The Effectiveness of Video Marketing


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Video marketing is gaining popularity. In fact, there are now agencies that specialize in it.

Now, let’s see why video is important to marketers. Scroll down for more information about the stats used in this infographic.

Video Marketing is a new trend that has taken root in marketing campaigns of companies and shows no sign of slowing down.

Video marketing is growing in popularity.

6 reasons marketers need to use video

Are you still skeptical? Let us look at six statistics to show why video marketing is so important.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the ballgame, restaurant or movie theater; you will see people pulling out their smartphones several times a year.

If your website doesn’t use video yet, it’s missing tons of potential views which could lead to tons of potential conversions. 

2. Product videos sell

Videos are great for selling products online. Almost 90% of people say product videos aid them in making a decision about whether or not to buy an item.

This shows that you may be losing out on large amounts of potential sales if your website doesn’t have product videos.

3. Reading is more fun than seeing 

It is a known fact that 65% are visual learners.

Video is a visual medium that allows users to retain almost 100% of the information. People will retain more information from videos than they would if they were to read about it.

4. Increased web traffic

Companies that use videos get 41% higher web traffic via search than those who do not. 

5. Video has great ROI

Video content can provide a great return. 51.9% believe video has the best ROI. 

6. Videos can be easily shared

Using a video format can help increase your content’s reach. This means that people will likely share your video with others. 

Video marketing and social media 

  • 49% online users use Facebook to watch branded videos every day
  • 32% online users use YouTube to watch branded videos daily 
  • 24% online users use Instagram to share branded videos daily.
  • 22% online users use Snapchat daily to engage with branded videos
  • 22% online users use Twitter to engage with branded videos daily

What does this all mean for marketers?

This proves that branded videos can be shared on social media. Even though Facebook has the highest interaction, Twitter still gets 22% engagement.

Using social media to promote your business is a great way.

Mobile usage, and video

  • More than half of all video content is viewed via mobile devices. It is crucial that your videos can be viewed on all devices.
  • 92% of people who watch mobile videos share them with others . This is a great way for brands to get more brand awareness.
  • Mobile video views will increase 110% between 2016 and 2020. 
  • Nearly 40% of YouTube users watch YouTube on mobile devices. 
  • Mobile video views outnumbered desktop views in the fourth quarter 2015. 
  • In 2020, smartphones will account for 81% of all mobile traffic. All content, including videos, must be responsive and follow SEO best practice.

Which videos are the most effective?

  • Tutorial videos : These videos teach viewers how to do something. 30% of people look for “how-to” videos on YouTube.
  • Demonstration videos – These videos show people performing an action such as putting wheels on their bikes or tying hooks to fishing lines. 

What is video marketing?

Videos are used to help people move along the sales cycle and help them get down the marketing funnel. 

1. Entice

Start by appealing users with your videos. 

2. Interest

Next, it’s important to attract potential customers with videos. Keep potential customers interested with special offers videos. 

3. Convert

The next step in your marketing funnel is conversion. Use videos that end with a contact form to convert your audience. Use testimonial videos to show how great your products really are. 

4. Continue

The final step is to continue the process. This can be done with company culture videos, industry information videos, and videos embedded in emails.

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