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Kobe Digital is a top PPC management company. We use paid search to increase sales for our clients. Our tech-enabled PPC services can help you reach your goals and measure and maximize the ROI of PPC.

Get paid search revenue with our PPC management services that result in millions in sales

Pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your most qualified audience. This allows you to reach your audience where they are already searching and gives you an advantage over other advertisers.

Kobe Digital offers a pay-per-click management service that can help you increase conversions and revenue.

To see the details of each plan, and learn more about paid advertising’s potential to drive business results, please refer to our pay-per-click pricing table.

Are you ready for paid advertising? To speak with an expert strategist from our PPC Services team, and learn more about how to make more money with PPC ads.

Our PPC management services can help you achieve a 20% increase in PPC performance

Kobe Digital’s PPC Services can help your business create powerful advertising combinations: Data and Experience.

Our seasoned team of over 450 marketing professionals, and the billions of data points that power Kobe Digital will allow your business to launch smarter campaigns faster and increase revenue.

Our clients have already seen a 20% increase in PPC performance due to the dynamic duo.

Kobe Digital’s dashboard offers access to millions of data points.

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Strategy and initial campaign development
  • There’s so much more

Your pay-per click management service can also be tailored to fit your business’s needs, from your industry to the goals.

Kobe Digital will manage all your campaigns. We’ll provide the most up-to-date advertising technology to target specific markets. To encourage past visitors to convert, Google’s strong PPC network, banner ad-remarketing and customer match , we use Kobe Digital to manage campaigns.

You’ll be able to access services such as click, conversion, and click fraud monitoring. Additionally, you can set up and manage rule-based bidding. These services can help you refine your campaign and keep it running to its best.

If you opt for our market leader plan you will have access to services such as international PPC campaign management and the creation of one Unbounce landing page template. You can also get website conversion analysis reporting.

Some of our PPC advertising services can only be quoted. Please contact us for more details.

What are the PPC services?

Our PPC management services will provide a complete solution to your online advertising needs. You also get to work with a digital agency with over 6+ years experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns.

Take a look at our PPC advertising management services:

  1. A dedicated account representative will be assigned to you
  2. We create a customized PPC strategy to fit your industry, goals, and business.
  3. For your campaigns, we can research as many as 400-10,000 keywords
  4. Kobe Digital’s dashboard is available to clients. It has been able to help them achieve a 20% increase in PPC performance
  5. We target Google (including search- and display), Bing and Gmail
  6. Advanced artificial intelligence is used to analyze competitor advertising strategies
  7. We create custom copy for ad campaigns and then we test it for performance
  8. To maximize your return on advertising spend, we manage your ad bids strategically.
  9. To improve performance, we optimize current ad copy and design.
  10. To ensure PPC performance, we monitor and update accounts settings.
  11. We can track up to 100 phone calls from web leads
  12. Regular reports are provided to keep you and your business informed
  13. Plus!

Remember that the deliverables we provide for PPC services depend on which plan you choose.

Our Basic Plan does not include website analysis reporting. This report can help you identify areas where your site may be preventing conversions. The Market Leader plan, however, provides this service.

Contact us online if you have any questions about our online advertising management plans and deliverables.

Kobe Digital is a top-rated PPC management company.

Kobe Digital is a leader in the field of PPC. Kobe Digital has worked with hundreds of clients to create PPC campaigns that deliver meaningful results for their businesses. Our many testimonials are proof!

Here are some more reasons Kobe Digital is a great choice when it comes to PPC management services.

Get transparent pay-per-click management pricing

We believe transparency is key to building strong relationships with clients. This includes pricing for pay-per-click management.

We want to let you know immediately if our PPC services will work for you. Also, we want to show you the breakdown of each plan.

This creates an opportunity to have a conversation about our budgets and what is included in our plans.

Profit from the power of first-party information to increase revenue

First-party data can be one of your most powerful tools. Our pay-per-click services make it easy to use first-party information in digital advertising.

Kobe Digital clients experienced a 20% increase in their PPC performance with our services.

Kobe Digital allows you to collect, store and transmit first-party data from anywhere. This includes your favorite advertising platforms, such as Facebook Advertising or Google Ads. Guess what? It doesn’t take much to make it happen.

Partner with a PPC provider who will help you achieve your goals

Kobe Digital considers our clients family. Kobe Digital considers our clients family. We understand that sometimes the services we provide can be a turning point in a company’s life.

We make your business goals our goals and do everything we can to ensure your campaign achieves the best possible results.

We are happy when you are happy.

You can save valuable time

Kobe Digital is the best pay-per-click company to manage your campaign. Kobe Digital will help you with every step of the PPC process. We don’t just help you to write ads and then disappear.

A dedicated campaign manager will be assigned to you. They will listen and take into account your needs, create a game plan and keep you informed about the progress of your campaign.

We will develop your campaign strategy and perform advanced keyword research. Additionally, we will analyze your industry to make sure that we are targeting the right people.

We will handle all copywriting and testing for the campaign.

We have your PPC campaign under control.

Get transparent ROI reporting

We have already mentioned the importance of analyzing the results of your ads in order to make sure that you are driving as many conversions as possible and as much traffic.

We’ll take care.

We offer analytics to your campaigns and A/B testing landing pages. Our goal is to ensure that your keywords drive results.

We will let you know the status of your campaign at every stage and offer educated suggestions for how to move forward.

PPC campaigns that are tailored to your industry, business, and goals

Every business is unique, which means that each business will have different needs.

This means that each campaign is custom-designed to incorporate the most important elements. There are three options available: a basic, aggressive, and market leader plan. This allows you to select the PPC management price and strategy that best suits your business.

6 reasons PPC can be a huge benefit to your business

PPC campaigns are a great option for businesses. There are many reasons to consider them. It’s a cost-effective strategy that increases traffic to your site. Additionally, it delivers quick results and is extremely targeted.

Let’s discuss each one if you aren’t convinced.

1. Advertising is cost-effective and affordable

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to promote your business. You may be wondering why? Here’s the scoop.

Advertising in newspapers, television or billboards requires you to pay for the space your ad takes up. A two-inch space in a local newspaper or magazine will cost you nearly an arm and a half, while billboard costs can run into the thousands.

PPC is similar to an ad in a magazine or newspaper, but your ad appears in search engines. Many people believe you must pay to get that space in search engine results. But that’s not the case.

Instead of paying for space in search results pages for your ad, you pay Google only when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC is extremely affordable because you only pay Google when there’s a serious chance of making a sale. Because PPC ads are so specific, people who click them will usually be ready to buy a product.

PPC visitors are half as likely than organic visitors to your site to buy something.

This is just one benefit of the web-marketing strategy.

2. It delivers fast results

Another reason to use PPC campaigns is the time required to achieve results.

It’s possible to get more traffic to your website in the first week after you start your PPC campaign. This is because ads begin to appear for targeted keywords as soon as you place a bid.

It can take several months for other long-term strategies like search engine optimization and email marketing to reap the full benefits. However, the rewards are incredible and well worth the wait.

PPC, however, is a fast-reaching strategy. To ensure that your PPC campaign is working correctly , make sure to regularly audit it . Check out our foolproof guide for PPC auditing.

3. It is easy to track your results

The most important part of any campaign is tracking results. You won’t be able to see the analytics of your campaign and know which elements are working and which elements are failing .

It’s easy to track campaign results and see which campaign elements you should shift in order to get better results.

A/B testing is a great way for you to see how users react to your ads. Simply choose a variable you want to test, and then make two identical ads except that variable.

Let’s suppose that you post a photo of someone wearing the clothing in one ad and then you put the clothing on another hanger.

A/B Testing allows you to easily see which ad is performing best. The results can be used to help you refine your ad and ensure it gets as many clicks as possible.

You can also use Google Ads for general statistics about the performance of your ads, such as clicks and conversions. This will give you an insight into your target audience’s clicks and help you decide if your ads should be targeted better.

PPC campaigns make it easy to track results. This is an invaluable benefit.

4. It’s hyper-targeted

Fourth, PPC ads are hyper-targeted.

PPC is one of many marketing strategies that allows you to target your best customers. PPC is one the most targeted strategies.

You can target specific audiences with ads that provide valuable content.

These are some of the ways Google Ads can help you target your audience.

  1. Demographics This is one of the most effective ways to target customers. You can serve ads based upon a user’s location and gender .
  2. In market: Targeting your audience in-market is one of the best ways to reach them. It allows you to reach customers who are actively searching for the products or services your store provides. Your ads will appear almost instantly to the customers most interested in your products. This gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can serve your ads to customers who have purchased products from your site before or users who are interested in what you offer.
  3. Custom intent: By creating a custom intent audience in Google Ads, keywords, phrases and words can be chosen that are strongly related to the people most likely to purchase from your website. To further refine your targeting, you can add URLs to YouTube videos and URLs to websites.
  4. Remarketing One of the most effective PPC strategies is remarketing. This allows you to essentially reserve your ads for users who clicked on your ads previously. Remarketing is a great tool because it keeps your products and business top of mind, especially for those who are close to purchasing.
  5. Similar audiences To take your PPC campaign to the next level, you can target audiences similar to those you targeted with your Remarketing Campaign. If your overall remarketing target audience is 30-year-old women and your goal is to sell skin-softening cream, you can also send this ad out to other 30-year-old women. When you target this demographic and their similar interests, the ad will be activated.
  6. Keywords: Using specific keywords in your ad will allow your ad appear to people who search for that keyword. You can modify keywords to reflect the season or holiday. You can also hand-craft keywords to target specific search intents or demographics.

5. It converts by hand feeding consumers

It’s almost like hand-feeding customers with PPC ads. They can easily purchase your product by clicking on one of your ads. This is because when a user clicks one of your ads they are presented with a landing page.

A landing page contains an element that encourages users to take next steps in the purchasing process. This could be giving you their email address or making a purchase.

A page that has a contact form or a quote form is one example of landing pages. Or a page where users can click “buy now”.

No matter how you set up your landing page, it will be the first place that a user visits after clicking on your advertisement. This creates an opportunity to hand-feed your audience a simple way to purchase your product.

6. It raises revenue

PPC ads can help increase your revenue because of the qualified traffic they bring. This will allow you to quickly see an increase in revenue for your business.

Once you have won a bid, your ads become live and can be served to users searching for the keywords you target.

PPC ads allow you to take up valuable space at the top results page. This helps you gain more visitors to your site.

On average 41% clicks go directly to the top three paid ads appearing on search engine result pages. Ad clicks account for almost half of clicks made on the first page results.

Why would you choose to work with a PPC management firm?

PPC is an ongoing process. It’s not a strategy you can “set it and forget”. Instead, it needs constant adjustments to achieve the best results.

It’s unlikely you have the time or energy to manage a PPC campaign if you are a business owner who spends most of their time managing businesses, writing checks and ordering inventory.

This is where agencies come in. This is where agencies come in.

Below are some additional benefits to hiring a PPC agency.

Do not train someone to be fluent in all things PPC

Are you a PPC expert? There’s much to learn about PPC if you have never studied it before. It is essential to learn about PPC and how it works.

It’s difficult to master PPC if you have never done it before, especially if you own a business.

You can also train someone in your team to use PPC, but this isn’t the best option if you don’t want to lose one employee.

You don’t have to learn or train anyone in PPC when you hire a PPC management company. Instead, you can leave the work to the professionals!

It will save you time

It is a time-saver to hire a PPC management firm.

Did you remember how we talked about becoming an expert? It takes time and it will take a lot of work if you or your employee are going to do this.

You must also monitor your PPC campaign regularly. If you don’t, you will likely not see any results.

It can be hard work to keep up with a campaign while running a business. Why not hire someone?

You can get exactly what it is you want

An agency can help you create PPC ads that target specific keywords and target specific demographics.

A PPC agency can help you find exactly what you need in terms of a PPC campaign and will ensure you get results.

DISCLAIMER – Not all PPC agencies are good. You should do your research so that you can ensure that the agency you select offers all of the strategies you need.

They are the experts

PPC management companies employ professionals who are experts in their fields. They wouldn’t work for agencies if they weren’t!

They have logged thousands of hours in training and are well-versed in the intricacies of running a successful and effective PPC campaign.

You don’t want to mess with a strategy that will make your business more successful. You can hire an expert to help you.

FAQs regarding PPC services

Are you looking for additional information about PPC management services in your area? Check out our FAQ!

What is PPC?

PPC (also known as pay per click) is an online advertising strategy that allows advertisers to only pay for people who click on an ad. PPC ads may display on websites and search engines as well as social media networks.

What are PPC Services?

For a fixed fee, PPC management services will provide professional management of your campaigns and strategy. This can include bid management, strategy development, ad copy, as well as other services.

The service provider and the plan chosen will determine the deliverables for PPC services. PPC management services include PPC advertising on Google and Bing as well as keyword targeting and bid management and routine reporting.

How much do PPC services cost?

Small-to-midsized companies will spend on average $9000 to $10,000 per month on PPC. The cost of PPC management services and ad spend are included in the total costs. PPC campaign management services are often charged as a percentage of the ad spend, but agencies may also charge flat fees.

Do you need top-of the-line PPC management services

Contact Kobe Digital today to reap the full benefits of a PPC campaign.

We have generated more than thousands of qualified leads and qualified phone calls for our clients. We are experts in driving results for your company.

We are also an Inc. 5000 Company and a Google Premier Partner.

Our team includes digital marketing experts who are experts in their respective fields.

We offer more than PPC because we are a full-service agency for digital marketing. These are other digital services that we offer:

  1. Search engine optimization. SEO is a great strategy that works well with PPC. Some even claim they work hand in hand. Strong SEO campaigns can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages for organic searches. This will increase your website’s traffic and overall conversions.
  2. Kobe Digital is a social media marketing company that can help you reach your target audience via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Kobe Digital will help you create the best posts and make you a leader in your field on social media.
  3. Email Marketing: If you want to keep your customers top of mind, email marketing is a great way to do that. We can help you create the best email content to keep customers coming back.
  4. Website design: We provide website design and web development starting from scratch. We can also help you if your website is already up and running, or if you are looking for a spring cleaning.
  5. Content Marketing: You’ve probably heard the expression “content is king.” Your website won’t rank well on search engines if it doesn’t have great content. Kobe Digital can create high-quality content that is relevant to your audience so they are always informed.

Kobe Digital is able to help you achieve your goals, no matter what digital marketing strategy you choose.

We will ensure that your campaigns are coordinated to drive results and that you are involved in every step.

Kobe Digital is the right choice if you are looking for PPC advertising agencies that will deliver results. Send us a message to receive a quote.

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