How Much Does a Web Designer Make?


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Before telling you how much a web designer earns, it is necessary to remember that we live in a digital age, which has led us, almost by obligation, to have a website

Although there are social networks, a website can give credibility to any business and, thus, get more customers. And behind any website, there are web designers, professionals who are increasingly in demand by large companies. 

According to a recent study, 94% of first impressions about your business are related to the design of your website, and Sitejet claims that 90% of people who left a website were because it was poorly designed. That is, the work of a web designer today is vital to get more clients and, thus, exponentially increase sales. 

Brands are looking for them more and more, but there are not many web designers on the market yet. Would you become one? Maybe when you find out how much a web designer earns, you will be completely convinced.

What is web design? 

To understand what web design means, we first have to take into account what the web means. Many confuse the web with the Internet, concepts that are totally different. 

The Internet is a network of computers connected at a global level, while the web is one of how information flows through the Internet; In other words, the web is built on the Internet. So what is web design? 

Web design goes far beyond the aesthetic issue of a web page. The graphic design, yes, is part of it, but the general concept is much broader. Web design is an activity that is responsible for implementing, planning, designing, and maintaining a website

This means that web design encompasses activities that range from structuring the site to implementing the creative and functional part for the user. So that you have a more precise concept, I invite you to read this complete guide on UX and UI web design. 

In summary, we could say that web design is a multitasking activity. And, before knowing how much a web designer earns, I will tell you what tasks a professional in this industry perform in the next point. 

The functions of the web designer 

Web designers are among the most demanded professionals today. This has to do precisely with the fact that they can perform different tasks related to the construction of a website. These web development tools will help you create an efficient site. 

I already told you that the web designer’s work is limited to the aesthetic plane and much more. At this point, I will tell you the main functions that web designer performs in their day today. 

1. Planning and design of the structure of a website.

2. Apply usability criteria (why the page is created) and accessibility (responsive design, for example). 

3. Graphic design (creation of logos, choice of fonts, design of digital pieces, among others). For this, it is necessary to know the leading design programs, such as Illustrator or Photoshop. By the way, do you do everything you can do with Photoshop?

4. Installation and configuration of content management platforms (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. By the way, this CMS duel between WordPress and Drupal may interest you.

5. Check the optimal functioning of a website. 

6. Design strategies for SEO positioning. 

7. Understanding and mastery of programming languages ​​(JavaScript, Ruby, Python, among others). I take this opportunity to invite you to know the most used programming languages. 

Yes, there are many tasks that web designers must know and perform in their day today, but it is precisely for this reason that they are currently among the best-paid professionals in the digital industry. How much does a web designer earn? We find out below. 

How much does a web designer earn? 

Being a profession that encompasses many activities, determining how much a web designer earns will be subject to the chosen specialization

For example, if you specialize in UX design, your salary will not be the same if you specialize in JavaScript programming.

What I want to get to with this premise is that salaries will be referential. These depend not only on the specialization you choose but also on the company you work for. Regardless, I’ll show you how much a web designer makes roughly in some of the biggest markets in the region. 

Web design courses 

Very well! We already know how much a web designer earns approximately, but we have to prepare for this salary to increase. Web design is quite a vast world, so you can start with the basics and work your way up

At this point, I will show you some exciting web design courses for all levels and that you could even take at the same time. 

Online course of Introduction to Front end Web Development: HTML and CSS from scratch

One of the essential knowledge that the web designer must have is to master the different types of programming language. This web design course will teach you how to convert any design to HTML code, such as an image or a PSD

In this course, you will learn everything about front-end web development through 86 classes that you can take at your own pace. Without a doubt, a super complete web design course. 

WordPress online course: Design and develop web pages from scratch

One of the platforms that we will find the most in web design is WordPress. In this online course, we will learn to use this tool to create a website capable of attracting more customers and, thus, increasing our sales. 

Advanced WordPress online course: customize your templates 

As I told you above, you can take web design courses simultaneously. This online course is a great option to keep up with the previous one since you will learn to create your themes and templates from scratch, which will give your website a unique and special touch. 

At Kobe Digital you can learn more about web design and for more information please visit our website on regular basis for more content.

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