What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Social Media?


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AI in social media has the potential to change how brands market on platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

AI is capable of creating social media posts for users. It can target and draft social ads. It can also automate monitoring. It powers the majority of what you see on any social network.

This could be why the market for “AI in social media” is expected to grow from $633m in 2018 to over $ 2.1 billion by 2023, according to estimates taken from Markets and Markets.

AI isn’t just a buzzword. Social media marketers can use AI today to achieve amazing results.


This article can be of assistance.

We’ve spent many years helping marketers understand artificial intelligence and to apply it in a way that can help them increase their revenue and lower costs.

Social media marketing is one area where marketers can skyrocket their performance and efficiency by using artificial intelligence. This allows them to get more value out of every social media conversation.

This post will explain artificial intelligence and show you how it can be used in social media marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis calls artificial intelligence “the science of making machines smart”. “

This means that machines are taught to imitate human intelligence. They can see, hear and speak.

These abilities are displayed in the software and hardware you use every day…

AI powers your smartphone’s voice assistants and real-time navigation. AI is used by your favorite companies like Amazon and Netflix to recommend products or content. Gmail and email clients such as Gmail use AI to automatically create parts of your emails.

Machine learning is the engine behind some of AI’s most remarkable capabilities. Machine learning, a subset of AI that allows machines to make accurate predictions based on large amounts of data, is called machine learning. These AI tools are the most intelligent and improve their accuracy over time. This is why AI is so powerful …

AI can unlock unlimited performance potential if it has enough data.

AI technology today uses data to make more relevant and accurate predictions about everything, from which product you’d like to buy next to which advertising campaign to run to what topics to discuss on your blog.

AI can read and create natural language using natural language generation. It can mimic the tone of voice by using sentiment analysis. It can recognize faces, images, and video using image recognition and computer vision capabilities. AI can also predict performance and recommend actions.

These capabilities can then be used to enhance your social media marketing skills.

AI in Social Media: The Benefits

Social media engagement is an essential part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. AI can help you do this better than ever.

AI in social media can increase revenue and decrease costs for a variety of uses.

Accelerate Revenue

AI learns from data. It can use data from social media users to increase revenue in a variety of ways.

  • Find out which headlines, words, and images lead to the highest engagement
  • Sentiment analysis can help you discover new audiences and trends
  • You can predict who will buy more and take action, then you can target them with social messaging

Reduce costs

AI can be used to cut costs in social media marketing by automating and making your work more efficient. AI is able to:

  • Scale and automate the creation of social media content
  • Automated resize and format creative for different channels
  • Target social media audiences automatically with ads, and regulate spending

How is AI used in Social Media?

AI technology is an integral part of popular social networks that you use every day, as well as of marketing on these platforms.

Facebook uses advanced machine learning to perform everything, from serving you content to recognizing your faces in photos to targeting users with advertising. Instagram, owned by Facebook, uses AI to recognize visuals.

LinkedIn uses AI for job recommendations and suggesting people to connect with.

Snapchat uses the power of computer vision (AI technology) to track your features. Overlay filters can be applied that move with you in real-time.

These are just some examples of how AI works behind the scenes to power the features of the most popular social networks in the world.

An AI algorithm or machine-learning system regulates how ads and content are displayed to users across social media platforms.

All this is to say that AI plays a crucial role in how social networks work today.

However, AI is often used behind the scenes on popular platforms and at the discretion of the company that owns them.

But that doesn’t mean marketers shouldn’t use AI to help them with their social media strategies.

There are many commercially-available artificial intelligence social media monitoring tools and marketing tools for a variety of uses.

These are the top social media marketing strategies that use AI, machine learning, and intelligent automation technologies.

Manage and Create Social Media Content

Marketers spend a lot of time creating social media content and then managing distribution across channels.

Traditional social media management tools can help with this by streamlining scheduling and monitoring. AI tools go further.

Some tools can automatically generate social media content across all channels. They even include hashtags or shortened links. These tools can also be used to schedule these shares automatically.

An AI tool can manage certain social media types in minutes.

Perform Social Listening

A social listening or monitoring tool that uses AI can provide insights from the social media accounts of your brand.

This involves using AI to analyze large amounts of social data, understand the content, and then extract insights from that data.

This data, when properly applied, allows AI social-media monitoring tools to:

  • Track your global brand mentions
  • Find emerging consumer trends
  • Target new audiences with
  • Track brand reputation
  • Monitor every social mention
  • Find promising avenues for social media promotion.

These actionable insights give brands an edge over the rest.

Manage and Optimize Social Media Ads

Marketers have unprecedented access to paid ads on almost any social media platform. These ads can be run to users based on highly targeted demographics and behavioral targeting.

Marketers still need to create or write ad copy…or do they?

Today, artificial intelligence tools are available that can create Instagram and Facebook ads for you.

Ads are optimized for clicks, and conversions, and are a result of AI’s ability at large to predict which language will increase results.

Search for the Right Influencer to Generate AI Influencers

A brand can be put on the map by finding the right influencer. How do you achieve this efficiently? AI can help.

AI-powered Influencer Research Platforms analyze a variety of social media analytics to determine which accounts can provide more engagement, reach and influence in a particular industry.

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