Which is Better Shopify or Wix To Build Your Ecommerce Website?


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Are you looking to create an ecommerce website to promote your business?

Shopify and Wix both offer viable options for creating an ecommerce website. 

The Shopify vs. Wix dispute is not easy to resolve. We’ll be discussing each platform and the benefits they offer.

What’s Shopify ecommerce website building?

It is important to get to know one another before we talk about Shopify vs Wix.

Shopify lets you create an online shop with all the features including product listings, secure checkout, and point-of-sale (POS) apps. Shopify is cloud-based in all versions. Read our article to learn more.

What’s Wix ecommerce website building?

Wix allows you to build websites using WordPress or Weebly. Wix has a limited number of features and prominent Wix ads.

Wix does not have to be as eCommerce-oriented as Shopify. Wix offers many options for setting up an online shop including ecommerce.

Shopify or Wix? Which one is better?

Now we have an understanding of Shopify and Wix. Now it’s time to compare Shopify vs Wix.

Let’s look at the key features of Shopify & Wix for building ecommerce sites. This will help us decide which platform is best.

1. Price

You need to consider the cost of each platform. Prices are affected by many factors such as which plan and any extra charges you incur.


Shopify has a monthly starting price of $29. Shopify has a monthly starting price of $29. Shopify tends to charge higher fees for additional features, such as transaction fees, every time a customer places an order from your store.


Wix starts at $28 per month, which is comparable to Shopify. It’s much cheaper than Shopify.

Wix wins

Wix’s most expensive plan is cheaper than Shopify’s and doesn’t charge as many fees. 

2. Templates

Shopify and Wix have a wide range of templates you can choose from.


Shopify is more focused on ecommerce so there are only 73 available templates. 


Wix offers many templates, unlike Shopify. There are 114 templates specifically designed for ecommerce, and 700 that don’t.

Winner: Tie

You will decide which category you choose. Shopify wins if your needs are specific. Wix is the best option if you have multiple options. 

3. Use it quickly

Usability is another key factor. Which platform makes it easier to build a website?


Shopify doesn’t have a user-friendly editor. Shopify was specifically designed for ecommerce.

Kobe Digital also offers Web Design Services that can help you navigate Shopify’s editor.


Wix uses a WYSIWYG design (what you see is what you get), so you can drag and move elements wherever you want. 

Wix wins

Wix has the best website builder.

4. Integrations and add-ons

Your online store will likely be integrated with other platforms once it is created. 


Shopify provides a variety of integrations. Shopify lets you add many features.


Wix doesn’t allow you to integrate multiple platforms like Shopify. 

Shopify wins

This category is won by Shopify. Shopify is the best choice when it comes to integrations and add-ons.

5. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is a key factor. More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Google uses a Mobile First Index to rank websites based on their mobile format.


Shopify’s pages can be rearranged to fit the screen. Shopify pages are fully responsive, which means they can be rearranged to fit the screen.


Wix doesn’t offer responsive design like Shopify. 

Shopify wins

Shopify automatically optimizes mobile pages, so it is the winner of this category.

Shopify vs. Wix – The final verdict

Now it is time to answer the original question. Which one is better? We’ll be looking at the results to find out which one is better: Wix or Shopify.

Use it quicklyWix
Integrations and add-ons     Shopify     

There is a tie, which means that there are two decisive wins for each team.

Your company’s priorities will determine the success of your website builder. Wix allows you to be creative and is cheaper.

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