Thoughtful planning meets unbridled creativity
to produce videos that are as visually striking
as they are measurably effective.

Beginning With the End in Mind

We initiate every engagement by determining, in the most specific possible terms, what the desired outcome of watching the video in question is. Who is the intended viewer? Where will they be seeing this video? How far along the customer journey are they before they see it? How far along do we hope for them to be afterwards?

Once this outcome is clearly defined, we can then work backwards to determine the production choices most conducive to making it a reality. This informs everything from high-level decisions about a video’s genre and messaging to more technical choices about length and format.

A triangle, funnel image showing the process of marketing. Including awareness, consideration, decision, and retention.
Awareness, consideration, decision, and retention.
Consequently, each video functions as a specific piece within a larger marketing campaign: instead of a one-size-fits-none video that attempts to do many things poorly, we develop content that aims to accomplish a particular marketing objective with a level of efficacy that can only be achieved through extreme specificity—the impact of which can be evaluated in objective terms. The result of this rigorous production framework is a cohesive, purpose-driven final product.

Telling Stories That Bring Brands to Life

A strong sense of narrative order not only makes video content easier to follow—it allows viewers to connect with the content emotionally, making them want to follow it at all. Stories are the most effective medium through which to communicate your brand’s mission, and it is by bringing this to life—and pairing it with immersive visuals—that we can create unforgettable visual experiences that resonate deeply with your most important audiences.

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Tracking the effectiveness of video content

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See the final product

OUR PROCESS Our rigorously structured production process is designed to deliver an effective final product and a seamless client experience.

Thorough discovery and strategy phases form the cornerstone of our approach. By beginning every engagement with a robust understanding of how each project fits into a client’s overall marketing flow, our process facilitates the creation of video content that is tailor-made to accomplish key business objectives.

Designated checkpoints at key project milestones ensure that feedback is exchanged in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in a final product that exceeds expectations while being delivered both on time and on budget.