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Let’s start with some video marketing statistics. Did you know that 82% of all internet traffic will come from video over the next few decades?

The video won’t go where, so get on board now.

You’ll get very crowded if everyone’s on the same video train. I have some tips that will help you increase your video marketing.

Understanding the viewing habits of your audience is crucial to make your videos stand out. I will add four video marketing tips.

YouTube is the biggest player in the video-sharing market.

YouTube’s popularity does not mean you should ignore other social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram videos receive more engagement.

Tip #2: Know the devices that people use to watch videos.

It’s not surprising that web videos need to be mobile-first. They use their phones.

Two important points to remember when using mobile video.

One refers to the language you use.

Here’s a sample. A click on a smartphone does not get you to click a link. This is more like tapping.

You might want to use something other than “Click the Link” for people who use a mouse in your description. Instead of using “Click the Link”, you could say “Follow or tap the link.” “

See your video analytics to see who is viewing your videos. 

Mobile video is the second most popular. Many people see it without sound.

92% of those who surveyed America

Mobile viewing videos without sound Captions can be the solution. Next video tip.

Tip #3: How people search for videos.

YouTube searches for the same keyword will return more results. Not only the “why”, but it will also include the “how”. This visual nature should be reflected in topics.

Instead of explaining why they should update their website, it is more effective to make a video that demonstrates how. Search results can help you find what people are searching for in video marketing content.

YouTube is an important component of consumer decision-making, as I’ve mentioned before. Google has created Key Moments to allow YouTube videos and websites in the Key Moments section.

It may be more challenging to get your videos to show up for key moments. Your page must provide rich outcomes, and your site must use clip-structured data.

The website feature is only available on a select few sites. If you’re interested in video advertising and you meet all the requirements, please fill out an interest form.

Tip #4: Make your videos more personal with data

Personalization is the future of video.

Do you know of any industry professionals interested in your content and videos?

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