Benefits Of Having Hubspot Manage Your Digital Agency Projects


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Do you worry about meeting your business goals on time and fulfilling all the responsibilities that project managers have?

If so, you’re in the right spot.

A staggering 97% of organizations believe that project management is critical for business performance and organizational success.

It is difficult to manage multiple projects simultaneously, delegate different tasks, and collaborate across many teams on a good day. Project management is not an easy task for many people.

It can have a significant impact on the business. Inefficiencies and miscommunications in project management can lead to stressful situations for staff. This can also hinder your company’s goals and inefficiencies in project management.

Why project management tools are important? These Statistics Are Not To Be Missed

According to the 2018 Marketing Agency in Miami Growth Report, the lack of a project management program was the greatest problem for agencies. Agencies are faced with routine growth problems because they cannot effectively manage their time and keep projects on track. Around 20% have never used project management software.

The ultimate results can be extremely stressful. 43% of agencies struggle to find enough time to manage their administrative tasks. 29% experience moderate to severe cash flow problems and 35% face issues with talent management.

All creative digital marketing companies in Los Angeles, studios, and in-house digital marketing departments share one thing: they all strive to deliver the best possible creative work. Many agencies invest heavily in project management software and the best apps for project management.

What project management tools are available to improve work quality and prevent people from getting tangled up in tedious and time-consuming project administration?

Many project management tools can keep your team on the right track without spending a lot of money.

HubSpot is the best tool to help you reach high altitudes and build strong relationships with your customers.

Continue reading to discover how HubSpot can help you leverage the full power of your business automation tool. However, you must be aware of the benefits of HubSpot’s project management tool.

Well! You don’t have to be worried! This article will help you to understand the best sales and marketing tools and how they can transform your entire work environment.

Before we get into the benefits of project management, let’s first learn about this versatile tool.

How to manage your projects using Hubspot

HubSpot’s project management tool makes it easy to assign tasks, plan campaigns efficiently, manage projects effectively, and satisfy clients.

It also helps you organize your tasks and plan your work in one place. It allows you to quickly see both the high-level and detailed details of deadlines, tasks, and resources.

  • Effective task management in conjunction with your marketing custom workflows
  • Multi-capability attachments are required to keep track of all important assets
  • To-do lists that are ready to go to launch your projects immediately
  • For recurring projects, you can use custom templates
  • You can have landing pages, workflows, and emails all in one tool

Why use HubSpot?

Well! There are many reasons why you should choose this incredible tool. Let’s look at some of the many benefits that HubSpot offers.

A Centralized Place for User-Friendly Project Management

Are you fed up with having to update color-coding spreadsheets and execute confusing campaigns? 

HubSpot’s project tool makes it easy to plan, create and launch projects from one central location.

It doesn’t require third-party logins. This will greatly reduce your time in managing and walking through projects that will help you reach your marketing goals.

Increase Productivity in Your Business Without Using Other Tools

HubSpot is the ideal tool to help you reach your business goals and keep track of each task.

HubSpot’s project tool will allow you to increase your productivity and perform each task efficiently without switching between tools.

It’s the perfect time to organize everything in the best way possible and increase productivity.

Multi-task Management ensures timely delivery

It can be difficult to deliver high-quality projects on schedule while also managing other tasks simultaneously.

You can quickly review your project by reviewing the assigned deadlines and watching the time slots. This allows you to organize many scattered items and allows you to communicate effectively with your team members.

HubSpot is the perfect tool for you if your goal is to reduce your workload and manage a successful project.

Use the All-Task feature to quickly check the task status

HubSpot’s “all task” feature is another reason to use it.

You can check the task status for the new task or the in-progress task. You can also assess the task status including its waiting status, review status, recurring status, or failure.

You can now easily identify the risks that could further delay the project. Start communicating with potential clients and stakeholders to establish bonded relations.

Pre-Made To-Do Lists Make It Easier to Get Your Projects Off the Ground.

The HubSpot project tool also allows us to create different types of project templates for specific campaigns or other tasks. These templates can be personal, shared across multiple accounts, or global access templates.

Multi-team collaboration is possible

You can assign tasks quickly to users and keep track of progress on the same platform by using the sales-and-marketing tool.

You can also set the due date and link the task directly to assets using diversified HubSpot tools. These tasks allow you to comment and mention users.

Organize onboarding tasks effortlessly

HubSpot makes it easy to address the problems by providing a tackle-based checklist.

Many tasks, such as technical setup and core methodology tactics, can be performed efficiently. It is possible to do these tasks efficiently without spending a lot of time and effort.

HubSpot can also be used to greatly improve your work and make sure that your projects work at their best.

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