What Are The Strategies For User-Generated Content?


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In recent years, customer trust in companies’ marketing content and advertising has declined. It is hard to believe that many people are not proud of their achievements. Many brands will exaggerate the quality of their products to get customers. Some even make them up. As a result, user-generated content is a more effective way to pursue your customers.User-generated content (UGC) is not the new term for online businesses nowadays. But not everyone can use them correctly. This article will give you comprehensive information about this popular marketing tool, and how to use it in your business.

Definition of user-generated content:

What is user-generated material? There are many definitions available online. In a nutshell user-generated material (UGC), is content that has been created by followers, users, or consumers of a brand to express their opinions.

“85% of users believe visual UGC has a greater impact on their decisions than brand photos or videos.” UGC can be found in many forms such as photos, videos and testimonials. blog post. UGC is now more powerful for brands thanks to social media. Every user can publish their thoughts publicly. It’s great to receive positive feedback. Negative feedback can cause a crisis and damage your brand’s reputation.

Types of user-generated content


Commentaries are usually found under the brand’s social media posts or blogs. These types of content are usually created by people who love your products and sometimes by people with bad experiences. Although comments can be faked, it is not difficult to identify whether the product/service is useful.


Brands will be more proactive in collecting customer reviews than comments. Although anyone can leave a comment, even those who have never had any contact with your company, reviews directly pay for your products and services. Your potential customers will find their content more persuasive and informative. You can review text, photos and videos.


The business dictionary defines a testimonial as “written recommendation from a celebrity, satisfied customer, affirming the performance and quality of a product/service.” One of the most powerful tools for marketing is testimonials. Many brands invest in whole testimonial pages that allow customers to share their experiences with the product or service.

Forum Posts

Forum is a group of people with the same interests in a particular field. Although this is a rich source of user-generated content it can be difficult for brands to manage and collect the data. It is your only option. To hear what customers think about you, and to clarify any misunderstandings promptly, you can join as a member .

Blog Posts

Blogs are not only popular with companies. They also have a large following among individuals who share their views and opinions. Your brand can be featured in posts that are shared by bloggers if your products make a positive impression. This could attract thousands or hundreds of readers. Many businesses invite celebrities to test their products and share their experiences.

Social Media Posts

Social media, as mentioned earlier, is the key to leveraging the power and potential of user-generated material. Everybody can post about your product to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. They can also share it with their friends and family. These are some highlights from social commerce.

  • 87% of ecommerce buyers feel social media can help them make a purchase decision.
  • One in four business owners sells through Facebook.
  • 40% of global merchants use social media for sales.

It is important to take care of your social network users. Be sure to verify that the information you share about your business is genuine and useful.

Case Studies

Case studies, unlike other forms of UGC, are created through collaboration between customers and brands. This content offers in-depth information on how your business helped its users succeed, so others can identify the same problems and contact you.

UGC Videos

UGC videos can be displayed in any of the above content types. Some brands organize competitions and events with attractive prizes to collect videos from customers. The chart below will give you an overview of how each UGC type affects your business. Be sure to take into account your customer behavior, target market, as well as the resources available to you to select the best user-generated content.

User-generated content has many benefits

Your customers can become brand ambassadors

Imagine your products appearing in a multitude of images on social media. These are all done by your customers. The marketing team cannot do anything but to see these events happen, reach potential customers and create sales naturally. This could be the ideal scenario for every business. We recommend that you concentrate on improving product quality. Good wine doesn’t need a bush, as we all know.

Increase conversions

Are you a professional?

  • Over 70% of Americans read reviews before purchasing a product.
  • 63% of consumers believe that they are more likely to place an online order if they read positive product reviews and ratings.

User-generated content is the best way to encourage customers to buy. It’s the voice of people like you.

Discover customer insights

Merchants can easily analyze UGC to gain insight into customers’ opinions. This includes what consumers think of your product, such as its price, packaging, and UX. It is possible to do this across multiple channels, both online or in-store. This will allow you to obtain the unfiltered opinions of your customers and identify what is most important to them. It can be time-consuming to collect UGC data. However, this will help you improve your business.

Create unique content

Your audiences may not have the same level of content creation skills as your marketing team. Different perspectives and content will be produced by them, which can make it more valuable to customers. This “outsider’ perspective helps you differentiate your brand from your competitors and makes your content more complete and interesting. This encourages new audiences and helps to build your brand’s reputation in the market.

Personalization that is more effective

UGC also offers personalization. UGC allows you to discover what motivates your customers to share content with your brand. You can then analyze the data to make sure your marketing campaigns are personalized. Your brand will be able to build a loyal customer base online that is willing to share their positive experiences with others.

User-generated content: Best practices

#1 Be original

User-generated content has the main purpose of bringing out real customer opinions about your brand. Please do not alter or modify any customer comments, posts, or other content.

#2 Be Authentic

Fake user-generated content is easy. But, it is best to never lie to customers. All the trust you have built up will be lost forever if they find out about your dishonesty.

#3 Provide purpose and value to your users

Your user-generated content should have a purpose. You could be inspiring, guiding people how to use a product or sharing real reviews to encourage your followers to make faster decisions. UGC is not just for sales purposes. UDC must be presented as an independent piece of content to ensure that it can provide real benefits to your audience.

#4 Make it shareable

It is important to show UGC that is original and entertaining. You must ensure that your user-generated content is easily shared via email, blogs, and social networks. This is how UGC automatically creates UGC.

#5 Create a loyal community with UGC

Your brand can easily increase customer loyalty by creating an effective UGC strategy. Let’s build a community for your customers to share UGC.

#6 Credit the source of the original information

Before you share the content with your audience, always ask permission. Credit the source. This not only shows respect for your customers, but also allows others to verify if the UGC was actually collected from customers.


We hope you find this article helpful and that it will help you get started with your UGC campaigns. User-generated content is the best weapon in the great battle to win the hearts of customers. Find out how to create UGC using effective tools. To find out the best extensions for your business, visit Magenest. You can ask any questions in the comments section below.

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