4 Best Practices To Design A Successful Landing Page


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Landing pages for events inform people about upcoming events and generate excitement. These tips will help you ensure that your landing pages contain everything potential buyers need.

The United States finally allows large-scale gatherings, with more than 160,000,000 people having been vaccinated in the country. People can finally dress up to see their favorite comedians, meet their coworkers at networking events, attend beer and wine festivals, and even travel for industry conferences.

People are eager to find out more and click on event links to make it easy for others to follow.

Customers will then decide whether they wish to attend the event. Your event must have a well-designed landing page to generate excitement and earn the trust of potential customers.       

These design tips will help you increase ticket sales when creating your landing page

  1. Include event details
  2. Highlight your call-to-action
  3. Feature eye-catching visuals
  4. Add social media buttons

1. Include All Event Details

Imagine receiving an invitation for a birthday party but not knowing where or when it will start. What would you do?

It is impossible. It would be impossible to plan your time around this party.

The event landing page should contain all information that someone needs to know in order to attend your event. This page should include the location and time of the event to allow potential attendees to plan logistics and decide if they are able to attend.

These details should be highlighted by Miami web designers so that customers can easily find the information they need and refer to it later. To avoid confusion, it is important to clearly state whether the event will be held in person or online.

A description of the event should be included so that potential attendees are aware of what they are purchasing. You can include information such as a schedule overview, parking details, and opening acts depending on the event.

A few sentences can be enough to excite potential buyers and get them to purchase tickets. This information, similar to a product description on an online store, can influence potential buyers and encourage them to attend the event.

The Kennedy Center, an American performing arts venue, has details about upcoming events.

These include the dates, price range and location of his performances. Click on “View All Times” to view all times and purchase tickets.

2. Highlight Your Call-to-Action

Call-to-actions (CTAs), which are key elements of any website, clearly outline the steps that a potential buyer must take to complete the sales process. CTAs can be used to buy tickets now or register for events on event landing pages.

Clear verbs such as “buy” and “register” will let readers know what to expect when they go to the next page on your website. CTAs should be clicked to redirect users to the next step of the checkout or registration process.

Your CTAs should be visible to grab users’ attention and increase conversion rates. Bright colors and 3D effects can make your CTA more clickable. This makes it easy to RSVP, register or purchase tickets.

3. Eye-Catching Visuals

Visuals can be powerful marketing tools. In fact, videos can 

The banner they created on their landing page shows how the event looks. With colorful powder falling from the sky, smiling, laughing, and jumping, who wouldn’t want to go?

However, new events might require more creativity. Instead of reusing content, events can work with a creative agency to create videos, animations, or pictures that reflect the atmosphere of the event. Images would be needed to convey sophistication and taste for a wine tasting, while images might be required to highlight dance and fun at a concert.

4. Add social media buttons

Last but not least, make sure you add social media buttons on your landing page. This interactive element can help generate leads and increase excitement even after attendees have registered for your event.

Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify and Wix are all well-known website builders that understand the importance of social media in building brand awareness. They’ve made it simple for developers and web design companies to add social media icons.

These buttons will encourage customers to interact with them. Make sure they are located where people are most likely to click on. These icons can be used by people who purchase tickets or register for the event to share the link to their friends and family.

These Design Elements will Increase Ticket Sales

A landing page for an event can increase the excitement surrounding upcoming events and encourage attendees to buy tickets.

Your landing page should contain all details about the event, including the location and time. This will help attendees plan ahead and can also be used to draw attention to the event with visuals like photos or videos.

To increase leads and sales, make sure you highlight your call to action and social media buttons.

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