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Many people spend a lot more time on social networks. You can engage with influencers and people who may be interested in your products.

In the social media 101 guides, we covered the most popular channels. We’ll explain which businesses would benefit and how to apply them in your social marketing plan. 


Here’s a general overview: Pinterest is unlike any other social media network. It is an amazing visual discovery platform that allows you to find inspiration for your projects. There are so many options. You can browse the site, share your ideas (known by Pins), and then categorize and share them on boards. You can then return to your boards to make changes as often as you want. Users also interact with each other by commenting on and saving their Pins. Pinterest allows you to follow specific boards and profiles. This is a different concept from other social media sites.

This is a huge opportunity for all business types. You can also use Pinterest to increase awareness and drive more leads.

Dominating Content: Pins and boards are the most important thing on Pinterest. 

Content Options

  • Profiles are people. People (profiles) can be created on Pinterest.
  • Pins are images and videos that you find or upload to Pinterest. You can then share them with links to your website’s homepage or the product page.
  • Repins – When you save a Pin from another user and brand it to one of your boards, this is known as repinning       
  • Boards: These are where you attach pins that you have created and any repins from others. tutorials. Infographics. These folders are customizable. These folders can be made public (‘secret board’) or private (‘secret board’). Visitors will be able to get a better idea of you and your interests by including this information.
  • Comments: You can not only follow other users and repin content, but you can also comment on pins by brands or users to express your opinion or ask for clarifications.

A Pinterest business account: This is what you need to improve your marketing strategy.

How to apply it to your company’s social media strategy. Create a Pinterest account right away. There are a few ways to make this happen.

  • What to post: Promote your products and services by sharing beautiful images. You can also link your pins to your site.
  • You should post frequently. Pin often and regularly to keep this platform active. This will increase traffic, lead generation, and sales.
  • How to advertise and why. Pinterest is already a popular place to look for ideas and products, so it only makes sense to use Pinterest Ads to spread your message to more people. You can promote your brand on Pinterest by creating a business account.


General overview: Twitter’s ex-CEO and co-founder, in 2012, wanted to make it easier for people to express their opinions through longer content. This will give you the best experience possible. Medium gets smarter when you follow other publications or users. You start to see similar articles to yours.

You have the option to publish your work for your publication as well as for other publications. Medium also allows you to create a community of your content.

Medium is a great platform for business people. This platform is perfect for people who have valuable information to share with the world.

Medium is all about stories. We’ll show you how to do it.

Content Options

  • Publish stories: You can publish stories. Are they getting the information they won’t find anywhere else? If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding “Yes”, then you should publish Medium stories.
  • The medium allows you to engage in many other ways than just writing stories. You can comment on articles to give positive feedback or express your opinion. The writer will be notified. These are all ways to increase attention to your account.

Medium publication: This is a separate account from a writer. There are many personalization options you can use.

Medium membership: Medium is a great place for you to discover inspiring and thought-provoking content. However, there is one problem: you cannot access any sponsored ads and you will not have unlimited access.

Use this account in your business’s social media strategy. Create a writer account with your company name and publication. These accounts should include your company name, publication, or both.

  • What to write: There are many themes. 
  • How often do you post stories? You can post as often or as little as you want. Medium will reward authors and publications who post consistently and regularly. Medium publishes approximately three times per week.
  • How to advertise, and why: Ev William, CEO of Medium, said in an article that Medium’s goal is to “pay attention to what’s most valuable”. To make your content more visible, you can use the same tags and topics frequently. You can also share stories via other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Are you already a blogger?


YouTube is a video hosting site. YouTube is a video-hosting site. Fun fact: YouTube was founded by three former employees of PayPal. There are also product promotions, mini-episodes, and webinars. This type of content is increasingly popular. You can also make money from it.

This is an advantage for all types of businesses: You can upload video content to the platform regardless of your level of expertise.

Videos are the most popular content type. YouTube videos are the only type of content. This depends on whether or not you have a verified profile. You can find more information here.

Content Options

  • YouTube is the reason why videos are so popular. YouTube does not allow you to upload more than 15 minutes of video per day unless your verified account has been created.
  • Channels: Before you can upload videos to YouTube, you will need to create an account. The about section allows you to add a description, link to other social media channels, and even create channel art (like the cover photo). Channel art, such as the cover photo ).
  • Playlists – Playlists are a collection of video content that plays in a specific order. You have the option to add your videos or choose from others.
  • Likes, comments, shares, and likes: Users can comment, like, dislike, and share videos on other social media channels. YouTubers use likes for tracking the virality of videos.

Brand accounts: You can have multiple YouTube channel managers and owners by opening a brand account. YouTube is a Google subsidiary. You can log in to your Google account and your YouTube account will open. This is often preferable by smaller teams.

YouTube for Business: You will need to sign up for YouTube to create a YouTube business account. If you wish, you can upload videos that exceed 15 minutes.

This is how you can apply it to your company’s social media strategy. Upload your videos to YouTube. Email marketing is a great way to promote your content. Engage with your community through email marketing. You can reply to their notifications and comment on their videos.

  • What to share: You can post a variety of video content including product announcements, behind-the-scenes footage, videos promoting companies, and webinars. Ascend’s Video Maker allows you to add media, text, and customize your design, and create a video for yourself.
  • How often you post depends on your business type and how busy you’re. It is possible to upload content once a month or every other week on social media. However, it is important to maintain consistency for your subscribers to be informed.
  • YouTube advertising: How to advertise on YouTube These ads are placed before the main video or TrueView in-stream ads. TrueView Discovery ads can be found in search results. This page contains all you need to know about YouTube advertising.

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