Getting Your Money’s worth With Google Shopping Campaigns


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It could be that you are wasting your money. This is not an intentional decision. It’s a problem that many businesses are now unaware of. You can trust that your investment in a Google Shopping campaign will result in new customers if you invest some of your valuable advertising dollars. As many marketers know, it can be difficult to turn your advertising dollars into sales.

Google Shopping is a popular method to reach customers. One report showed that Google Shopping ads accounted for 60% of all Google search ad clicks during the first quarter of 2018. This is a 5 percent increase in Q4 2017. Clicks can be very valuable, but they don’t make any difference to your bottom line if the customer does not purchase. You’re wasting your money since you pay for each click. It’s time for you to think about ways you can reduce your advertising spend and get more return on your investment. These are five ways to increase your return on investment.

Always check your product pages

Before you start looking at the ways that you can improve your ads you need to first look at your product pages. Customers will not click on your product pages if they find the descriptions and photos lacking. To ensure customers are enticed to buy, invest in product pages that improve. You should also take a look at your product pages to ensure that they are in good shape. Your ads may not be displayed in the correct searches if the information is incorrect or incomplete. This will negate all the hard work that you have done to make sales.

Do not group too many products together

All of us want to be able to offer as many products as possible to potential customers. You can’t bid the same price for all your products if you put them in one product category. It is best to select a few items and group them in a meaningful way to optimize Google’s product groups feature. For example, if you are a retailer selling clothing, you will want to upload your data feed so that each item of clothing can be easily separated from the main inventory group. This will allow you to track the performance of each product. These products can be broken out using item IDs, or custom labels. If you are selling sweaters, upload them all to one ad group, but each sweater should be its product group within that adgroup.

Monitor Conversions

It is important to identify which products convert and to take steps to find out why. This will help you control your advertising spend. Filter your inventory feed to filter out low-converting products. You can look into the reason why a product category is not converting at 1 to 2 percent. You can investigate if it is something you do with your product pages or if the product category isn’t very popular. You have to decide if you see a low-converting category. You have two options: reduce your spending on that product category, or shift your money to a more lucrative one. You might also discover that this particular category doesn’t sell well. In such cases, you could look into whether you should remove or update the products.

Desktop and Mobile

Your campaigns that are targeted at desktop shoppers will miss a large portion of your buying audience. In 2018, approximately one-third of consumers expected to use smartphones for at least part of the purchasing process. At least consumers are browsing products via their smartphones. You should ensure that they see your ads as well. It can be easy to spend too much when your campaigns are deployed across multiple devices. Google AdWords allows you to monitor your Google Shopping spending across all devices and by each device. You can adjust your spending if one device is performing better than the other.

Use Audience lists

Look into how remarketing search ads lists (RSLA), can assist you with your Shopping campaigns. This feature allows you to target specific people who are interested in your brand. Your ads can be used to “remarket” them. This feature allows you to reach customers directly after they leave your website. This feature allows you to send ads based on URLs that they have visited. It also allows you to display an ad based on previous interest, which can increase your chances of making sales. Google Shopping ads are a great way to convert interested shoppers into buyers if used correctly. You won’t be able to perfect your strategy overnight. You’ll see results over time if you tweak your ad spend.

Look for keywords

Negative keywords are often overlooked by advertisers. This can result in a lot of clicks for your site. You are narrowing down the keywords and ideas that are most relevant to your products. Similar searches, but not related, aren’t showing you products and are a waste of your advertising dollars. These negative keywords can be costly if you don’t include them.

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