Facebook Ad Best Practices: Create More Appealing Ads


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It’s a great platform to reach potential leads and encourage them to connect with your company. Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to reach new leads or reengage current leads to convert them into customers.

How do you make ads that people click on? We have seven Facebook advertising best practices that will help you create engaging advertisements that drive more leads and sales. Continue reading to learn the best practices!

1. Select the best ad objective

Our first tip for creating Facebook ads: Choose the right goal. You risk your ad not meeting your expectations if you don’t choose the right goal. You can drive results that are in line with your company’s goals by choosing the best Facebook advertising objectives.

The following are the three main categories of Facebook advertising objectives:

  • Awareness
  • Take into account
  • Conversion

These are the objectives for each category.

How do you pick the right goal?

Answer the following question: What should people do after seeing my ad? This will help you determine which objective is most effective for your business. Let’s take, for instance, that you answer “I want them to install my app.” This will let you know that the app’s installation objective is most important to you.

If you answered “I want as many people to see my post as possible,” then you would have chosen the reach objective. You can ensure that your ad gets the results you want by choosing the right objective.

2. You can try different formats of ads

Next on our list best practices for Facebook ads are to experiment with different ad formats. Facebook has many ad formats you can choose from to create engaging ads. These are just a few of the available ad formats:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Ads from the Collection
  • Instant Experiences
  • Messenger ads
  • Stories ads

You have many options when it comes to the format of your Facebook ads. You don’t have to limit yourself to only image and video ads. It may be possible to get better results by exploring other ad formats.

3. Set your audience targeting

Next on our list are best practices for Facebook ads: experiment with your audience targeted. Facebook allows you to target specific audiences with advanced targeting. This can be used to your advantage to display more targeted ads.

Define important information such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Localization
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Shopping habits

Once you have this information, you can create buyer personas. These personas will help you target the right audience so that you can provide the best ad experience. Facebook offers many targeting options.

  • Target your core audiences based on their age and location.
  • You can target people who have previously engaged with your business.
  • Lookalike audiences: Target people with similar interests to your customers .

These targeting options can be used to reach the most relevant people for your business.

4. Be aware of your visuals

High-quality visuals are one of the most important Facebook advertising best practices. Your visuals will grab your audience’s attention when you post your ad. These are the best practices for using images in an ad.

  • Your images should be consistent with your brand.
  • Be sure that your visuals don’t look pixelated or grainy
  • Be sure to not stretch your images
  • Limit the text in your images

These are the best practices for using videos to enhance your ad.

  • Be sure to ensure that your footage is clear, crisp, and not shaky
  • Make sure that your audio is consistent and clear throughout the video
  • Be sure to grab your audience’s attention right from the beginning
  • Your video should have a goal

High-quality visuals will help you attract more people to your ads, and encourage them to interact with your business.

5. Your visuals and your ad text should match.

A key tip for Facebook ads is to make sure your text and visuals are aligned. Your visual element will be the first thing that people notice when they see your ad on their feed. If they like the visual element they will move on to the text.

People will scroll past your ad if your text isn’t consistent with the photo. This Target ad shows a match between the visual and the ad text.

It is important that the ad text and the image are consistent. This creates a cohesive experience. When crafting your ads, ensure that you create a cohesive experience with your text, images, and landing pages. This brings us to the next point.

6. Create a custom landing page

Next on our list are Facebook and best practice is creating a customized landing page. People may click on your ad if they like what they see in their feed. Clicking on the ad will bring them to your landing page.

You want your visitors to have a personalized experience when they visit your landing pages. You want to ensure your audience is focused on your ads and finds the right information.

7. Keep track of your ads

Tracking your ads is the last on our list. It is not a good idea to create ads and then never check in on them. To ensure that your ads are delivering the results you want, it is important to keep track.

You will want to monitor key metrics such as:

  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Clicks
  •  Click through rate (CTR 
  • Conversion rate

These metrics will allow you to see if your ads are generating results for your company. These metrics will help you determine if your ads are performing well. To improve your ads, you may need to do A/B testing.

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Now that you have a list with tips for creating Facebook ads it is time to get to work. These seven tips will help you create Facebook ads that are engaging and drive results. Kobe Digital can help you if you feel overwhelmed by trying to create the perfect Facebook advertisement.

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