Creating a Productive Video Marketing Strategy


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Experts consider video to be one of the most important marketing developments. Video is an integral part of many companies’ marketing plans.

This Video walked through the content marketing door and took off its shoes. Video can increase conversions by up to 80% when included on landing pages.

92% of mobile video users share their videos with others.

Video can be a powerful tool to reach and engage your target audience.

This post will discuss eight things that your video marketing strategy should contain to make your efforts stand out.

1. Create a posting schedule

Viewers want regular content updates. Consider stories you can tell, and then break them down into smaller parts.

Once you have established the content for your videos, create an editorial schedule

Keeping a consistent posting schedule is a great way to encourage people to return to your site for more videos. Use your videos to help lead people to big product launches or announcements.

Keep your audience engaged by your content by implementing new campaigns by your posting schedule.

Consistent, useful video content will help establish your business as an industry leader.

2. Tutorials and demos

Need to explain the working of your products?

You can use video marketing to create content that shows how to use your products and services. 

I can use the internet to compare features and find the right backpack for me. 

Demos and tutorials can help customers feel more confident about making a purchase decision.

This will allow you to convert more site visitors into customers. 

3. Tell stories

You’re like me if you love stories. Stories that grab you and hold you there.

Telling stories in your video content will increase viewer engagement. What does your company do for clients?

Do you make a difference in your community?

Create your story and share it with others using videos.

4. Show your personality

Videos are a great way to show your company culture. People are more inclined to watch engaging videos.

Consider what makes your business stand out and highlight it in your videos.

Don’t waste your time making videos that don’t reflect the true value of your company.

5. Incorporate customer-generated content

People love to see themselves in videos. Encourage customers to make videos using your products and services. Then, post them to your social media accounts.

People will share videos with their friends if they see themselves in them Your brand will be more visible in the news feeds and social media feeds of many people

6. Don’t forget calls to action

Make sure to include calls to action in your videos.

Tell someone you want them to visit your website, or follow you on social media.

Customers may enjoy your video but they might not know what to do with it afterward.

It is easy to add a call-to-action and spark conversions that might not have otherwise occurred.

7. Optimize videos with SEO content

Did You Know that YouTube videos are indexed by Google?

When someone searches for your brand or a phrase, they can see you multiple times. You can add keywords to your video descriptions to improve your videos’ SEO.

You can also add short links with calls to action that encourage people to visit your site or landing page with special offers.

YouTube has a tagging feature that determines the relevancy of your videos and groups similar videos together. 

8. Evaluate the success

To create successful video advertising campaigns you need to understand and assess the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies

These analytics can be used to analyze metrics like the number of videos played and the percentage of clicks on the play button.

You can also integrate your videos into your site and track the results with Google Analytics. 

Video is gaining a lot of momentum in marketing and it is not likely to lose its popularity shortly.

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