What Are The Average Facebook Advertising Rates?


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Facebook has almost 1.4 billion users daily, so at least part of your target audience likely uses the social network site regularly.

Facebook advertising is a great way for potential customers to build relationships and provide the information they need to make a move with your company.

This page will cover Facebook advertising prices and how to create custom Facebook ads. It also explains how Kobe Digital can help with your social media advertising.

74% of consumers use social networking to make a purchase decision

A strong social media presence will help them make an informed decision. Get a free proposal and see how you can help your brand make it happen.

Average advertising rates on Facebook

While Facebook advertising rates are subject to change from one campaign or the next, these averages can give you an idea of what to expect.

Facebook Advertising: Three Benefits

Businesses like yours can reap many benefits from advertising on Facebook. These are the three top benefits of Facebook advertising.

1. Increased brand awareness

Facebook users spend over 50 minutes a day on the site.

This will ensure your target audience is exposed to your ads frequently, even if they don’t click them. This will help build trust and increase awareness for your brand.

Facebook will send your ads to more people when users interact with them. Relevant ads will help increase brand recognition, social proof, and word-of-mouth exposure. Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely important. Your social media ads should stand out so that you can reach more people and connect with them.

2. Our help will get you qualified leads

Facebook offers many advanced targeting options that allow you to target your audience according to geographic, demographic, and age factors. You can add or remove people from your target audience based on their connections to your apps and pages, or events. To reach customers who are similar to you, you can also use a lookalike audience.

Your ads are targeted so that people who see and click on them will be more likely to be interested. This will save you money and prevent you from spending on people who may not be interested.

You can use these targeting options on Facebook to advertise as a lawyer. A family lawyer wouldn’t advertise to people in need of a personal injury attorney.

Do you want to advertise on Facebook organically or paid? Learn from experts

3. Reveals information about your audience

Facebook advertising lets you gather valuable data about your audience to determine which ads resonate with them.

You can view conversion rates and social metrics. You can also review comments to find sentiments about your industry, products, and services.

This allows you to make adjustments to your ads to reach your target audience.

Facebook advertising rates

Advertising via Facebook is great because you can create and run ads on Instagram, the Facebook audience Network and with any budget.

The price of ads is determined by Facebook’s ad auction.

How does Facebook’s advertising bidding system work?

Facebook’s ad auction determines which ads should be sent to which people. It is designed to reach advertisers and provide relevant experiences for Facebook users.

Facebook’s Ad Auction uses information and specifications you provide during the ad creation process. It will display your advertisement to interested users at a price that you have bid.

Facebook can give you guidelines for how your ad will be delivered.

  • Budget: This is how much you will spend each day or on a campaign. This budget can be edited at any time. When your ad has been optimized, your bid is the price that you will pay to get the action taken by someone.
  • Audience: You can target people with demographics like age, gender, and current cities.
  • Creative: You have the option to choose how you want your ad to look. Your ads can be seen by Facebook users using images, videos, and text.

After you create your ad, it will be added to the Facebook ad auction. Every time an individual is eligible to see an ad, auctions are held. They are therefore included in your target market.

Auctions aim to balance the interests of advertisers and users. The winning advertisement might not always be the one that has the highest monetary bid. The auction is won by the ad that has the highest total value for the user. Relevant ads of high quality and quality are more effective than ads that have lower quality but less relevance.

The total value is determined by three factors:

  • Advertiser bid: When you create a Facebook ad, you can set a maximum bid limit. The bid describes how much you value your ad’s results (impressions, conversions, etc.). Facebook can set the bid for you automatically.
  • Estimated action rate: Each Facebook Ad that you create is optimized for a specific action. Facebook’s estimated action rate is the likelihood that a user will act. Facebook uses data from your ad’s performance and past actions to calculate estimated action rates.
  • Relevance and quality: Facebook considers relevance and quality when deciding the level of interest someone has in an ad. If your ad receives a lot of negative feedback, it will affect its quality and relevance scores. Your ad’s value can be increased if a user has expressed interest in your ads previously. To gauge the response to your ad, check the relevance score.

If you want to maximize the potential of Facebook ads, you should bid as low and low as you can for the result that interests you. Engaging ads can also be a good idea. Facebook offers advanced targeting options. Facebook will collect more information about you, your audience, and your ads so that they can reach more people.

What happens to the winner?

Facebook will charge you for any result you choose to pay for, such as impressions or traffic.

This is the minimum amount that you have to pay to win an auction. This is:

  • You will often pay less than you bid.
  • You can lose auctions you would have won for free if you underbid.

74% of consumers use social networking to make a purchase decision

It will be easy for them to decide if they have a stellar social media presence. Get a free proposal and see how you can help your brand make it happen.

How to Buy Facebook Ads

You can buy Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Audience Network ads by opening Facebook’s business manager and clicking on Ads Manager from your navigation menu.

Next, select your objective and set your bid. Finally, upload your creatives to submit your ad for the Facebook Auction.

Advertise on Facebook:

  • You can choose to bid or set your budget.
  • You choose your objective — traffic, impressions, conversions, etc.
  • Your ads will be shown only to those people who are most likely to do the actions you want, as determined by your campaign objective.

Advertisers who have previously bought television media from Facebook can now choose between two buying options.

Frequency and reach

frequency and reach allow you to reach more people than 2,000,000. You can also get predictable and controlled advertising delivery at a fixed cost. This campaign is not accessible to all businesses. It all depends on when Facebook releases the campaign to its advertisers. You can buy frequency and reach:

  • Reach your target audience
  • You have control over how often your audience views your ads
  • Campaigns can be purchased up to 90 days in advance and 6 months in advance
  • Choose the best targeting options to maximize your return on investment
  • You can schedule your ads to appear at certain times during the day.

Target Rating Points (TRP)

Facebook’s TRP purchasing allows you to buy video ads similar to the way you bought TV ads using Nielsen-verified Target Rating Points (TRPs).

TRP buying allows you to buy a set number of Nielsen-verified impressions that have been verified and are on target, and for a fixed amount. Facebook will invoice for impressions delivered directly to your target audience.

Only eligible campaigns can be eligible for TRP buying. Talk to an account representative to discuss your options.

Kobe Digital offers social media planning

Kobe Digital, a leading social media company, offers custom social media plans. This will allow you to reach more customers online, and generate more revenue.

We can help you establish your social media presence, such as on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We can help you create buzz online and build relationships with potential customers to get them to buy. We provide custom reporting to ensure you know exactly where your money is.

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