will help you improve your ROI.


Prices start at $499 per Month

Ampry lets you create a highly personalized onsite experience to deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment. Personalization will allow you to make your customers’ experience more memorable and increase their conversion rate. This is done through email collection pop-ups and an exclusive offering… abandoned cart/checkout popping-ups. Split testing messaging offers and imagery is done. To drive maximum conversion rates


Cost: No Charge

Route assists businesses with domestic and international shipping issues. They offer shipping protection services that you can add to your ecommerce site for customers to choose to protect their packages. The service is completely free for your business and all costs are passed to your customers once they sign up. The Route app will allow you to send push notifications to your customers with live updates about where their package is, and when they can expect to receive it at their doorstep. This constant communication builds trust with customers and shows that you are committed to providing a positive shopping experience starting from the moment they arrive on your website until they receive their product.


Price: $119 

SEMRush gives businesses a detailed look at the visibility of their website on the internet and which keywords drive traffic to it. This will allow you to see which keywords your competitors rank for, and track keyword growth over time. This information can directly impact your content strategy, paid keywords, and site architecture.

Click to learn more about SEMRush, and get started tracking your keyword growth.

Deep Crawl

Price: Starting at $99 

Deep Crawl lets you run multiple crawls simultaneously. This tool saves time and allows you to schedule crawls at a frequency that suits you. Over time, you’ll build up an archive of crawls you can use for further insights.


Price: Starting at $99 (this fee is included in the Kobe Digital SEO retainer).

Ahrefs provides tools to help you with keyword research, link building, rank tracking, and competitor analysis.

Keyword Research To find keywords that drive more traffic to your site, you can search multiple search engines.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks increase a website’s authority and visibility. Ahrefs can help you identify the backlinks to your website, as well as whether they are genuine or spam. It also shows you what your competitor’s backlink profile looks like.

Site Audit

Ahrefs tools can crawl your website and find any errors in keywords and links.


Cost: Starting at $99.

Joot is a tool that allows E-Commerce shops to promote better creativity through paid media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The tool analyzes your and your competitors’ creativity and, using AI-powered technology, can predict which assets will be most successful with your paid media campaigns. This tool can help you determine the best creative to use for your ads to increase your return on your ad spend.


Cost: Starting at $59 

Billo is a Billo-friendly tool that allows ecommerce stores to easily create high-quality video content. This tool allows you to create tasks and allow video creators to bid on your project. After you have selected the content creator you want, you can ship your product to them and receive high-quality footage that showcases your solutions.

This tool makes it easy to create video content that will increase your return on investments.


Cost: Free version available. The Pro Version starts at $10 

Canva, a photo-editing platform, offers thousands of pre-formatted templates for social media platforms. You can create engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with this simple tool. It includes animations, photos, and fonts that will help you get interaction with your audience.

A custom profile can be created by brands that include pre-designed templates and pre-sized templates. All that is required is your logo. This will allow you to create a consistent brand image across all your social media profiles.

Click here to learn more about Canva.


Cost: Up to 250 subscribers are free After that, it starts at $20 

Email marketing can help a business build brand awareness, credibility, trust, and authority. You can increase your website traffic and generate leads by carefully crafting messages. Klaviyo, an excellent email marketing tool, can help you create personalized email funnels. It also allows you to implement pop-ups for email subscriptions on your site.


Complete Control: All sales made through your email list will be returned to you. You have full creative control over messages and design.

Email Marketing is Low-Cost: Email marketing, in comparison to social media advertising, has a lower upfront cost and often offers a higher ROI.

Personalize it: Targeted messages can increase engagement and provide a better user experience. There are many ways to segment and personalize your audience.

  • Demographic
  • Product category
  • Sign up
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Cart Abandonment

Click here to learn more about Klaviyo, and get started with email revenue generation.


Cost: Free version available. The Pro Version starts at $10 

Canva is back! It’s a versatile tool that can be used to assist with a wide range of marketing tasks. This tool can be used by ecommerce stores to create email templates that can be used by all employees to preserve brand identity and cohesion.

Click here to learn more about Canva.


Cost: Up to 250 subscribers are free After that, it starts at $20 

Klaviyo is back again… they also offer exceptional SMS marketing support. This platform allows businesses to seamlessly connect to Shopify, BigCommerce, and other ecommerce platforms. This platform can help you increase your SMS list through form support, list uploads, and consent at checkout.

Klaviyo is a text-based revenue generator. Click here to learn more.

Google Optimize

Cost: No Charge

Google Optimize, as mentioned previously, is a powerful tool that can help you improve your website’s conversions. It will allow you to test hypotheses, and provide real-time data about which variants are most effective for your website. Google Optimize lets you test multiple versions at once and allows you to update web elements based on your findings.

Click to learn more about Google Optimize. To improve your conversion rates, click.

Crazy Egg

Price: Starting at $24 

Crazy Egg, a heat mapping tool, allows you to visually track real-time users and see how they interact on your site. This tool allows you to see where users stop scrolling and which buttons or pages get the most clicks. It also helps you determine if users are finding your most important information. 

Click to learn more about Crazy Egg.


Price: Starting at $29 

Jasper is a content-marketing tool that allows you to create unique blog articles optimized for specific keywords. It can be daunting to think about content marketing. Jasper accelerates the content creation process and produces copy that appeals to your audience as well as search engines.


Cost: Free version available. The Pro Version starts at $10 

Canva is our favorite tool! They can help you with email and paid media, and they can help to increase your content through unique images and infographics.

Unique Images

Canva is an excellent tool for building brand consistency. This tool makes it easy to set the tone, style, and format of images. Your team will be able to make informed decisions.


Infographics visually communicate data and facts. Visual content is easier for our brains to comprehend and tells a compelling story than long-form text. Canva has several templates that will help you and your team create concise infographics.

Ecommerce Tech Stack: Success

In the early days of e-commerce, all you needed was a website, shopping cart, and payment software. These tools are essential for your success. However, technology has made ecommerce much more accessible. The software can be added to your business to increase brand visibility, trust, and ROI.

Ecommerce stores can be unique. The tech stack that works well for one store may not work for another. This guide will show you how to use technologies to support your store holistically. They all help generate growth for your online shop.

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