How To Hire a Social Media Ads Manager: Complete Guide


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Over the years, social media platforms have evolved.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook were designed to let users share their thoughts with others. 

Social media advertising is a great way for your business to be promoted. A social media manager can be a great option.

This page will explain why paid advertising is so important, what a manager does, and how to find the right social media manager for your company.

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Why paid social media advertising matters

We all know that there is intense competition. It’s getting more difficult to sell products due to this overwhelming competition.

There are ways to stand out such as paid advertising via social media.

Your company’s social presence will give you an advantage over your competition. Paid advertising can be a great way to get your company noticed.

Reach your audience on social media using a powerful, paid social media marketing campaign.

You can target specific people with social media ads. It is easy to target customers with social media ads if you know your customers.

Paid advertising on social media is so powerful because more than 3.5 Billion people use social media — that’s roughly 45% of the global population. 

Social media is so popular that paid social advertising allows advertisers to reach a larger audience. 

Kobe Digital provides social media advertising services. These services can be paid for on a variety of social media platforms. We can help you engage your audience on these platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

I’m interested in social media marketing. Why do I need to employ a manager for my social media ads?

Both small and large businesses are asking the same question: “Why do I need a social media manager?”

A social media manager is trained to create a successful social media marketing campaign. 

Your business might be very busy and you may not know where to start. 

A social marketing manager can manage your campaign. More sales will be generated by your paid social media advertising campaigns.

Social media managers can do more than manage your social media ads. Learn why social media managers can be unassuming heroes for your company.

5 things a social media manager can do that will make them your hero

What is a social media marketing manager good for? We want to tell you why.

1. They’ll look at your competition

We said that there is intense competition in every industry. Everyone is selling something. Your product must be superior to others.

Before you start your campaign, a social media manager will examine the most successful competitors. 

  • This information can be used to identify the target audiences for your competitors.
  • Take note of their language and how they speak
  • Please take note of their calls to action
  • Have a look at the ad’s style and format.

They don’t want to copy your competitors but rather to gain insight into industry best practices.

While they won’t be copying your campaign, your social media managers can make notes to help shape it.

2. They create advertisements from top to bottom

It can be hard to create ads. Choose graphics and visuals and write a call-to-action copy . You can create landing pages by choosing the shape or size of a button.

An advertising manager for social media will handle all your requests and make sure that your ads are ready to go.

Your ads must be visually appealing. Social media managers who are skilled in creating ads that reflect your brand’s style and budget will be able to do so.

Your ad should be visible on your feeds by Users and they should be able to recognize it as being for your product.

Your social media manager will be aware of your social media advertising specs to ensure that ads display properly on your chosen platform. They will also be familiar with best practices in social media ad management.

3. These indicate the budget and bid

Paid Social Advertising operates on a bidding system. You need to bid the highest on your target keyword.

It can be difficult to determine your advertising budget, especially if you are new to paid advertising. Your social media marketing companies in Phoenix manager will help you determine the most cost-effective bid that will drive clicks and keep costs low.

Paid social media advertising works best as you only pay for people who click it. Paid advertising is one of the most cost-effective options.

Another benefit? You can’t overspend.

A social media manager can help you set a budget limit so that you get the most out of each ad.

This type of budget guidance can help your business a lot, especially because it will stop you from spending too much on marketing.

4. They assess and report on the success or failure of ad campaigns

Imagine baking cookies but not tasting them after they have been baked. 

Ads are no different. You don’t have to taste the cookies to see if they’re salty enough.

Social media marketing specialists who are proficient in social media will assess the success of your ads, and make adjustments to improve them.

They will analyze your ads and provide you with the results 

5. They try different ad variants

It’s possible that you don’t like the first ad you create. You should try several designs before you settle on the right design, CTA button, or copy.

It’s the same as failing to evaluate the success rate of your ads. If you don’t test different ad formats, you will miss sales and clicks. Sometimes your first ad is not the best.

Your social media manager will set up A/B testing of your ads to determine which performs the best. 

It’s not necessary to worry about whether your ads are performing well with A/B testing.

What are the top social media marketing managers?

You have many options when looking for the right social media marketing professional.

Not all social media agencies listed on Google are a good fit for your company. 

1. How many years they’ve been in business

How long they have been in business can give you an idea of how experienced and knowledgeable they are in social media marketing

These are key areas of your campaign’s success. Success is directly related to experience.

You can’t imagine ordering a cake from someone that has just bought their first measuring cups. 

Experienced social media managers can also offer insights that will help you to run a more successful campaign.

2. In which industries do they work?

Every industry is different, so it is important to work with a social marketing manager who is experienced in your industry. 

Advertising heavy machinery via social media differs from Advertising in a restaurant.

Experienced social media managers in your industry can identify niche-specific strategies that work for you and the quirks that make your campaign a success.

A portfolio is a way to show your experience and get a manager in your industry.

Social media managers with a large portfolio of ads are more comfortable venturing into new industries.

3. What do other customers think about them

Reviews and testimonials are crucial when it comes to choosing the best social media marketing manager.

Positive or negative reviews can be left and customers can give honest feedback. Do not let one negative review ruin your entire experience.

Each person will have a different experience. It is more likely that you will be satisfied if an ads manager has received positive reviews than negative ones.

These testimonials are positive and come directly from clients who enjoy working with agencies.

Get a social media marketing specialist with hundreds of testimonials.

4. These are transparent

The best social media managers will be transparent about every aspect of their business. Transparency is essential when it comes to:

  • Cost of a Campaign
  • The average length of a campaign
  • They offer a range of services
  • What platforms do they use
  • They have lots of experience
  • What industries do they work in?

This information is crucial, but some managers may try to conceal it to get you to agree to their terms. You should expect them to be transparent with you about all aspects.

Hidden fees and poor results can be expected if they’re not transparent in all areas.

5. They’re active on social media

If you’re looking for social media managers, it is important to find a company that has a strong presence on social media.

If they don’t have the right tools to help you build a strong social presence, they won’t be able to help.

You should be especially aware of the social ads social media managers create for agencies. Are these visually appealing and in line with their brand?

Keep searching until you find the right answer.

Kobe Digital has a team of social media managers who will manage your ads.

Kobe Digital can help you find social media managers that care about your company and will help you succeed in social advertising.

We have a team of social media marketing specialists who can help you create engaging ads that engage and convert your target audience.

We will get to know your goals, competition, and competitors to create the best social advertising. We’ll manage your ads and give you insight into the best budgets and bid amounts to help you achieve your goals.

Then, we’ll analyze and report on your ads. This will help you understand what factors are driving your success, and allow you to adjust your campaigns as necessary.

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