How Small Businesses Can Stay Ahead Of Crisis Communication


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Effective communication is essential right now.

This is no matter what your situation may be.

It’s a change in our comfort level for those who are able to isolate themselves from the world with technology and provisions. This is a time of overwhelming uncertainty and fear for those who are not able to isolate themselves.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to be reading this article: You’re either working or at home looking for ways to keep your small business afloat in this crisis.

We can only control how we communicate during this time.

It is crucial that small businesses don’t appear exploitative, triggering or uncompassionate to customers during a time of redefining ‘normal’. This is a sure way to turn off your customers and damage your brand reputation.

If you are looking for a way of communicating effectively with customers without causing fear or collective anxiety, keep reading.

1. Take control of the situation

Many businesses and organizations are asking themselves whether they need to alter their Miami digital marketing strategy.

Yes…and No.

Due to the impact lockdown has had on their businesses, the service industry is in a difficult position.

It is possible to ask your marketers to pause emails that are being drafted, to postpone paid searches campaigns, or to completely rethink your marketing strategy.

However, it doesn’t matter how you change your marketing strategy. You must still address the ‘new normal” that many of us have become accustomed to. This must be done with care and compassion.

If you haven’t, you will need to clarify where your customers stand with you.

It is important to create a public address in which your business communicates directly with your customers. This is not only to make your customer feel like they are being addressed personally, but also to bring a sense of normality into your life. Hearing from brands we enjoy engaging with can be comforting, even if it is an exception to the ‘usual’ service.

Once you have clarified your business’s position on how you will carry out your services, you can add content that focuses on crisis communication.

As a small business, using social media platforms for crisis communication ensures you won’t lose your customers’ trust. It humanizes your brand by creating a sense of “collective grief” where consumers and businesses are both experiencing loss of ‘normality’ and are fighting this together.

While not every post must address COVID-19 in its entirety, it is important to introduce content that is designed with the current climate in mind.

2. Ask your customers what they want

Your customer base is going through a major shift right now. Small businesses are not immune to this change, but we as small businesses must encourage support and reassurance to help them through this transition.

Asking your customers what they would like to see from your business can help you ensure that you aren’t pushing messages that don’t resonate with them.

This is not only the most authentic type of marketing, but it also presents your company as transparent and sympathetic.

3. Make valuable content

It doesn’t matter if you have a digital marketing strategy that includes a marketing agency in Phoenix, it is important to create content that offers value for your customers.

Share any information or resources you think are useful or relevant to users on social media .

You can provide content that is helpful and soothing to your users, even if you are catering to retail therapy for those who are able to do so.

Positive messaging can be created by creating points of discussion, lists with useful resources, and social posts that highlight how people cope each day. This not only helps your brand to shine, but it also makes your customers feel validated and reassured.

It is important not to be too pushy about your products and services. You should change your messaging to ensure that you only provide content with real-life value.

You can address the pain points of your customers without causing anxiety or fear. Your customer base will be grateful for you doing this.

4. Transparency is key

Create a system that allows your business to update customers on a regular basis. Do this in a way that makes your business authentic and transparent.

People often turn to social media first when a situation or event occurs, no matter how dire. You can communicate transparently with your customers by reaching out on social media to update them about new products, services, or changes in the business.

Keep your customers informed if your physical store is closing. Your customers should be notified if you are changing any of your services, such as moving face to face workshops to virtual meetings or offering online learning content in place of physical lessons.

You can highlight your paid search and paid social campaign marketing strategies in your ad copy or hire a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles like Kobe Digital.

Thank your customers,

It is important to show appreciation for customers’ support.

A public post on social media, or on your website, that expresses gratitude to your customers in a permanent manner builds trust and promotes your company in an authentic and transparent way.

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