Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas To Skyrocket Sales


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The holiday season is a great opportunity to build relationships with customers, increase your online presence, and interact with your audience. 

You can create a new website or modify an existing one with holiday content. This will allow you to plan your holiday marketing strategies. Here are 13 of our top holiday marketing ideas.

Holiday marketing ideas

  1. Spread holiday cheer via email marketing
  2.  Partner With an Influencer
  3.  Holiday feelings
  4.  Support non-profit
  5.  Make targeted holiday ads
  6.  Take care of your customers
  7.  Hosting holiday contest
  8. Decorate social media channels
  9.  Make a holiday-themed video campaign
  10.  Create your website homepage
  11.  Create a holiday-themed
  12.  Highlight an item on your website
  13.  Make festive blog posts

1. Email marketing can spread holiday cheer

Email marketing is one the most effective small business marketing strategies for holidays. More than 80% of respondents claim that it drives customer retention and acquisition better than any other form of digital marketing. This includes social media.

Invite your subscribers to your website to discover new products and services. You can also offer a discount code to your subscribers.

Holiday emails are not something you will be doing alone this year. Here are some holiday email marketing examples you might find inspirational:

  • You can count down to a holiday date. Remind them that they still have X days before the holiday date to make them buy.
  • A numbered list with hand-picked items can be shared. You could, for example, list X products and services with links back to your shop in ascending order. This encourages readers to scroll through the entire email.
  • Videos and GIFs can be animated to grab people’s attention in your email. 
  • Send holiday gift: You can send any type of gift, including a gift certificate for a product or a printable card with a coupon .
  • Create a holiday campaign to encourage people to buy now.
  • Warm wishes and holiday greetings can be sent. Make a digital greeting card with a festive photo of yourself or your team.

2. Partnership with an influencer

Although working with influencers is an important part of any marketing strategy, it’s especially effective during the holidays. This is a great time to increase brand awareness, and sales.

Influencers might recommend your product for holiday gifts. Tiffany Wang, a lifestyle blogger, suggests Monkey 47 Gin. 

Take advantage of the quality content created by influencers. You should lock them in as soon as possible, since there will be other brands looking to partner with holiday marketers.

3. Holiday emotions appeal

Holidays bring out the best in people. 

Written copy, photos, and videos can convey sentimental aspects of your marketing. Your customers will see your brand through positive emotions.

The WestJet Christmas miracle real-time giving campaign is well-known for its emotional approach to holiday marketing. The campaign also brought joy to the viewers.

4. Support a non-profit to do good

Giving is the greatest gift. Donations are the most important part. 

Philanthropic efforts will not only benefit a worthy cause, but also allow you to promote holiday content that is not focused on sales and self-promotion. Share your cause with others and increase the impact of your generosity.

5. Run targeted holiday ads

Holidays can be a great way to get new customers and retain existing customers. 

We recommend holiday marketing ads to be run on social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Search Ads. Retargeting is another option. Make sure to decorate your holiday ads with bright colors, text, and imagery. After people click on the ads, they’ll be directed to your site.

Retargeting ads are important because users might abandon your website and not return to finish their orders. It is a good idea to remind them that they have to complete their order.

6. Treat your customers well

Don’t make the mistake of focusing all your holiday marketing on new customers. Your goal is to make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

7. Host a holiday contest

Create buzz with anything, from a contest to see the most ugly sweater, to a race for a chance to win a scented candle. Contests and giveaways can be used to collect user-generated material.

You need to be clear about what you want to do before you start your holiday marketing contest.

  • A clear goal is essential. You should have a clear goal.
  • Give your audience a prize to entice them.
  • All rules should be included: This is crucial for transparency and legal purposes. Make sure all factors are listed for the contest, and make them accessible to participants.
  • Promote contest: Make use of email marketing and social media promotion to let people know about it.
  • Share the story of the winner: This is your last chance to generate additional content. Create engaging content about your winner and company, then share it via social media. Get permission from the winner.

8. Decorate social media channels

You can decorate your front yard with lights and garnish your door with holiday decorations. This is your chance to let people know that you are aware of the holidays.

Share any content you like, including upcoming events and holiday promotions. Show behind-the-scenes photos of how you prepare to celebrate holidays in your home or business.

Show off your holiday decorations in your workplace or at home, or let your pet wear a silly costume to get extra attention from your friends. 

9. Make a holiday-themed video campaign

Video about products can make consumers 64% less likely to buy it.

Studies have shown that shorter videos are more effective than longer videos in marketing. This format is ideal for Instagram Reels or TikTok. Or, you can use one of many video creation tools like Magisto or Splice.

10. Redesign your website homepage

A special redesign of your website can express your holiday spirit.

Holiday shopping and gift research can all be done on the go. Make sure your website is mobile optimized and loads quickly.

Your logo represents your business.

12. A sale should be highlighted on your website.

If you’re hosting a contest, sale or other event, a lightbox can be a great way for your audience to get noticed. You might find some fun things to do with them.

When you create a lightbox for your website, you can customize everything–including content, colors, fonts, calls-to-action (CTA), layout and background images. You can customize it to fit the holiday theme or sale you are targeting. Lightboxes are a great way to market holiday products. An attractive background theme can help increase sales, registrations, and form fills.

13. Write festive blog posts      

Combine the joy of holidays with your knowledge and skills and you can provide expert advice, tutorials, and holiday guides to your customers. 

Any holiday-related topic can be highlighted. This blog post can be used to inspire you. 

Once you’re done, share the task on social media to drive traffic and increase engagement for your business.

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