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A strong SEO strategy is only possible with good content writing. How can you keep it current when the subject matter is very narrow?

Every content marketer knows how important it is to create great, optimized content. It is important to have an excellent copy that ranks on the first pages of Google and creates awareness about a company’s products, services, and identity.

What happens if the topic being covered isn’t just dry but very niche?

Many content writers have grim stories to tell about the niche clients that they write for. One story is about a wordsmith who wrote an 800-word article on used printer ink cartridges’ interior structure. It is a true story.

This is an extreme example. However, some writers enjoy writing about topics that have a lot of interesting things to talk about or that are constantly updated with new developments. Others may feel that they are talking about the same topic in every article.

What can you do to broaden the subject matter?

You can be creative with your content. This is something that the writer and their client should discuss.

  • Variating the content type may be helpful: Instead of 500-word blogs, you might consider adding shorter or longer pieces.
  • It is sensible to create blogs that are more general in scope if the content is news-based and on a topic where there are few new developments.
  • It may be a good idea to expand the subject. The client was a specialist in recycling ink cartridges for reuse. Blogs about recycling are a great way to get more material.

Both the client and the writer should always consider the impact of niche-related content on readers.

An article may meet some standard optimization requirements. It might have lots of keywords, be relevant, and have great images. If the articles are repetitive and boring, or if they look like rewrites of previous articles, the readers will soon become bored.

Marketers call this the “rule of seven”.

  • This maxim states that the average consumer must be exposed to a marketing message seven times before making a purchase decision.
  • A reader who becomes bored or stops paying attention after reading the third or fourth article is most likely to become a lost prospect.
  • It is important to keep their interest. This will help convert interest and awareness into leads and eventually new customers.

What is a better customer focus?

A customer-focused marketing approach can add some spark and interest to articles. This is an essential element of marketing in all cases. A key element of branding is to position a company as the best and only supplier to meet the consumer’s requirements.

Blogs that are focused on the client’s needs can introduce new elements to the conversation.

  • Texts can be focused on customers’ past experiences, concerns, and fears.
  • This can be used to determine how products and services can help you solve your problem.

Telling a story is important

The back story of a company can make the subject interesting even if it isn’t enough to stimulate the pulse. Content marketing is all about telling a story. The rule of seven applies. Keeping them interested and allowing them to feel that they are on a story-driven journey is a great way to keep them engaged.

This allows you to tell a story in segments, highlighting different aspects of the company’s history. This can be a great option for writing content that will be published internally. This can help the reader get a sense of the firm’s motivation and mission. People will suddenly understand why something that seems narrow or niche is what gets them out of bed each morning.

The story of a company is an ongoing one. New developments will occur in the company with new directions, ideas, products, or activities. Niche influencers are also part of your strategy.

It’s amazing what dedication to a cause can accomplish

Participating in a charitable cause can a benefit every firm. Simon Sinek, the business guru, explained that having a purpose for existence other than making money is what motivates staff to take on more responsibility.

This could be due to many factors:

  • You might find that your products or services have a positive impact on the environment, or in the charity sector.
  • The firm could observe certain ethical principles
  • It could be that they offer more services to customers who require them.

This approach works well regardless of the product or business.

Content must remain interesting and compelling. Don’t be afraid of letting writers try new things.

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