Next Level LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing


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LinkedIn has grown to be more than a small professional network site. It is essential that leads are made easier to all professionals.

There are many ways to unlock the floodgates to success. How can you get leads?

You may not be able to catch all the falling leads you want, but it does not mean that you will win. Prospecting on LinkedIn is essential.

This article will provide seven tips to make LinkedIn a more powerful tool for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn works

Let’s have a moment of cheering each other before I get too technical.

LinkedIn is a great choice for B2B leads. 

According to research, social media is a key tool for B2Bs in order to generate leads. What are the results of these social media marketing efforts?

How my agency can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website

  • SEO – Unlock huge amounts of traffic for your website. 
  • Content Marketing: Our team creates incredible content that is shared, gets linked and attracts traffic.
  • Paid Media: Effective strategies that pay with clear ROI

Not very. InsideSales claims that social media is overused when you look at the leads it generates.

The average score of social media platforms does not rise on the lead awesomeness scale. LinkedIn is the success indicator. 

LinkedIn accounts for 97% all social media leads within a company’s organization.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for lead generation in B2B.

Use LinkedIn to your advantage.

1. Turn your company page into a lead generation website.

It takes effort to generate leads via LinkedIn. These leads are yours to earn.

Make your business or company page a lead generation page. Do you really need all the information?

LinkedIn leads may use your company page as a way to direct them to the website of your company.

A company page should be designed in a way that converts visitors to your site. This information can be found in the company description or any recent updates.

Create an image that grabs attention.

The header image of a website is a great way to get people’s attention. Hubspot’s head image is an advertisement for upcoming guides.

Personalized marketing is possible with the header image. This image grabs attention and encourages users to look for more information. 

In the second section of your company description, create a persuasive and clear pitch for your company.

This is the reason many businesses fail. Don’t give too much detail about your company. Lead generation is hard.

Instead of talking to your target audience, encourage them to convert. 

The first two lines of your company description are the most important. LinkedIn displays only the first two lines of your company description. They won’t see the sparkling copy that you have created.

Now what? Your website is now available to them.

This is for prospects, users who want to learn more about you company. Your job is to make your website convert-ready.

If prospects don’t click through to your website from the company information section, make sure they are in the Updates.

Regular updates will create an active and engaging feed. You are seeking clicks from information-seekers.

These are the basics for optimizing a company page. If your niche is small, the information below will help you get the answers.

2. Create a Showcase Page.

LinkedIn designed showcase pages to promote companies’ individual brands.

Showcase Pages can be used to segment inbound LinkedIn traffic. If you have a business unit that connects directly to a target audience, a Showcase page can also be created.

Click “Edit” to edit your company page. For more information, please refer to.

Showcase pages can be used by B2Bs to increase leads. These pages can be used for long-lasting relationships with specific audiences.

Representation? Relationship with? Audience. This sounds very much like B2B advertising.

A Showcase page should target one customer segment. This page differs from company pages by many key points.

This page is Microsoft’s Showcase Page For Office.

Salesforce is a large company that has many Showcase pages.

These are some of the ways you can make your Showcase pages stronger

  • This page should be converted-primed like the company page.
  • The page name should not exceed 140 characters
  • Choose a name your audience can identify with in the Showcase page title.

Showcase pages are a great way to reach more people with your product and get more leads.

There are two inbound methods to generate leads. I will now show you how you can find them. They may not come to you, but you will.

LinkedIn’s advanced searches allow you to identify the people you are looking for.

Click on the search people icon from the LinkedIn header menu. You will see the advanced option.

This filter can be used even if you don’t have an upgraded LinkedIn account.

Advanced People Search’s central column is the most powerful. You can filter your search by past location, industry, school or profile language, as well as non-profit interests.

These are some of the ways you can create an Advanced Search. This search will be for my network members who live or work in the Seattle area.

I was able to connect with these people because they were very specific.

I love these results because they allow me to filter further and not have to go back to my original search.

Search filters can be useful as I can immediately see how they will impact my search results This is an example:

Advanced Search is the best way to locate targets.

Keep in mind that the more people you are connected to, the greater your chances of meeting warm prospects. 

4. Save searches

Save your search after you’ve created a targeted and precise search.

Save searches to make prospecting easier. Be consistent to maintain a steady sales flow.

After you’ve completed your advanced search, look in the upper left corner for “Save Search”.

Save searches and create alerts to help you search for the exact keyword again.

Only three searches can be saved without an upgraded subscription.

5. Search for Groups

Searching for people is the best way to find leads. This requires precision and detail. But, there is another way. It’s called group search.

At the time of writing this article, I had already identified 2,058,816 LinkedIn groups. 

This is a great way for leads to be found by searching for groups. These groups can be joined, kept active, and lead nurturing done that way.

A group search can be performed by entering the relevant keywords.

While group searches aren’t as advanced as company or people searches, you can still refine your search by language, relationship level, and category.

Look for groups with the following features:

Very relevant. It should match your target audience exactly.

LinkedIn ranks groups according to their activity level. This means you don’t need to pay much attention to how active they are in search results.

Medium size. Be careful when choosing.

6. Start groups

LinkedIn groups offer many great networking opportunities. Create your own LinkedIn group to get even more value.

It is possible to find a way of forming another group by joining other groups and interacting with them. You can gain industry recognition and leadership if you are the moderator or owner of your group.

Click on “See All” for more information.

On the next page, click “Create new Groups”.

Now you can enter details for the group in the popup. Keep the focus on the user, not your company.

You can make your target audience feel confident and open to interacting with you.

7. Publish content

LinkedIn provides a powerful content publishing platform which is vital for B2B marketing.

Quality content can transform your outbound marketing strategy. Instead of focusing solely on advertising, which draws attention towards your brand, build an inbound strategy to attract users who are interested.

This can be done in two ways: individually or as a business.

Marcus Murphy, a remarkable person, shares informative and interesting posts on the platform. With over 11,000 LinkedIn connections, he is rapidly becoming a respected leader in the industry.

He shared a simple post with many likes, shares and comments.

Adobe is an excellent example of company side publishing. 

It draws attention but isn’t pushy or tied to selling.

Publishing access is a great way to get more exposure. 


This strategy allows you to search for more specific strategies. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn can quickly become a tedious social network if you don’t have the right information. You should find at least five potential prospects if you don’t.

This is an excellent start that could lead to your next business-to-business sale.

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