6 Top YouTube Ad Targeting Techniques For Businesses


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Are you looking to market your business on YouTube, the most widely used video-sharing site in the world? YouTube allows your company to reach its target audience quickly and easily with a variety of advertising formats and targeting options. However, it is important to choose the best YouTube ad-targeting option.

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Your ads shouldn’t be displayed randomly on any screen.

It may be more difficult to attract attention to your target audience if your business is in a niche market.

Search-based video advertising targeting allows you to strategically place your ads onto videos by gaining a glimpse of a user’s YouTube search history.

This audience-based marketing tactic is effective in many ways.

Search-based video advertising targeting is useful if your business sells hair products. It focuses on people searching for hair products on YouTube and Google. This option can reach users who are viewing videos on a channel relevant to your industry.

YouTube Ad Campaigns That Use This Option Can Help You:

  • YouTube viewers can receive useful or helpful ads
  • Users can have a customized ad experience
  • Google search can be used to create more targeted ads for YouTube

Your business will be able to gain a new perspective on your target audience if you understand what your audience is looking for on YouTube. This can help you gain a competitive advantage.

2. Channels for competitors

Imagine your YouTube targeting options allowing you to show your ads on videos of your competitors. This sounds like a great strategy to keep your company at the forefront of minds when it comes to potential and current audiences.

This seemingly impossible goal can be made a reality by competitor channel targeting.

Targeting a competitor’s video may be good if your business sells cosmetics. Your ads appearing on the videos of your competitors can give you an edge and help you reach new customers.

Are you looking for a YouTube channel? Search for channels that provide content that is relevant to your industry. After compiling a list, choose the ones that provide you with the highest return on your investment.

You can only target Partner Channels with competitor channel targeting. They must have taken the necessary steps to monetize their video. You can place ads on YouTube channels that are eligible for ads.

Advertisements on a company’s channel cannot be done if they have not monetized it.

3. TrueView in-stream advertisements

Since YouTube launched in 2005, YouTube’s advertising targeting options have seen a lot of growth. Companies are not limited to viewing ads on the sides of videos. Your ads can now be displayed in the middle of a viewer’s monitor.

TrueView in-stream ads are also known as skippable ads. They appear before, during, and after the video that a viewer is interested in. They can be compared to a trailer that plays before a movie.

There are many options when it comes to the location of TrueView ads.

  • Keep an eye on this page
  • Homepage
  • Search results page

Non-skippable ads can last between 20 and 30 seconds. This means that you can create a visual promo/advertisement that informs your audience about any topic or sale or new product launch.

This YouTube strategy is so effective because it uses affinity audiences.

A group of people is known as an affinity audience if they share the same interests and habits. Some examples include people who are interested in healthy living, cooking at home, and do-it-yourself (DIY).

YouTube has more than 130 affinity audience members

This YouTube ad targeting feature allows you to research your target audience. Find out what makes your audience different to discover the best affinity audience.

Affinity audiences are a popular choice for businesses. A personalized advertising experience is provided to viewers. Affinity audiences can be a cost-effective way to advertise.

Companies can promote their businesses while still earning a significant return on investment (ROI) because they only pay for the time that users click on your advertisement.

4. Customer match

Nearly 70% of customers believe that company messages influence their perceptions of the brand.

Are you adamant that it is impossible to reach the right audience at just the right moment?

YouTube’s customer matching option allows you to use Google Ads for a more targeted approach that will help you reach your marketing goals.

What is the secret to it?

Google Ads allows companies to upload Excel or CSV files that include emails. For example, an email subscriber list. These emails can be used to target potential customers on YouTube directly.

Customer match targeting allows you to target users most likely to be interested in your business and offer your ads. This strategy will help your business gain more value from your ad campaigns such as new leads and customers.

5. Demographics

YouTube targeting options offers a wide range of options. You can choose where and how you want to display your ads. But, you also have the option of choosing who gets your ads.

This tactic can be applied to many other strategies, such as your TrueView instream videos and non-skippable ads. However, marketers should use it first in their YouTube marketing campaign.

These are the most common demographics that YouTube ads can reach:

  • Gender: Are your products or services more popular with men than women? Or a combination of both? To reap maximum success, you might also consider building YouTube ads targeting men and women from various angles.
  • Age: Are your customers in their 20s or 30s? Is your brand appealing to an older audience? You can adapt your marketing strategies, language, and cultural references to appeal to different age groups on YouTube.   
  • Parental status This targeting option is great for companies that focus on parents. Place your ads on videos that are viewed by parents to determine if your products are best suited for children.
  • Household income It doesn’t matter if you are selling luxury goods or bargain products, the household income can help to refine your audience targeting. To target the right audience, use the average household income to help you direct your ads.
  • Location A New York restaurant chain ad is not ideal for California viewers. To place your ads on YouTube strategically, find out who your target audience is.

Look at the current clients to determine what age group your audience members are. To build a model of your target audience’s demographics, research their interests, age, and other factors.

6. Interests

Once you have identified the demographics of your target market, it is time to describe their characteristics. Psychographics also known as audience interests and behavior can give you a great insight into your customers’ mindset.

This information will give you an advantage when placing ads on YouTube.

When building a YouTube advertising campaign, it is worth considering these interests:

  • Attitudes No matter the product or service you sell, your customers have a set opinion. To gain a better understanding of your customer’s shopping habits, you should investigate their attitudes.
  • Lifestyle: Do your customers live a simple lifestyle or a luxurious one? Perhaps they are somewhere in the middle of lavish and laid-back when it comes to their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if they are more inclined to spend or save, knowing their lifestyle can give you valuable insight into the way your ads target them.
  • Values: Clients will purchase products and services for many reasons. Do extensive research to discover what your target market values, and what motivates them.
  • Hobbies and interests: What are your clients doing outside of work? For example, a business selling swimming apparel might find that its target market enjoys outdoor adventures as well as swimming. This can be a great way to identify affinity audiences.

You can refine your audience’s interests further once your ads are launched on YouTube. This data can be used by your team to create a stronger ad strategy that will result in more leads, sales, and revenue.

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A personalized approach and planning your YouTube advertising campaign can make a big difference to your YouTube marketing plan’s success. You can target the right audience on YouTube by knowing how to target them.

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