Effective Ways to Build a Website Which Attracts Customers Most


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A website can be a great channel to help you grow your company. But be cautious, as customers will leave if your website is too complicated. Customers don’t always want big websites. Simple and easy-to-use websites can also be appealing.

Your business is your web designer, but you are also your customer. Consider what your website will look like when you use it. Then, create a professional one to attract customers’ attention.

Customers may be turned away by problems

Many companies have been developing their websites for years but struggle to attract new customers to their online businesses. What are the causes? The following issues may help you find the solution:

  • Websites are left unfinished or poorly maintained: It is possible that some people don’t have the time or skills to maintain websites because there are so many factors to consider, including sales, marketing, and human resources. Some people are overwhelmed by technical requirements, such as coding and plugins. This can lead to a website in poor condition. Many websites have full content in one language, but nothing when you switch to English.
  • It may look beautiful and be a masterpiece, but it is not functional. If your website is not able to sell your products, it should be moved to an art gallery. It could be that some business owners hire a freelancer for their websites to build, but the designer may not have basic SEO knowledge. They may be able to attract customers but not make money.
  • Too complex and not well-organized: Customers need to be able to find the right products and information on a website. Customers will leave your website if they feel frustrated or lost on a complex website.

How do you create a user-friendly site?

Know your target audience

Customers should always be first. A potential customer base can be a huge help in developing a website idea. But you need to plan it and build it carefully. You need to think about the actions your users will take when they visit your website. Otherwise, you could lose both existing and potential customers.

Consider which platform is best suited for this product or service? Customers will find your website easy to use and comfortable to shop on. If your products include baby clothes, would it be possible for parents to click on a black-themed website and make a purchase?

It is important to try to connect with potential customers as they could become your future loyal customers. Your website must be trustworthy. Your website should demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and what customers can expect from using the site, purchasing and using your products.


  • Ask your audience. Ask your audience to leave feedback and rate the friendliness or usability of your website.
  • You can search the internet for similar websites. Learn a lot about your competitors

Create a responsive and smart-looking website

Your website’s first impressions are crucial. This is what makes customers decide whether they want to stick with you. If you enter a website with unrelated information and a disorganized filter, would you like to continue? You will now be able to understand the feelings of customers. You can make your customers feel more comfortable shopping online by putting all the pieces together and arranging them in the correct order.

It is important to have customer service, such as a message box, FAQ, or hotline, at a convenient location. It is important to consider the search function. Each website should have a search field to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Readability is also important. This includes things such as font size, contrast color, and theme. You must ensure that all information on your website is easily accessible to customers.

You should also customize your website theme. There are many online themes you can purchase to make your website look more professional and simple. However, it is important to personalize your theme to reflect your brand to make your business stand out. To avoid poor user experience, some web designers advise against using too many sliders or carousels.


  • Choose a theme that is relevant. Check out the theme collections for Magento 2.
  • Use chatbots when necessary
  • A friendly Instant Search Box (AJAX technology preferred)
  • Redesign your FAQ page and try to optimize it 

Prioritize important business information

Many visitors don’t search for products online, but they do look at the basic information about the company. Your business information, such as your name, address, phone numbers, social media, company mission, and more, must be displayed so potential customers have a good idea of what you do.

To increase credibility, you might want to include great comments from your largest customers or partners on the homepage. A helpful infographic on your company’s ranking can also be useful to show your outstanding business.

Clear navigation is essential

Don’t let customers get lost, as we have already mentioned. To avoid confusing customers, keep the navigation bar simple. When naming content pages, you need to think creatively. It all depends on how you plan to navigate and which pages customers might find most useful.

You may want to keep in mind a standard. The majority of people tend to view horizontal navigation on the left side and vertical navigation at the top of the webpage. To make your site simple and intuitive for users, find the most suitable.

Layered Navigation is a common term on e-commerce websites. Clear and easy navigation is essential for stores that sell many products.

Tip: Do not play with your users’ familiarity with the navigation. The left sidebar will be preferred by your visitors. Keep the navigation and menu bars simple for easy product search. AJAX loading in layers navigation is great for speed.

There are fewer options, but more details

It is better to be less than you are. Be aware of what makes you unique and don’t try to do too much. You will be more productive if you know your customers well and can offer the products and services they need. This will allow you to create more opportunities and make your products and services more lucrative.

You can also provide more information to help customers understand your products. Customers will feel more at ease if they have a detailed description of a product, feedback, or a tutorial video on how to use it. Forbes reports that 65% of senior executives visit vendor websites after viewing a video. To ensure that customers trust your business, they always look for a professional website.

A blog that is useful

Customers may use this to justify your decision to take care of their website. Your customers can benefit from other useful content shared on a blog. You should create new content on your blog regularly to keep your customers informed. You can be creative and add videos, graphics, or other content to your blog to make it more interesting.

Mobile version is important!

Many companies make the mistake of focusing too much on their websites and not paying attention to their mobile versions. People tend to purchase things via their smartphones and tablets in this age of everyone owning a smartphone or tablet. If your website is not friendly to smartphone users, then you could lose many potential customers. You can read this article if you are stuck on the idea but want to improve it.

Your checkout process must be fast and simple to attract mobile users. This is something you should pay close attention to. Because of the small screen size, customers can’t see all the information when they purchase a product from their phones. To make your customers’ buying experience as easy and convenient as possible, optimize the steps.

Loading speed

It is vital that your website loads quickly. If your website loads slowly, customers may abandon their visit. It is important to assess how your website loads on mobile and desktop devices. If you find any problems, ask your programmers for assistance. This is a technical issue you can fix immediately.


  • Optimize images were displayed on your website. Tools that can help.
  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Prioritize lazy loading
  • Remove any unnecessary plugins from your website
  • Redirects should be reduced
  • You can monitor the speed over time and test it on your mobile device.

Website Security

Many customers worry about security issues on multiple websites. To ensure that your data is secure from hackers, you should have an HTTPS Certificate. In the event that sensitive information is required, such as credit card numbers or personal contact details, you must have an HTTPS certificate. To ensure that the data sets are properly presented and protected, you can use a WordPress table plugin.

Last words

Your website can be a powerful tool for promoting employees in your online business. You should have a plan in place to create an easy-to-understand website for customers, so they can enjoy a great shopping experience at your store. This will attract more customers to your website and increase your chances of your business succeeding.

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