26 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website


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You’ve put in the work to create a website that represents your brand. Increasing traffic to your website can make a big difference in your bottom line. 

There are many ways to get site visitors. There are many ways to get site visitors.

How do you get traffic to your website

Develop a solid content marketing strategy

1. Create meaningful content

2. The great idea of guest blogging

3. Redirect to Update and merge old content 

4. Use your content for repurposing

5. Write an overview post by an expert.

6. Publish evergreen posts

7. Long-form content is the best focus

8. Target long-tail keywords

9. Link internal

10. Optimize your meta-data’s CTR

11. Get featured snippets

12. Use SEO tools

13. Quality backlinks

14. Retarget past website visitors

15. Paid search ads can help you rank higher than the rest

16. Make targeted social media ads

17. Feature your local business on Google Maps and Yelp

18. Get vocal in forums

19. Submit your website to online directories

20. Get active on social media

21. Increase your YouTube channel traffic

22. Email marketing campaigns

23. You should use it for your website traffic analytics.

24. Collaborate with influencers

25. Mentioned in the media

26. Make a mobile-friendly, fast website

Develop a solid content marketing strategy

1. Create meaningful content

You can drive traffic to your website by creating organic content.

Optimize blog posts for SEO using high-search volume keywords. The top five search results account for only 67.60% or a small fraction of all clicks from that first page.

Types and styles of blog content

  • How-to post
  • The listicle
  • The complete guide
  • Comparison post
  • What is the post?
  • The FAQ post

2. The great idea of guest blogging

Your website traffic will grow immediately through guest blogging.

Search engines reward domains that have higher rankings if they have backlinks coming from trusted entities such as publications or blogs of large corporations. Authoritative content can be written in your field of expertise to prove your trustworthiness.

These are some ways you can find guest blogging opportunities

  • Submit your website for guest posting ( Here are 54 promising websites)
  • Online network
  • Send outreach emails
  • Search phrases such as “Write For Us”, “Guest Bloggers Needed”, and “Guest Blogging Guidelines”.

3. Redirect to, update, and merge old content

The algorithms that favor accuracy and current information in search engine results pages (SERPs) are always changing. This will increase traffic to your site. This will help increase your website’s traffic.

  • Do not forget to update old information, especially statistics and years.
  • Increase the word count in your article to match the SERP average for the keyword.
  • Refresh internal and external links
  • Years and dates that have changed

4. Use your content for repurposing

It’s not all about creating more content if you want to drive traffic to your website. You could transform an article into an infographic for social media. This will help you reach more people and drive traffic to your website.

These are some examples of repurposed material

  • Make a blog post into an Ebook.
  • Create a webinar from a written guide or a video
  • Make a podcast and then convert each episode into a blog post

5. Create a roundup article by an expert

It is possible to make others shine by putting your spotlight on them. The article also includes useful advice that will be of benefit to the reader. For example, “25 Marketing Specialists on how to increase customer engagement”

Experts with large followings and audiences will share your article. Search Engine Watch’s guide shows you how to create your expert roundup post to drive traffic to your website.

6. Publish evergreen posts

The “gift that keeps on giving” is evergreen content. You can grow plants that are evergreen, which is why they are called the “gift that keeps giving”. You should therefore choose timeless topics to write about.

An article entitled “The Complete Black Friday Marketing Guide” can drive traffic to your website for a few weeks. Keep your content bucket balanced with timeless topics that are relevant and timely to your target audience at any time.

Ahrefs believes that evergreen content ranks higher for high-search volume keywords, which will result in more website traffic. It has seen its blog grow from 15,000 to over 200,000 visitors per month through the sharing of shared content.

7. The best focus is long-form content

Today’s SERP rank guides and listicles are in long form. Research shows that the ideal length of a blog post should be between 1,500 to 2,500 words.

Your blog post should not exceed 450 words. You will need to create detailed tutorials, listicles, and listicles as well as pillar pages to achieve this length. These articles are comprehensive and cover the entire topic.

Tips for writing long-form blog posts:

  • Before you begin, do your research
  • Headings and sections clearly
  • Breakup text with images
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists for organizational purposes

Do keyword research to optimize for SEO

8. Target long-tail keywords

Pages optimized for long-tail keywords rank 11 positions higher on average.

Long-tail keywords are a great way to gain a competitive advantage and possibly increase your click-through rate (CTR).

These are also known as “internal links”.

Internal links are a great way to increase web traffic. Search engines will notice blog posts with many backlinks.

Anchor text is an important factor in SEO. Links should include anchor text.

10. Optimize your meta-data’s CTR

If your SEO metadata titles and descriptions are not compelling enough, you may be losing website traffic. Kobe Digital offers several SEO tools to help you create strategic metadata.

Would I believe you if I told you that being in the top spot of the SERP is better than being first? It may seem hard to believe but getting the featured snippet for a high-search volume keyword is something even more amazing.

This feature has a huge impact on click-through rates. Featured snippets increase the click-through rate from 2% to 8%. 

How to optimize content to be featured in a snippet

  • At the top of every article, you should include a “table of contents”. This table will provide a summary of the main content of your article. Search engines will be able to use this layout to create featured results.
  • Use a question keyword to find the question, then answer it in complete sentences.
  • Use subheadings to link to the “table of contents” in your article.

12. Use SEO tools

Tracking high-volume keywords can be tedious and time-consuming. You can also track rank pages, position changes, backlinks, and featured snippets. Keyword research tools can automate, track and report on major changes to your website’s contents.

It would be a great SEO tool to understand why a product page is ranking lower than it should. They give quick and simple answers.

Backlinks are earned by linking to other websites or blogs. Increasing the quality of backlinks will help you rank higher in search engines.

Trusting your readers to visit a spammy site would be a mistake.

How to Get Backlinks

  • Contact blogs and websites to request a mention within a relevant article or text.
  • Contribute and create guest blogs.
  • Use SEO tools to find similar websites.
  • Find broken links and suggest you use your article.
  • Create thought leadership content that can be linked and shared.
  • Press coverage: Get featured

Advertise on different channels

14. Retarget past website visitors

You’ve already put a lot of effort into getting a visitor to visit your site. Retargeting visitors who leave your site can be done without them converting.

Retargeting your audience can be done using banner ads images or cookies. 

Consider this tactic as visitors to websites who have been retargeted are 43% less likely to convert if they are retargeted.       

15. Paid search ads can help you rank higher than the rest

Are you ranking poorly for key keywords? Search Engine Marketing and Google’s paid search ads (also known as AdWords) allow you to rank higher for the keywords you choose than organic results.

Paid search ads have been proven to increase website traffic. High-buying intent people will use search engines to find products and services.

Increase your ad rank to get more website visitors

  • Better text can improve your ad’s click-through rate
  • Set a more competitive bid in the ad auction to beat other bidders on the same keywords.
  • A landing site experience can help you get a higher Relevancy score. You should make your landing page mobile-optimized with similar content to your ad text.

16. Make targeted social media ads

Social media marketing is free and can help drive traffic to your website. Using paid ads and sponsoring posts on social media can allow you to reach new audiences.

There are many social media platforms that you can use. The process is simple: test different channels and then shift your budget and time to get the best quality traffic.

Choose the advertising objective Traffic when creating your campaigns. Kobe Digital-based websites can use the Kobe Digital Ads to automatically set up campaigns and target people most likely to convert to your AI technology.

Tip – To create social media ads save time and use Social Media graphics to design your post.

17. Place an advertisement on Google Maps or Yelp

It is possible to work towards getting the best reviews, ratings, and recommendations for your site. However, advertising on Google Maps or Google Yelp can be a great way of driving local customers to your website.

Use high intent to display your listing in visible Google Maps and Yelp results. You might also consider adding online booking software to your website.

Use social media platforms and online communities

18. Get vocal in forums

Forums allow you to interact with other people and provide a link to your site. You could be viewed as a spammer if you do not.

Participating in existing conversations does not mean that you must. You can also add a Kobe Digital forum to bring people back to the site to continue the conversation.

19. Submit your website to online directories

Some people think that online directories are a wasteful way to get rid of old websites. This will give your site another link, which can help you improve your SEO. 

It’s easy to submit your website’s online directories. Simply enter your URL and any other information. Search results will show your information for the content categories you have chosen.

20. Get active on social media

No matter who your target audience is, they will likely be on social media somewhere. Consistent, high-quality content can help you build a following.

You can attract your followers and get them to visit your website by posting about your industry and products.

How social media can drive traffic to your website and increase engagement

  • Blog posts, and other engaging content, can be published.
  • Add website links to your profile.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website to increase your reach.
  • Get to know your followers and reply actively to their comments.
  • Use the correct hashtags
  • Post company news.
  • Giveaways and contests can be used to encourage people to sign-up for your newsletter and to visit your website.
  • Tag customers with User Generated Content.
  • Work with influencers

21. Increase traffic to your YouTube channel

YouTube ranks second in search engine traffic after Google. YouTube is used by people to access tutorials and guides. These videos are just a small part of the 5 billion YouTube videos that are viewed each day.

YouTube is free to business owners and allows them to drive traffic to their websites.

You can combine different types of marketing

22. Email marketing campaigns

Oberlo stated 87% of marketers use email to drive traffic toward their content.

You can use email marketing software to send out newsletters and drip campaigns. Email marketing software can be used to send newsletters or drip campaigns.

You should continue building your email list. More people will see your content and be more likely to visit your website.

Email marketing tips:

  • Subject lines govern open rates. Make them memorable.
  • Mobile-friendliness can be achieved by keeping subject lines at a maximum of 25-30 characters
  • Use strong calls to action to increase click-through rates for your website.
  • Time-sensitive promotions
  • A/B Testing to Optimize Performance

23. You should use it for your website traffic analytics.

Understanding your site is key to promoting it effectively. Keep an eye on your site’s analytics, data, and traffic sources.

Next, you can examine advanced analytics such as time on site or conversion rates. Next, you can look at advanced analytics like time on site and conversion rates.

Let’s take, for example, the demographics of your customer base indicate that most customers are females between 20-35 years old. This range should be used in your advertising parameters.

24. Get in touch with influencers

Traffic alone is not enough. Quality traffic is what you need. You want quality traffic. This will help increase sales.

Influencers create content that is promoted via social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube. Influencer markets allow you to reach out to influencers for possible collaborations. 

25. Mentioned in the media

The bad publicity can’t be allowed! Publicity is key to increasing traffic to your website through large publications and News mentions reaching large audiences that may not have heard of you.

Many press releases can now be sent digitally. Many press releases can be done digitally.

26. Make a mobile-friendly, fast website

Mobile-friendly websites are 74% more likely to be redirected by users. This will help you to maintain your SEO and SEM performance.

Top practices for site performance:

  • Make sure buttons can be clicked on mobile devices
  • Make sure you check the readability
  • Use the correct file sizes to avoid slow loading.
  • Pay attention when you choose third-party codes. They can slow down your mobile’s speed

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