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Do you want to increase email marketing conversions?

This infographic provides useful tips and guidance for creating a mailing list that works.

This article will show you how to create an email list.

Creating a mailing list is the first thing. Next, you’ll need strategies that convert visitors into loyal customers. Take a deep breath.

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that converts customers into visitors. You can also turn them into loyal customers.

It’s worth spending the time to build an e-mail list of customers. Optimizing your email can increase open and click rates. Automate conversions to increase open and click rates.

Let’s look at 13 methods to build an email list that is both highly effective and beneficial.

1. Get permission from your customers

You must first get permission to email your customers. Introduce your customers to special offers, discounts, and other relevant information.

  • If you send random emails to people, it could be considered spam. This can damage your reputation.
  • The EMail lists that are purchased are not ethical, sustainable, or effective. 

This is very important 

  • You can add an email address to opt out if someone isn’t interested.
  • 64% of subscribers open emails based on their origin, and 47% open emails solely based on the subject.

Avoid being flagged as spammers for sending unsolicited emails to random users on a purchased email list. Regularly clearing out your email list will increase your effectiveness in email marketing campaigns.

How do I create opt-in forms?

Now we can talk about opt-ins and how they are made. ” question.

Have you ever thought about the reasons it is so important? 

The opt-in form communicates the ultimate benefit to your lead magnet.

This is a transaction. Your website visitors will sign up for your mailing list in exchange for your lead magnet. Don’t be fooled.

It can sometimes be hard to create an opt-in page. 

Simpler Form

Only know the name and email address of your visitor. 

A slick headline

Create a catchy headline that describes the main benefit of your lead magnet. 

Supportive Description

Bullet points are used to assist readers in scanning the text and communicating your message.

Amazing Visuals

You can add an image of your lead magnet to your forms to increase conversions. 

Subscribe Now!

Make sure your subscribe button is visible in contrasting colors.

Even though you’ve created an attractive opt-in form, it is important to think about where you should place it on your website. 

Where do I place the opt-in form?

Splash Page

Splash pages can be pages webmasters use for introducing the site. Once you have landed on the site, it’s a good idea to have an opt-in page.

You can control the structure of splash pages by moving navigation from the top to the bottom. The opt-in form will be the main focus of the page. 

Welcome Gate

Website visitors can quickly get an overview of the site’s contents through a welcome gateway. This is a great way to grab their attention.

Floating bar

A clear display is another way to ensure that the call to action is always visible. 

Page Header

The header can be found above the fold. Your visitors will see it right away without having to scroll down.

Blog Page

Some visitors might think sign-up forms are another blog post cited. You can add your opt-in form to your blog page in a smart way. 

Your opt-in forms are the most popular pages. 

3. You can set a frequency for email sending

When planning your email schedule, you should consider your audience’s preferences.

  • Don’t send e-mails to customers at unfavorable hours

78% of customers unsubscribe from emails because they get too many emails. Your offers must be easy to find for consumers to succeed.

4. Generate Mobile Responsive Emails

  • Mobile-friendly Email Services are Possible

Mobile devices have become the most popular way to view e-mails in today’s digital age. 

80.3% of Users will delete emails that they do not consider mobile-friendly.

3 of 10 people will unsubscribe from emails that are not mobile-friendly. Make sure you give the right links.

5. Utilize Email Marketing Services


MailChimp is an important step in achieving your business goals.

You can add subscribers and segments to MailChimp by integrating MailChimp with Popupsmart. It’s easy to do.

To expand your business with autoresponders, you must upgrade to a paid package. 


Mailerlite works with 497.414 companies, startups, and freelancers around the world.

They send more than 1 billion emails per month. You can use their creative and simple-to-use templates to send unlimited emails or use advanced features to expand and develop your business.

This service is great for small businesses. Personalization and segmentation of email lists are the most popular email strategies in 2020.

6. Create Stunning Campaigns

With compelling offers and campaigns, you must get people to sign up for your email list. 

Lead magnets

Transactions are everything!

Lead Magnets Let you subscribe to your list, and social media platforms and promote browsing, shopping, and purchases. Lead Magnets are the most convincing because they’re affordable.

You can create a lead magnet for free. It is up to you what your business goals are.

The Right Solution for a Real Problem

Customers need your solution. 

Use correct language & creative titles

Make it easy for your customers to understand what you offer.

Remember that lead magnets can be easily consumed. You can do A/B testing to see which version converts the best.

Be Specific

Include your business goal in lead magnets. Offer something that customers can use.

Your brand’s attitude

Lead magnets should be as valuable and memorable as your products and services. Use creative visuals to get your customers’ attention.

Make it relevant

Digital marketing revolves around relevance. Solve customers’ problems.

The Best Lead-Motivation Ideas

Download Software, Tutorials, and Samples.

People love time-saving software. Ask for their email to create an email list and receive a free tool trial.


A list can help visitors sum up all they need. This list will give valuable insight that will allow you to get the most from a task. 

Cheat Sheets

Use Cheat Sheets to guide your visitors through an event or process. 

Receive a coupon, free shipping, and exclusive deals

People love to save money and they love a good deal. This is a great way to increase your mailing list.


Templates may include any outline. Website visitors fill in the lead magnet.

Swipe File

Visitors will be directed to the landing page, where they’ll see the swipe file resource. The visitor will then be directed to the landing page, where they will see the swipe file resource.


If you want to help customers by writing or speaking, Scripts are a great way to increase your email subscribers.

Webinars and Video Training

This lead magnet has a two-step opt-in process. To display a pop-up asking visitors for their email, click on the button labeled “call to action”.


Toolkit Lead Magnets are very effective and can be done quickly. You provide prospects with tools, resources, best practices, and other information.

Case Studies

You can give your subscribers a case study for free in exchange for their email addresses.

Sales Material

The landing page visitors sign up to gain access. This makes it extremely efficient.


Offering something is always a good idea. Website visitors can opt-in to receive the PDF report via email using e-book lead magnets.


Quiz Lead Magnets are very popular because they are entertaining. They will need to enter an email address to get the result.

Where should my Lead Magnet be placed?

  • Welcome gate
  • In floating bars
  • Sidebar
  • See the footer
  • Scroll box
  • A timed lightbox popup
  • In an exit intent popup
  • Click the wheel to see the popup
  • A splash page
  • In your About page
  • On a designated sign-up page
  • On resource page
  • On your blog archive page
  • In your blog posts

We hope that you can reach as many people with effective lead magnets.

The exit-intent popup does not interrupt the user’s reading experience. The exit-intent popup only activates when the user is about to leave.

ConversionXL claims these exit popups have caused a 600% rise in sign-ups. This has led to 445 to 470 new subscribers every day (their non popup signup rate was 70–80).

7. Gamification Strategy for Your Visitors

Gamification is a term used in digital marketing. Have a look at this blog post on Gamification in Marketing: Wheel Popups.

This is the act of applying key features of a game in digital marketing efforts.

Website visitors must adhere to certain rules to win rewards from your company.

It’s incredible!

Popupsmart lets you create wheel pop-ups that can be posted on your website. In return for a tempting offer, users will feel compelled to make an irresistible decision.

8. Let visitors comment on your blog posts

Let your readers leave comments on your blog content. Ask for their email addresses to allow them to comment.

Blog contexts directly related to your product/service would make that email addresses your leads.

Leave comments on other blogs to share thoughts. This is a great way to increase website traffic and get email addresses.

9. E-Mail Marketing and Social Media: How to Create an Email Database

Social media is a powerful tool to build an email list. 

Balance is the key.

Too many people focus on increasing their social media followers more than growing their email list. 

Convert your social media followers to loyal customers. 

Let’s look at some effective strategies to convert your followers into leads via email.

Invite your friends to join

Get more social media followers if you wish to grow your following.

Create Lead-Generating Facebook Ad

To increase your email list, you can spend a little.

You can also use the Facebook call-to-action button to drive email signups. ( Forbes).

Twitter Chats

These chats are meant to bring people together with similar ideas and discuss particular topics. HubSpot hosts weekly chats on inbound marketing.

Use Twitter Chats to get email leads. This is useful in collecting email addresses via Twitter.

Promote your gated content

Let’s start by explaining what this term means. Gated content refers to content that is hidden but becomes visible when visitors enter their email addresses.

Use social media and ads to bring people to your website. You might use the call-to-action button to write “unlock this article for free”.

This is a great method to answer the question “How do I build an email database?” This is a powerful and easy way to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Support LinkedIn Groups Network

You need to be able to support your network on LinkedIn. This will allow your business to market to interested people. 

To build professional networks, it’s a smart idea to create an optimized profile. 

Create a Competition/Giveaway

People love giveaways. These can be great motivators for your clients and your business. 

A great place to start is with a hashtag. Use a catchy hashtag that reflects your brand’s personality. 

Send a photo of your product and a sign-up request. You can also include a link to your landing site. This will help promote your giveaway or competition.

Create YouTube tutorials with Call-to-Action

Tutorial videos can be useful and practical. You can build a strong following for your services.

YouTube ranks second in Google’s search engine results. YouTube videos should have a strong call to action at the end.  

How do you increase YouTube views? See our recipe: Boost YouTube views without disturbing your website visitors

SlideShare – Capture Leads

SlideShare allows you to share your PowerPoint slides online. SlideShare can also be used as a lead-generation tool. Lead forms can be personalized to include any information you require.

Tell your visitors how to reach the landing page

Share your landing pages via Google Plus. Pin or button can be used to direct site visitors to Foursquare or Pinterest.

Host a webinar using Google+ Hangouts

Webinars and live-streaming videos are great ways to grow your email list. It can be used with your Google Account.

Promote a free webinar, and collect email addresses from people who sign up for the session.

This YouTube video will explain Hosting Live Webinars with Google Plus.

10. Create an Email List with Blog Posts

Send your blog in PDF format

This is a great way for you to grow your email list by providing popular blog content in a PDF.

Offer Bonus Information

This is a great way for your visitors to get involved by including bonus information at the end of popular blog posts In return for signing up for email updates, you can also create an email list.

Use a call to action

You can use a plugin to add a call-to-action at the end of your blog posts.

Embed Interactive Content into Your Passive Articles

Make your post interactive and more engaging by creating a quiz, poll, or survey related to the topic. 

Provide great content

Excellent blog content with clear calls to action = large email list

11. For offline marketing, create an email list

Meet people at Live Events

Find people who share your interests and are interested in your business. Meet face-to-face to increase your email list.

Drawings and Giveaways

Promotional Drawings are a great way to promote your email Newsletter. Ask your customers to sign up for your newsletter. Make sure to ask for their business cards.

Inside Packages

If you ship physical goods, it is a good idea to ask customers for their email addresses. Include a small slip of paper with a link to sign-up.

Advertisements on Print Materials

Inform people that they can sign up for your online communications, even if you print brochures, cards, or menus. 

Promote on Merchandise

You can also promote your business offline with magnets, water bottles, and pens. Vincent Clark says that you should give away your merchandise free of charge if you want to get new customers to sign-up for your newsletter.

Pursue Direct Mail Opportunities

Many people prefer digital mail. But, there are still people who prefer to receive snail mail. Let them know about the digital benefits of signing up for your newsletter. 

12. Get your email list segmented 

What’s Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation definition

Business owners and marketers break down subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria. This will remove inactive subscribers.


Notify your local subscribers about your local event.


Email people who are interested in reading blog posts.


Subscribers that like A or B or who like C. (It can be anything related to business).

Cart Abandonment

Remind people who have added items to their carts, but have not finished the purchase. Stop card abandonment

Lead Magnet

Emails should focus on the lead magnet topic customers have selected to receive.

Sign up to become a new customer

Send welcome mail to new subscribers and create a welcome series


Subscribers who haven’t been active in a while will be remembered.

Open Rate

Reward Subscribers Who Are Most Engaged with Your Newsletter

These are just some examples of segmentation. Segmentation determines how users got on your email list.

After you understand the key points, you will increase the conversion rate. 

13. Increase email open rates

Opening an email is the first step to taking action. You need to increase open rates. Creative emails should encourage people to open your emails.

Use Engaging Language

You should treat your emails as if you were a friend and avoid using sales language.

Attention to your subject line

Use numbers in your Subject Line. You’ll be more likely to get attention. 

Choose the right time

Choose the best time for your customers to receive emails. A/B testing is a great way to determine which time frames work well.

Segment Your List

You have the option to arrange your email lists according to different groups. Segment your list according to specific interests, age, location, and so on.

Optimize for Mobile

Poor mobile experiences are the main reason 52% of customers won’t engage with a company. 

Use Autoresponder

Before we go into the benefits, let’s explain what autoresponders are.

i). Select a Specific Goal

  • Manage your autoresponders using the calendar view or list view.
  • You have the option to move messages to another day within an autoresponder cycle.
  • Don’t send messages on specific days of the week.
  • You can program when autoresponders are available and adjust the schedule to fit different time zones.
  • Add or move contacts to another autoresponder cycle.
  • You can edit, preview, or duplicate your message.
  • View statistics and check the status of your message.
  • Check the number of users on a specific day.

iii: Monitored and Analyze Your Performance

This step is important in understanding which areas need to improve.

Congratulations! Now you have a thorough understanding of 

  • Email marketing
  • The Benefits of Email Marketing
  • Building an email database
  • Lead magnets
  • Opt-in forms
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Online elements
  • Email Segmentation
  • Email open rate

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