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As children, one of the most important things is to always say “thanks.” If you are given a gift or a favor by someone, it is good manners to say thank you. A “thank you” message from customers to online stores has become a smart marketing strategy that every business should consider. We will be discussing the many benefits of an optimized thank you page for Magento 2. This will provide many advantages to business owners.

A optimized Thank You Page has amazing benefits

Customers can get an overview of all their orders

A Thank You Page is a page that allows customers to record the order summary for the items they have successfully purchased. Here, customers can view the product type, price, shipping method, and quantity. Your buyers will be able to check the status of their orders and can make any necessary adjustments. Waiting for delivery is all they have left.

Subscribe to the newsletter to get customer data

A Thank You Page can also be used by online shops to allow customers to sign up for a subscription. This page may be the last chance to get customers’ information. Customers will be notified of any new information, promotions, or loyalty program that is available. This is also a bridge between customers and stores.

Thank you for your professional assistance.

This tool is designed to help online shops show appreciation for customers who have spent their time and money on their products. This also shows that you care about customers. It is professional customer service.

Refer friends to increase traffic 

Administrators of stores can expect a social share function to be displayed on the Thank You page. Customers can share the joy of shopping with their friends and family via social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Your customers will become marketing experts for your site without any additional fees.

In today’s competitive e-commerce market, it is smart to suggest customers buy more. E-stores can suggest related products by listing the items your customers may like on the Thank You page. The principal benefits of suggesting related products or supplements include higher sales revenue, customer satisfaction, and, in B2B business, increased Customer Value (CLV).

Offer coupons to encourage customers to shop more

Coupons can be used to encourage customers to look at other products after the purchase. Because they can’t resist a discount, they will likely increase their shopping budgets.

Highlight Features

Easy Customizable Success Pages

With Thank You Page extension store admins can personalize success pages such as Order Success Page or Newsletter Success Page in the backend.

This module lets admins set Page title, Page description, and Page sub-title. The page design can be made more attractive by using the available styles. The pages can be extended to include additional blocks like Order Details and Social Sharing for certain admin purposes.

Show order information after successful purchase

This module supports adding an additional block of Order Details to the Thank You Page. It allows customers to see a list of products they have purchased.

Your customers will be able to review all details, including order number, total price, billing address and shipping method. Products with images and links are also displayed on this page. Your customers can check the order details and wait for delivery.

Use the Social button to share orders

The Thank You Page module lets your customers share their favorite items they’ve purchased via Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You will see the selected Social buttons on the Thank You Page right below the Notification of successful purchases.

This will make your site more trustworthy and attract more visitors, which in turn will increase traffic and conversion rates.

Cross-selling support is a key feature of this extension. Administrators can select related items that customers might also like from the Thank You Page. This will encourage customers to shop more, and increase your sales.

Offer auto-generated coupons 

Customers will continue to shop even after they have used the coupons on the thank-you page. This is why the thank you page is the best page to promote your products efficiently.

To help customers find more information, display the FAQs block

Thank You Page extension also includes adding FAQ Blocks which allows customers to quickly and effectively find the answers to their questions. Customers receive the right information and are not worried about placing orders.

This section also explains the professionalism and excellent care provided by stores at the final step of customers’ purchasing.

Full list of features

For store owners

General Configuration

  • Activate/Disable the module
  • Modular application for customer groups
  • To add social sharing buttons, use API key

Place an Order Success Page

  • You can enable/disable the page
  • Add route to page URL
  • Select the template design for this page
  • Allow editing of template styles
  • Add a title to the page
  • Add a subtitle to the page
  • Add attributes to page description
  • Show/Hide Continue Shopping
  • You can select the main blocks (Order Details and Social Sharing, Coupons, Register Account Form, Subscribe Email Formula)
  • Allow 2 static blocks
  • Show Coupon Block
  • Block for Display Slider
  • Block Display of FAQs

Subscribe to the Newsletter Success Page

  • Allow/Disable the page
  • Add route to page URL
  • Choose a template design for your page
  • For each page, add a title
  • Add a subtitle to the page
  • Insert variables allows you to add attributes to your page description
  • Show/Hide coupon and/or social sharing blocks
  • Choose to display 1 static block
  • To display the Product Slider on the page, select
  • Custom CSS for design block freely
  • Display Coupon Block: Add rule to Cart Price Rule/ coupon pattern/ coupon Label
  • Display FAQs Block: Choose a category to display FAQs and set a restriction on the number of FAQs.


  • View all information about products
  • Send the order to your friends through social media networks
  • Receive current coupons and other related products
  • Ask for answers to your questions.
  • Receive the latest news and promotions via our newsletters
  • Have better user experience after purchase

Last words

Is your thank-you page a waste of money? Although thank you pages are often seen as an afterthought they can be a great way to nurture leads and increase sales. Thank You Page extension Magento 2 adds more useful information to the notice page for successful orders and beautifies it with a more appealing look.

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