Top Reasons You Should Use Instagram Reels


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Instagram’s Reels function has created a new avenue for businesses to use the social media platform. Instagram Reels can be as long as 60 seconds and can be found on the account profile page as well as on the platform-wide base located under the Reels tab at bottom of the screen.

Instagram Reels allow you to share creative content in a highly trending and engaging format. Although a Reel can be posted from an account’s profile it is more likely than images that it will end up on the Explore Page, where recommended content appears on Instagram.

Recommendation content can help increase a profile’s reach by introducing users to new accounts. We will explore Instagram’s Explore feature, and show you how to get your Reels seen by viewers.

The Explore Page

Reels’ success is based on the Explore page. The average engagement rate on Instagram varies by industry but lies in the range of 1-3% Explore pages offer a great opportunity to expand your audience and increase engagement.

The Explore Pages statistics speak volumes: more than 200 million people visit the Explore page on Instagram every day, and half the monthly visits to the Explore page are from Instagram users. Its importance for businesses using Instagram is obvious: The more people who see your content, they are more likely to interact with it.

Reels can be a great tool to promote your Instagram business. These are just a few reasons to use Instagram Reels for your social media marketing efforts.

Engaging more

Instagram introduced a video feature almost ten years ago. Users could upload 15-second videos directly to their profile. Reels may seem to be the same, but they are completely different tools. They appear differently on your profile.

Reels had a remarkably higher engagement rate than standard video content, according to a study of professional sports leagues that used them. Reels are used by the NFL, which is the most active league. They have 67% higher engagement than standard video content.

Reels, especially for profiles with established audiences, are much more beneficial than standard videos. Data supports this conclusion. The NHL’s account posted an average of 4 Reels per month, but still saw an increase in engagement of more than 50%. Instagram Reels can be a smart strategy to boost your content’s performance and visibility on this highly competitive platform.

Another example of how staying on top of social media trends can benefit a marketing strategy is the Reels function. Reels’ format is very similar to TikTok’s format. These short, catchy videos have been viewed more than 600,000,000 times worldwide. Many Instagram users were attracted to TikTok, so Instagram introduced its short-form vertical video called Reels.

Social media is all about short and engaging videos. These videos are what consumers want and respond to the most. Every business can make use of trendy vertical videos to diversify its content, reach new people, and increase its engagement. It is important to stay on top of the latest trends in social media marketing. Right now, Instagram Reels is a tool to watch out for.

Explore your creative side

It is a great platform for companies to create content, considering the staggering stats on how many people use Instagram daily. If you are looking to expand your brand’s creativity, the Reels function is another excellent option.

Around 80% of Instagram users follow at most one business. This baseline means that there is a higher likelihood of users following more businesses than one. That’s where your company comes in. Instagram Reels is a great way to be creative and drive traffic to your website and profile.

Get to Work

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2009, vertical, short-form videos have taken the internet by storm. Instagram’s Reels feature lets you take advantage of this trend without ever leaving the app. Reels allow businesses to share content and increase their social media presence. Reels are a great way for businesses to get creative and explore new strategies while increasing their brand awareness on Insta. A reel is a great place for you to get creative with your Instagram strategy.

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