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The ability to target the right audience is key to the success of your marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you’re advertising on Facebook or creating targeted content for the site.

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Facebook customer match marketing lets you target the right audience to increase conversions and revenue every year.

How does customer matching marketing work on Facebook This page will cover Facebook custom audiences, Facebook retargeting, and other topics.

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Different customer match marketing methods via Facebook

Facebook has many options to help you create customer match marketing campaigns.

These are just a few of the many ways you can reach your ideal target audience.

You can use customer lists to create custom audiences

Are you able to share customer information with others? This list includes customers who shared their information via email subscriptions and forms on your site.

These customer lists can be very useful as they enable you to market to people already interested in your company. If users don’t want to be contacted, they won’t provide their contact information.

Be sure to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that all information sent to Facebook must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Click the button to view the steps for creating custom audiences from customer lists in your Facebook marketing campaign.

Visitors to websites can create their own audiences

Advertising with a custom audience can be a cost-effective way to increase your advertising budget.

People who have already visited your site before you create a custom audience will see your ads.

How can you determine who visited your website? Your Facebook pixel Facebook pixel is embedded code that you place on your website. It allows Facebook to track user actions, such as whether they add items to their carts or fill out lead forms.

Based on how your visitors interact with your site, the Facebook Pixel can help you create an audience.

Click the button below to skip to the step by step instructions on how website visitors can be used to build your audience.

You can create custom audiences using app activity

Are you looking for an app to help your business? Do you want to use Facebook retargeting to reach customers with another product or service?

Facebook customer match marketing allows for you to create a custom audience based on app activity. Just like with website visitors, you can also create a custom audience by analyzing specific actions taken via your app.

Lookalike audiences

Advertising to like-minded audiences is a great way to expand your market.

These people are similar to your customers.

Let’s say, for instance, that your target audience shares the following traits:

  1. New homeowner
  2. Household incomes greater than $100,000
  3. Married
  4. No children

These users will make up your lookalike community. You will need to create a Facebook group with 1,000 to 50,000 top customers in order to achieve the ideal lookalike audience. The criteria for this group include lifetime value, total orders and engagement.

For step-by-step instructions about how to create Lookalike Audiences, click the button below.

Other options for custom audiences

This page describes custom audiences that are based on customer activity, website activity, and app activity. There are many other options.

Facebook lets you create custom audiences by using the following Facebook sources

  • video: Identify users who have viewed your Instagram or Facebook video and build an audience.
  • Lead page: This is a great way to create an audience. You can do this by creating a list with users who have completed or opened a lead page via your Facebook or Instagram ads.
  • Instant Experience: Identify users who have opened Instant Experiences via Instagram or Facebook to build an audience.
  • Instagram Business Profile: Create a profile that’s based on interactions with your Instagram account.
  • Events: Combine users who have interacted in your Facebook event to create an audience.
  • Facebook page: You can create an audience by creating your page based upon the number of people who interact on it.

Traditional Facebook advertising vs. customer match marketing

Your Facebook marketing can be zero-waste. This is what Facebook custom audiences are capable of offering.

Social media marketing companies in Phoenix can be used to target specific audiences with your campaigns. Customer match marketing on Facebook allows you to go even further.

Facebook allows you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services through custom audiences.

This is what makes Facebook different from traditional advertising and customer match marketing.

  • Although Facebook advertising can be a great way of targeting specific audiences, you cannot predict the number of people who will be interested in your ads.
  • Facebook customer match marketing lets you target specific users who have visited your website, taken a specific action on the site, or are friends of specific users.

What’s the difference? What is the difference? The difference? Facebook customer match marketing offers a higher return on investment (ROI) because you are remarketing products/services to people who have expressed interest in your company.

Facebook custom audiences: How can you benefit from this?

These are just a few ways your company can make money with Facebook retargeting by using Facebook custom audiences.

1. It will help you save money

It is a big difference to advertise a sectional sofa for someone who lives in an apartment, and someone who has a home.

People who live in apartments will not be interested in sectional sofas, but people who own a home may.

Advertising to a broad audience will likely result in many people being uninterested in your products and services. Even though they represent a small percentage of your target audience, you still need to advertise to them.

You can advertise to only people who own a home using Facebook customer match marketing.

You can save money by creating custom audiences on Facebook. Each person who views your ads has the potential to convert, unlike when you had to pay money to advertise to people who might not be interested in your products.

2. You’ll sell more products

Facebook custom audiences will allow you to sell more products.

Facebook custom match marketing saves money and allows you to reach more people and sell more products. You will have more success in getting your ad seen by people who are interested in your product and thus increase your chances of them purchasing your products.

3. Brand awareness can be increased

You have the option to advertise to similar audiences if you are using Facebook custom audiences for your campaign.

These audiences have the same ideal qualities and characteristics as your customers. This opens up new doors for you to reach untapped audiences.

These contacts and remarketing lists are likely to have a similar audience to you, so it is possible to increase brand awareness by advertising directly to them.

Lookalike audiences are not the only way to increase brand awareness. Facebook’s retargeting ads with custom audiences resulted in a 10466% rise in branded searches. That’s astronomical!

How to use different types of customer matching marketing on Facebook

We’ve provided step-by-step instructions to help you seamlessly integrate Facebook Custom Audience Target into your campaign.

Continue reading for more information!

Creating custom audiences via customer list

Before you can create a custom audience, first create your customer list. In an Excel file, you should include the following information:

  1. Email address
  2. Telephone number
  3. First and last names (different columns).
  4. Date of birth
  5. Gender
  6. Age
  7. Country

You will also need to add a country code. Next, upload your information to Facebook.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Open “Audiences”
  3. Click “Create Custom Audience”, then “Customer List”.
  4. Click “Add to Your Own List”
  5. Select “Original Data Source” from the dropdown menu and then upload your Excel file to a.csv format.
  6. To name your audience, click “Next”, add a description and click “Next”.
  7. Wait!

After you upload your data, Facebook will create an audience for you based on the data.

Creating custom audiences via website visitors

Website visitors can be used to create custom audiences. These audiences can then be integrated with customer lists.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Open “Audiences”
  3. Click “Create Custom Audience”, then “Website”.
  4. To check if you have any questions, create an opixel in Facebook.
  5. Create a rules section to determine the actions you want to take in order to reach your target audience.
  6. Please give a brief description about your audience.
  7. Click “Create Audience”
  8. Here are the details of the pop-up

Creating custom audiences via app activity

These steps are similar to custom audiences through website visitors or customer list.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Open “Audiences”
  3. Click on “Create a Custom Audience”, then click “App Activity”.
  4. Add people to your audience and name it
  5. Click “Create Audience”>

Integrating lookalike audiences

These steps will allow you to create an audience similar to yours.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Open “Audiences”
  3. Click “Create an Audience Similar To”
  4. Select your data source, audience size and location.
  5. Click “Create Audience”
  6. Wait!

It can take Facebook up to six hours for you to create your Lookalike Audience.

It’s time to make use of Facebook’s customer matching marketing.

If we can convince customers to match on Facebook, then we’ve done our job. Even though we provide step-by-step instructions, we know how hard it can be to manage your own business.

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