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This article aims to make your brand the next TikTok trend. Kobe Digital Our TikTok marketing agency, TikTok Marketing Agency, is dedicated to helping brands win using TikTok.

According to TikTok, more than 1,000,000 people use TikTok every month to view and comment on TikTok trend videos.

More Than 27 brand examples in 9 content niches

These brand TikTok ads have been divided into three different niches: entertainment and global news. The following brand TikTok advertising examples have been divided into multiple niches: entertainment, global news, and sports.

Squid Game swept the globe despite being released for just a few months. Netflix Asia’s executive commented on the show’s success by saying that

The TikTok social media platform helped us to increase excitement and drive viewers toward Squid Game.

Netflix was able to create a marketing cycle that was heavily fueled by TikTok trends. People would then view the show and then go to TikTok for extensive user-generated content.

Trend 2: #Marvel Viral Marketing Guide for TikTok (93+ Billion Views)

Marvel has a TikTok profile that they use for discussing all of their upcoming releases. This is a great way to increase your engagement on TikTok.

They can generate a lot more buzz by creating a variety of TikTok trends. The Avengers Assemble challenge received a total of 155,000,000 views. The tag #Avengers generated over 35 billion views.

The studio created its TikTok trend during the marketing phase for the new Charlie’s Angels movie. Dubbed #CharliesAngelsUnite, became one of the biggest marketing campaigns Charlie’s Angels brand has ever produced, despite only 15 TikTok influencers kick-starting it. The challenge at its peak was able to accumulate more than 5 billion views.

This challenge had influencers performing Don’t Call Me Angel. Laurin Godwin also participated in this campaign.

These viral marketing trends show how companies can profit from TikTok trends.

An apparel company could showcase its Squid Game-inspired T-Shirts or challenge Squid Game Illustrations. A company would award the winning illustration with a set amount of merchandise.

Trend 4: The #QuitMyJob TikTok Trend (1141 Million).

People returned to work as soon as the pandemic was under control. Many employees are leaving their jobs in greater numbers. 

People are sharing TikTok video clips showing them quitting toxic jobs. Companies with great cultures can take advantage of this trend and use the hashtag #LoveMyJob to showcase their culture.

Many people don’t know that TikTok has become a major place in the expanding cryptocurrency market. This crypto brand was both a meme coin and a cryptocurrency. It was created as a joke.

Many people relied on TikTok’s authentic information during the pandemic. This makes it possible for young people to access the most recent news in a way that resonates.

How financial, publication and travel brands could make use of global news from TikTok

Publications and financial companies can use TikTok videos for quick communication and customer engagement. Travel companies might have used the latest news about the pandemic to make comedy content that would have gauged the interest in their latest offers.

Trend 7: #Gymshark66 Tik Tok Challenge by GymShark (242+ millions)

Companies rarely make exercising fun through social media. GymShark makes exercise seem fun via social media.

Trend 8: #RedBullDanceYourStyle TikTok trend (10.1 Billion Views)    

Many people do crazy stunts while using the #Redbull TikTok tag. It now has more than 9 billion views. Redbull’s annual dance contest was also moved to TikTok as part of their viral marketing strategy. You can participate in regular dance-offs against other users on the app. It became one of their most successful TikTok trends, with the #RedBullDanceYourStyle trending with over 10.1 billion views (more than their #redbull hashtag).

Trend 9: #NBA (50+ Billion)

The TikTok App has always featured a lively personality from the NBA. There are player testimonials and interviews before each match with coaches.

One of the most popular TikTok Trends was the “Starting Five Challenge”. The challenge required people to pick four people to play with. This was to prepare for the new NBA 75th anniversary season which will bring more views.

Example: TikTok could show how sports brands can trend

Sports brands can use TikTok trends to promote their brand innovatively. For example, nine players placed nine balloons against a wall on a grid. To pop the balloons, they used basketballs.

To encourage others to participate, even companies involved in competitive esports can create difficulties.

Trend 10: The #ThousandDollarCrocs Trend Trend Hashtag TikTok (3.2 Billion).

Crocs is a controversial shoe brand, but they have the best marketing strategies. Recently they collaborated with famous singer Post Malone and TikTok creators on a challenge called the #ThousandDollarCrocs. Participants were asked to describe their thousand-dollar crocs, and customers responded with their drones.

This challenge was viewed almost 3 billion times. This strategy combined the success stories of Post Malone and TikTok creators with a powerful TikTok Challenge.

The European airline established itself on TikTok through its friendly and humorous brand voice. It has over 1,000,000 users on the app and can reach an enormous untapped audience.

Many people would see their content and mention them using #Ryanair. This is due to the many skits featuring their planes.

Walmart was the first to embrace TikTok Advertising. Some people danced at home while others went to Walmart. 

After the success of their previous challenge, they created another one. The challenge was less popular than expected with only 4.4 million views.

TikTok might be attracted to shopping centers or restaurants

Create your own #WalmartDate to advertise a restaurant or shopping center on the app. 

Dance is a great way to market your company. While it might seem strange, some people may go to the gas station to watch the dance. 

They collaborated with Avani, Brent Rivera, and Louie Castro to be TikTok influencers. These star-studded influencers helped create more buzz.

Trend 14: #Levis (169 MILLION) 

Levi’s campaign “Buy Better, wear Longer” has made Levi’s a social-media star. The short, snappy content is a hit with close to 400,000 followers.

This content was not only created and shared by the brand but also spawned a #Levis Community. It proved to be a highly profitable campaign, especially for those involved in the sustainability movement.

Trend 15: #TFBornThisWayFoundation (540 million)

They would later make another campaign called the #TFBornThisWayFoundation challenge. The campaign generated over 540,000,000 views. Their marketing efforts led to this campaign.

Example: TikTok could help make beauty brands more visible

Beauty brands can use TikTok trends to stand out. However, it can be difficult for some people to accept the discriminatory ideas and practices that beauty brands have imposed on them over the decades. The #crushingbeautystandards challenge challenged the historic lack of representation in beauty advertisements, by getting women to show off their natural complexion and natural beauty.

Many of the most influential influencers in TikTok’s beauty space are LGBTQ+. The #notyouraveragegirl challenge proved to be a great success.

Trend 16: #LGBTQ (85+ Billion views)

Support for the LGBTQ+ community has been on the rise over the past few years. Brands like boohoo launched a new collection of clothing to celebrate it. It quickly gained more than 2.5 billion views. People loved its unique designs and collection. They now have more than 85 million views.

Calvin Klein also launched their pride clothing collection. This collection honored many LGBTQ+ members. Calvin Klein also used TikTok to promote their new clothing line.

Pantene, along with other companies, has made it clear they support feminism. Feminists even used TikTok to express their support.

Over 100 million people have viewed the TikTok #Pantene. The #feminism video has received just over 100 million views.

Trend 18: How Glossier Supported #BLM On TikTok (32+ Billion Views)

Glossier is a big beauty and lifestyle brand. With their incredible leadership and credibility, they raised over $100 million. 

Many women of color own companies that don’t get the funding they need. TikTok was popular for its #Glossier hashtag which reached over 150 million views.

Companies that are aligned with their beliefs will always win. You can request testimonials from individuals who have suffered under oppression by society. These testimonials could be as short as 15 seconds.

Amy Kean is a well-known author on feminism who shared her opinions about how companies should advertise.

Trend 19: #Gushers On TikTok (1159 Million)

Gushers candy is a well-respected and popular brand online. They have an excellent track record of creating TikTok trends.

Their greatest success was the Chili Gushers Challenge. It was created by a TikTok user and became so popular that they ran out of chili-gushers. 

Trend 20: #Boortio (4.22 Billion)

Chipotle has more than 1,000,000 followers. They have over 20 million likes.

Trend 21: #Wendy’s (568,000,000 views)

They sponsored skits created by creators, which generated 44.5 million views. The hashtag #wendys was also viewed 560,000,000 times.

Always looking for an edge in the restaurant business? Restaurants will always need an edge.

For example, you could challenge Mexican restaurants to a Day of the Dead contest. Mexicans traditionally observe the Day of the Dead on the 1st and 2nd of November. Those with the most beautiful facial hair could win free meals.

Trend 22: #SNL Viral Market Guide (3+ Billion)

SNL is a comedy program that doesn’t need an introduction. It is a comedy show that needs no introduction.

The #SNL hashtag had over 3 billion hits so it was a huge success. They also attacked the TikTok writers’ Please Don’t Destroy and referenced the TikTok teacher prank.

Trend 23: #NetflixandChill Trend (1.33 Billion Views).

Netflix isn’t the only one who has a great personality online. Their shows are also viewed more than 1.3 billion times. 

Their followers number over 21 million on TikTok. The #whoworeitbetter challenge was also viewed over 30 million times.

Trend 24: #Nandos (330+ million)

Nando uses TikTok to communicate with clients and better collaborate with them to promote their food. They even play pseudo-basketball.

The staff has also been pinned with videos of them reacting to hacks via their TikTok account. More than 330 million people have seen #nandos.

Comedy is a great way to reach your audience. The sketch can focus on customers or your employees. 

Humor can be used to respond to viral videos. 

GTA 5 was a very popular game. It was released back in 2013 and has been viewed over 30,000,000 times. 

Rockstar Games was able to take advantage of #GTA5TikTok. You can upload clips of your gameplay to show off mods or tracks you have created to over 2.3 billion people.

Fortnite was a big hit online due to its free-to-play nature. People shared their best moves on TikTok to participate in this contest.

At its peak, the contest attracted 275 million viewers. One lucky winner got their dance included in the contest.

This contest is not only huge but also features amazing tricks that people do on the #Fortniteclips Instagram hashtag. 

Trend 27: #Fifa EA Games Tips Tok trend (1.3 Billion views)

EA Games has done an excellent job marketing the latest Fifa installments. Their #Fifa hashtag has been viewed more than 1.3 billion times on TikTok. There is a strong community even though they don’t use challenges often.

EA can monitor the response of the community to the tag by uploading videos. EA helps their community make better game choices by looking at what they want.

TikTok enables video game companies to connect with their communities. TikTok lets you highlight common and relatable moments within the game.

We hope that you find this viral marketing guide useful.

Converting TikTok accounts is more challenging than people think. It is important to manage your time. It is essential to vet creators. It is essential to have creative strategies.

We can help create or align your TikTok trending strategy with existing company campaigns.

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