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Sometimes you add your favorite products to your online shopping cart, but then you suddenly leave the site and don’t complete your order.

Not everyone leaves the internet without buying online.

Online shopping cart abandonment rates are 69.80%. This can be a significant loss for your ecommerce business.

Customers who abandon carts are an excellent way to remind them of their love for the products and perhaps win them back. 

HubSpot reports around 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months.

Subject lines that don’t grab attention.

This article will explain the subject line for an abandoned cart email. It will also discuss how to define it, which types of abandoned cart subject messages you have, and some tips for abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned Cart Subject Line

1. Straightforward Subject Lines

Avoid using unnecessary words in your abandoned cart subject line. Keep personalization simple.

Customers can remind themselves about the products they have purchased by using simple subject lines.

  • What Did You Forget
  • You Left Your Product Name Behind!

2. Subject Lines for “The Offer”

Everyone loves free shipping and discounts.

Customers may have moved on due to shipping costs or product price.

Bribing and offering them a special deal can help you win their trust.

Customers will be more interested if your offer is included in the subject line, even if they abandon the cart due to the price.

  • Save 10% on your cart before it disappears!
  • Grab 15% Discount on Your Order Now!

3. Curiosity Subject Lines

This subject line is more than a standard one.

Here you need to grab the attention of your customer by appealing to curiosity and getting them to click the email to see the carefully written copy.

  • Get a gift for yourself
  • Olivia, Continue shopping with a coupon

4. Suggestions for Subject Lines

It is assumed that the customer has forgotten to purchase due to suggestive subject lines.

They’ll be reminded about the abandoned shopping cart.

  • Looking for something particular?
  • Olivia: You’ve Lost Something

This logic is very simple: Customers who add products to their shopping carts are more likely to be interested.

Product-related subject lines can help you rekindle your original desire for products.

  • You (item) Would Look Amazing on You
  • What happened to that (Product name), please look again?

6. Friendly Subject Lines

Friendly subject lines create a personal connection and not just transactional messages.

Customers must be able to identify your brand’s tone when interacting with you.

A friendly subject line is not the best option if your brand is formal.

Know your audience before you choose the tone.

The friend’s subject line, Chubbies, is fantastic.

  • Howdy Bud!
  • Where would YOU go?

7. Subject lines for Customer Service

Customers may have abandoned their carts because of a problem at checkout.

This is a great way to help customers. You can ask customers what problem they are having and then work with them to resolve it.

  • Can We Help?
  • Have You Got a Problem with Your Order?

8. Brand Voice

Customers will click on your emails without you having to include an offer.

Use the brand’s personality for your subject lines.

You can be casual, funny or friendly. 

  • Chubbies: “Wanna Know a Secret?” “
  • By Maybelline “

9. Fear of Missing out (FOMO) Subject Lines

Customers are convinced to buy when they fear losing their money.

Ecommerce companies often create urgency in subject lines by using one of the three methods described below.

Urgency to the cart: Informing that items in your cart will soon be expired

Informing customers about limited products

Urgency Discounts for Customers who Complete Their Orders Within a Limited Time

  • Your cart is about to expire
  • Grab 15% Discount on Your Order Now!

Popups are also possible. Customers feel more likely to act when they feel compelled. Read more in our recipe Increase ecommerce revenue with scarcity and urgency

10. Creative Subject Lines

It doesn’t matter if the subject lines are different.

Your customer will open your email if you are creative with your subject lines

You should be careful not to go too creative with this subject matter. Get to know your audience.

  • “Don’t Open This Email” (by ReBEL8)

This is REBEL8. Although the email is highly click-friendly, it may not be clear what the intended purpose of the subject line is.

  • Olivia: You Are Certain You Want This

11. Personalized Subject Lines

To send emails that are highly related, you must first segment your contacts list.

Make it personal. You can address your customers by their first names in the subject lines.

  • Olivia, Your Cart Doesn’t Need You.
  • It’s snowing at (Location), so grab (product name). Keep warm

12. Emoji Subject Lines

Use emojis in subject lines is a risky move. Customers are from many different cultures.

Emojis can have different meanings depending on their context 

  • Hurry! Hurry!

13. Topic Lines for Emotions

Emotional subject lines can help you get more.

It can be humorous or conversational.

  • UrbanDaddy: Your Life Has Changed

Why do people abandon shopping carts?

There are many reasons why your cart could be abandoned. These are the most common reasons a cart might be abandoned:

  • Shipping costs
  • Enter information again
  • Coupon code not valid
  • Slow loading websites is an example of a problem
  • Checking is a complex process.
  • Comparative Shopping is a method to find a product that is cheaper at another store.

These are the Reason specific abandonment rates

  • Shipping fees up to 60%
  • Forcible Registration 37%
  • Checkout Process/Long Fill-Out Forms 28%
  • Hidden Costs 23%
  • Website loading too slowly for 20%

Understanding abandoned carts can help you solve the problem and increase your sales.

Email Strategies to Increase Open rates and Conversions: Abandoned cart

This extensive guide includes more email marketing strategies.

1. Write Subject Lines In Title Case

You can write three different subject lines: 

  • Title: Capitalizing each letter of each word
  • Sentence: Capitalizing each letter of each word
  • Lower case: No letter capitalized

You can increase your open rates by using subject lines in title case titles.

2. Avoid Spam Folders

It is important to be aware of Spam-trigger terms. 

Use exclamation points sparingly and write in all capitals

To learn more, visit Why spam emails are sent to your inbox

3. Multiple emails sent

Klaviyo stats show that ecommerce companies sending multiple emails generate more revenue and have higher open rates, click-through rates, and click-through rates.

If you stop sending abandoned cart emails after just one email, you could lose revenue.

4. Performance

Klaviyo statistics indicate that offer-based emails perform very well:

Open RateClick Here to Get a RateRevenue Per Recipient
Up to %36.55%    10.35%$2.81
Enjoy Discounts Up to $42.78%    8.99%$15.91
No Shipping Charge43.39%    12.53%$3.07


Subject lines form the foundation of email marketing. Customers will read the subject line and decide whether they want to open or delete the emails. Be consistent with your timing.

I hope you found this article helpful and that it helps you to create memorable abandoned cart subject lines for your brand. 

Visit our blog on email marketing for more information.

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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