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In order too implement a digital marketing strategy, you must first know the types of digital marketing that exist in the market. Today, the most used is content marketing. However, the other types are also important, but they are often not developed as they should be due to lack of information.

Next, we will mention each of the types of digital marketing and discuss their specific objectives. In this way, those interested in digital marketing will differentiate and know which types are the most suitable to implement within their strategy.

Here at Kobe Digital, as on the best providers of digital marketing services in Los Angeles, we’ve put together a list of some of the top digital marketing strategies you can use.

Content marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning, content marketing is one of the most widely used types today. The digital marketing agencies know their importance. Suppose the content of a portal is not attractive enough or is redundant for its target. In that case, it will not be able to position itself on the Internet, much less obtain the ROI (Return on Investment) than expected and the projected scope.

The goal of content marketing is to produce things that inspire the user. This can be identified with the content and that, against that, take some type of action that benefits the brand. In addition, developing a range of interest and quality generates confidence in the readers. In this way, the construction of a brand becomes stronger compared to the others.

Inbound marketing

The second is Inbound Marketing. The main objective of this type of digital marketing is to get potential customers of a brand to get to know it organically, follow it, and thus gain loyalty. For that reason, digital marketing companies use inbound marketing to attract customers at the right time in the sales funnel. They also do their best not to be intrusive and not cause any rejection with excessive advertising.

A couple of examples in which an inbound marketing strategy could be implemented are the following:

  • Blogs
  • Videos on Youtube
  • SEO strategies
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

With a certification in Inbound Marketing and Content, you will learn to improve your brand image through interesting, valuable, and personalized content, which will help you renew your reputation and visibility with your Target, improving your positioning in search engines.

Relationship Marketing

It is of the utmost importance that companies know what consumers want and are looking for day-to-day. For that reason, they should focus on listening to them and developing quality content, and not just creating and producing a product. Precisely, understanding the customer is the phrase that sums up Relationship Marketing.

In Relationship Marketing, customers are the focus. If a company does not know their needs and desires, it will be impossible to retain them. For this reason, this type of digital marketing is used by those visionary companies, which focus on attracting customers and keeping them in the long term.

Your goal is to get loyal customers to act as spokespersons and convince more people to join your brand. To achieve this, the digital marketing agency needs to use CRM tools, or customer relationship marketing, to develop adequate management for each of the brand’s users.

Conversational marketing

In the fourth case, this type of digital marketing was developed in order to make the brand comply with the requirements imposed by its customers. In this case, like the previous one, the product or service offered by a brand goes into the background, leaving the customers to be the ones who matter the most. Thus, once completed, they will be willing to stay with it.

By communicating with them and complying with the proposed parameters, the brand will achieve a privileged position in the consumer’s mind. For this reason, the brand must ask itself a series of questions to build an online reputation that is consistent with what it offers and meets what the consumer expects of it. The main questions that every brand should ask itself to identify how its reputation is, are the following:

  • 1. Who are you?
  • 2. Who do you say you are?
  • 3. Who do people say you are?

Permission marketing

Permission marketing is a not very common term among digital marketing companies. However, this should be considered since positioning on the web today is not as easy as many think. This is because not all consumers are willing to accept some type of advertising via the web. This is because it is often intrusive or simply because the user enters the virtual platform to search for something specific.

Therefore, among the types of digital marketing, permission marketing or permission marketing is an early strategy that could be very helpful for brands. Using this tool, the brand is asking users for permission to retain them. As simple as it may seem, this assures the user that the brand is a serious company. So if a brand develops this strategy, it is not only being respectful of the consumer’s wishes but also gaining their trust.


SEO, “search engine optimization,” is a process that improves a website to increase its positioning in the search engines. By optimizing the website and enhancing its visibility in search engines, the business will attract potential customers. Some SEO factors to consider to improve your marketing strategy are:

  • Improve the quality of the content, considering that it is of interest.
  • Establish strategic, competitive, and relevant keywords.
  • Tracking capacity and download speed of the website.
  • Valuable and authoritative link-building strategies.
  • Constant audits of the status and operation of the website.


SEM, “search engine marketing,” is a process that consists of tools, techniques, and strategies to optimize the visibility of websites in search engines. However, SEM can encompass organic web positioning (SEO) and paid ads; it’s typically referred to as SEM. This is also known as PPC or pay-per-click marketing.

Therefore, SEM marketing actions are those in which the advertiser seeks to get traffic by investing in search engine advertising. For which it is based on measurable indicators such as impressions, clicks, and CTR. In this way, by placing high-performance ads, the company aims to achieve rapid positioning on the main page of search engines. A widely used SEM marketing strategy is advertising ads through Google Ads.

Marketing automation

To facilitate these tasks, marketing automation or marketing automation allows you to establish tools and automate actions. Many actions are carried out every day in the marketing arena, making it difficult to focus on growth objectives. However, the intention is that these automated actions do not lose their human quality.

For this, automation software governed by user experience is used since they simulate real interaction in the most natural way possible. Among these actions is the automation of emails, chats through bots, description of the behaviors of potential customers, and others that save time without losing the quality of customer service.

Email marketing

This is one of the most used types of digital marketing campaign since it is practical, measurable, inexpensive, and not very intrusive. It consists of generating lists of users and clients to which you can send emails periodically, with informative or promotional content. Even this marketing has been refined to be more and more personalized and directed to the needs and preferences of each user.

To generate these lists of subscribers, you can include records on the website or social networks, where the user grants authorization to receive information from the brand. In addition, in these forms, you can include some general questions about user preferences to send you content of interest to you. In this way, you will increase the chances of generating conversions and adding new customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are the best platforms to make brands known. This is something that marketers know how to recognize, and that is why they pour creative strategies into these channels. In particular, taking advantage of the variety of tools that each of these platforms offers and the specificity of users who use them, which allows generating a greater and better bond with customers and keeping the brand on everyone’s mind.

Also, considering that new social networks tend to emerge with new formats and tools, it is necessary to keep abreast of these marketing opportunities. That way, you will be able to define the appropriate platforms for the marketing strategies and the brand’s target audience. Currently, the most used networks are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing influencers are a cost-effective and efficient strategy that relies on people with high visibility on social networks. It consists of taking advantage of the power of opinion that some characters have to spread the brand among new users. The influencer is someone with a high level of trust among their users, and that is why companies turn to them to spread their products or services. In this way, influencer marketing allows:

  • Give credibility to the consumption of the brand’s products or services.
  • Increase traffic to the website.
  • Improve, humanize and increase the prestige of the brand image.
  • Capture the attention of the millennial generation.

Video marketing

Finally, we use video marketing to market or promote brands and companies in digital channels. Video marketing is an interactive, low-investment resource that allows you to disseminate short and impactful information in a short time. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite formats of companies that are committed to communicating with future clients with the potential for the content to go viral.

However, this type of content requires strategic planning to take care of the amount and information. Above all, they are highly unique items and because users often share them on their social networks. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the development process, regarding the information, the target audience, and the publication formats required by each social network.

Conclusion on the types of digital marketing

First, for a business to be successful in the digital world, it needs to know what it wants to achieve and how it will do it. For that, you need to know the best way to use, in this case, what types of digital marketing are the best to achieve the objectives set.

The types of marketing are similar, but not the same. The question lies in knowing how to differentiate them and identify which is the best for a company. For that reason we have written the article, to provide a little more knowledge in digital marketing.

If your idea is to know even more about how Digital Marketing is handled on the web platform, and you would like to train in-depth in this area, you can choose to enroll in digital marketing courses. 

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