Landing Page Call To Action Tips That Increase Conversions


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Let’s say you have a landing page that is great and gets lots of traffic.

You’re not making any sales. 

These visitors don’t convert.

The Call To Action (CTA), is one of the key reasons.

Your landing page should convert visitors to leads. It will return visitor’s personal information.

A landing page should reflect the campaign goal.

The call to action must be strong, which will encourage users to convert.

How do you create the perfect landing page CTA.

I’d like to share some of my top tips with

Make your CTA crystal clear

It is important to clearly define what you want your visitors to do. It is important to be clear about what visitors are looking for.

Use buttons or visual prompts to direct your attention towards your Call-To-Action (CTA).

Communication is the key to reaching your goals.

A clearer cta makes it more likely that people will act.

They should do what you ask, whether that is signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook , or buying your product.

Create CTA visual

To increase engagement, your CTA button must be visually appealing.

To create visually appealing CTA buttons, think about who or what your customers might be.

You might consider including a photo of your children with the text “sign-up” The CTA button on your website should be easily found by people who are staying at home.

You can use contrast colors to make sure that your visitors arrive on your landing page with the right actions in mind.

Tip – Use white space

White space refers to the space between elements of your design.

It is an important part of designing engaging designs. It should not be used excessively when designing CTAs.

Call-to-action buttons are critical in turning visitors into leads, customers, clients, etc. They should stand out from the rest of your design.

If you have too many elements in your landing pages, without enough white space around CTAs, prospects may feel overwhelmed.

Take Care Of Your Words

The button copy is the most important element of a landing page.

If you don’t clearly call for action, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers.

They will also leave if they can’t sign up or buy from your site. 

Make sure you understand the purpose of CTA buttons when choosing landing pages.

Your CTA should contain a clear message, and an action. It will be easier for users to know what they should do next.

You offer benefits

People know more about products and services than ever.

It is less common for consumers to invest in things that sound too good to be true.

They want to know why something is better than the other.

The most effective CTAs explain why you should click on or buy immediately. Show how conversions can improve lives and prospects.


Landing pages should follow one rule: Use only one call to action on any page.

Your visitors shouldn’t be offered too many options. Most likely, they will do nothing.

It is important to ensure that your prospects and conversions are not compromised.

You can use multiple landing pages to achieve multiple goals, including increasing sales or collecting email addresses.

Connect with your Audience

An emotional call to action that appeals to the emotions of the reader.

Words with emotional connotations are more likely to be remembered than words that have neutral connotations. A dynamic CTA copy can be a great way to increase conversion rates on your site.

Understanding your customers’ subconscious is key to effective advertising. When creating your CTA, you must consider the emotions of your audience.

Spend some time getting to know your audience

Marketers need landing page CTAs that work.

Advertisers need to be able generate curiosity and anticipation via their call-to-action buttons. This goal is important.

These emotions will help you reach your marketing goals. They can also help people learn about your product.

Highlight Urgency/or Scarcity

This limited-time deal is an example of scarcity.

It’s easy to lose motivation when you hear that a sale is over in a week.

Your subconscious will tell you that, even though it may seem impossible to believe that the deal is over, it is most likely true.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy before it expires.

A discount can be offered by clicking on your CTA button. However, it will not be available for long.

If you don’t convert, your audience should feel like they are missing something.

Let me show how to use urgency & scarcity in your landing pages CTAs

  • Today 
  • 24 Hours LEFT
  • Stock is limited
  • ONLY 4 items left

Add your CTA to the Fold

The placement of your CTA will have a significant impact on your marketing strategy.

The webpage’s upper half is visible above the fold.

To drive traffic to product pages, the CTA should not be placed in the footer.

Instead, strategically place the CTA on pages most likely to be viewed by customers. This will increase customer satisfaction and conversions.

Check Your CTA

Your CTA button may not be delivering the results that you want.

  • It is possible that the button is too small or not visible enough on your page.
  • Your description may not be compelling enough to get people to click the call-to action link.
  • Maybe you don’t have enough trust with your audience to get them to listen to what you have to share.

Test your CTA to determine the root cause. 

The most important aspect of the CTA button is its conversion rates.

You might want to determine which one is the most effective for your audience and you.

A variety of call-to-action strategies can be used to increase conversions on landing pages.

Your conversion goals will determine the tactics you choose, but we hope these ten examples have been helpful.

If you’re interested in learning more about landing pages or conversion optimization strategies, Please visit our blog on digital marketing and conversion optimization!

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